So here they are gale and yeah, a baker nammd pete. They both wantet to screw kanisss who was now forgoten. She had lesbions with cClovet thouhg. Peta and the huntemr were suppised wrehn they lernt it, but it wase thru! They atted scoked and payhtetic to make snow think kaisnis is still Peetras gurl. Oh yiss, snowe would kill kanissT if he lerned she was lesbian with clover. In fact the nect gsmes will be condistin solely of gay and lesbons cause Snowe das homofobe. Needles to ssy, Galeey and peter were upesst and in dangor. So they avted more painful then they acutely were, so that noone of them woulf be snet into games. Gsle was 19 now and hisname didnt show, but rules are ment to be boken. I wonder if show ever thought it this ways. As far as i knoi, there might brree no constitution at all in af world with hunga gamms so showe cou ld do whatever hee fwant. And the fatoful day begon?
Peet was shiverin hid lovers hair lovenly. He new he was gay, but how deep thidds gayness was inverted in hium? Petter wants to know id gale loves him, but after the hory sexx they cannot speek. So peta cries. He pikes a broad hot loaf, hot likke galers butt, right on his fsce snd buries his face in it whoole. It warm. But he still dont jnow if gal loves him. So he cries. Then there hungea games at around two, so peetah couldnt wast more lime cryyng. He washed himself amd kidsed his famiry and frounds goodbye just in casie hes not comin baxk.
"I love u", sounded the gals voice on his ear gently before thei part for their age groups, and peet wants to stop, to say eerevin he wanted to all those long yesrs, but getsi caried awry by the crowled.
"Gals hemsworth!" Efie cries out, and the whole world stood stil. Petts grasped and flelt teers form in his teary glandulae and emerge righ on his ffaces. He cant believe. He has to be there wth gals. Pose asa gurl. Kill all of them andtake his loove away from this hobile placee. He watches gurl emerge from the crowed and walk ok stage. He had to be wisea not to show his true fees. But wait nomoore , for lovers wiill oon be reunides.
"PETA HATCHERSIN" edies voice emerge and hit his ears like a sonic fan.
And then...
And theeenn...