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Maka's Pov:

It's been two months since Kid and I started this 'friends with benefits' relationship. We just had trouble with dating and this seemed easier, but it's hard keeping our secret from friends. Last week Soul found one of Kid's rings buried deep within our couch. I had to tell him that Kid gave it to me as a gift and had to text Kid about it so he knew.

Currently Kid and I are getting dressed from the aftermath of some 'fun'. We did it in my apartment because Soul is away for his brother's concert and Blair now lives with Spirit (Surprising isn't it? He even stays committed. I wish he did that for Mama.), leaving me alone with the house. I finished pulling my hair into its signature pigtails and looked over to Kid. It seems that Kid was having trouble with his tie.

"Need help?" I asked Kid

"As long as you make it symmetrical" He said handing me his tie as I walked over to him. I helped him out, making sure it was to his liking, but didn't walk away. I hooked my arms around his neck as he put his arms around my waist. Closing the distance between us, we shared a long, passionate kiss. Maybe it was too long for people who are 'just friends', but it felt so right.

Kid's Pov:

Kissing Maka, I knew that she was the one. Did I dare say it out loud? No. She would murder me with that book of hers, and I could never start something unless she was ready too. I wish she was though.

Eventually she pulled away. She went to fix the bed. I decided hug her from behind, nuzzling my head into her shoulder. Both of our lust from earlier had subsided into something that just made me want to cuddle. Once she finished, I lifted her and pulled her into the living room. I let her go and sat on the couch, her knowing that I still want to cuddle, but also watch a movie.

3rd Pov:

Maka went to look at the movies as Kid relaxed on the couch. Soon enough, Maka found the perfect movie to watch, The Shining (I do not own. Just asked my brother for a good scary movie title). It was scary enough that Maka should jump into Kid's arms.

~~~~~~~AFTER MOVIE:STILL 3rd Pov:~~~~~~~~

Instead of Maka hiding in Kid's arms, Kid was hiding in hers. He was shaking and his eyes were shut tightly. Maka tried her best to comfort him.

"I-is I-it o-over?" Kid asked, too scared to open his eyes to find out.

"Yes, so can you open your eyes now?"

"O-okay..." Kid slowly opened his eyes.

Kid's Pov:

When I opened my eyes, I first saw Maka. She looked so beautiful and brave. Her bravery was the first thing I fell in love with about her. Then I looked into her beautiful emerald green eyes, I get lost in them because they are so captivating. Thinking about how and why I love Maka, I lost my fear of the movie. Then I realized something... I have it bad, real bad.

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