He knew he had to meet her. It was an unfortunate situation but it was necessary. He needed to close that chapter in his life once and for all.

He entered the club she had selected in downtown NYC. He normally liked to have the home field advantage, so to say, but in this case he was willing to let her choose if it saved him the argument. He just wasn't going to put up with that crap anymore.

He scanned the room and saw her draped over the back of one of the couches in the VIP section. Of course. He walked over to her and stepped over the dividing rope.

"Gabrielle" he stated, still standing.

"Nico" she purred "please have a seat, join me in a glass of wine".

"I won't be staying. I just wanted to tell you I'm done. I have moved on. Don't call me. Don't text me. I don't want to hear it. Lose my number." Nico stated calmly.

"Surely you don't mean all that sweetheart" Gabrielle said, undeterred, pouring him a glass of wine.

"I do. You no longer hold any power over me" Nico again calmly stated. Thank God for Dani.

"We'll see" Gabrielle whispered under her breath.

"What was that" Nico asked Gabrielle hearing her muttering but not the words.

"Oh nothing dear. Very well. Well one final glass of wine for old time's sake then?" Gabrielle asked, although it was more of an order the way it was said.

Nico knew that if he wanted to get out of this and to where he wanted to be sooner rather than later having the glass of wine and not causing a scene was the right choice.

He sighed and took the glass from Gabrielle. She smiled a predatory smile at him.

She looked at him and held up her glass "To us. May the past be past and the future hold all our hearts desires".

They clinked glasses. I'll drink to that.

Nico took a sip and then placed the glass back on the table next to the bottle, he was still standing.

"Goodbye Gabrielle" Nico said.

"Just wait one more minute Nico" Gabrielle said, also placing her glass on the table.

"No. I meant it, this is goodbye" and with that Nico turned on his heel and walked toward the door. But the turn had made his head spin. He caught himself on the door frame as he stumbled slightly.

What theā€¦? She drugged me?! Shit.

Nico took out his phone and sent Dani a text.

It read: I need you. 45 West Ave. Club Moon. I've been drugged by Gabrielle.

With that his head started to swim and he knew the drug was taking full effect. He hit send and locked his phone as he slipped to the floor.

He could hear Gabrielle's faked scream as he fell into unconsciousness.