Nico was furious. Beyond anger. Beyond reason. I will kill her. She took the one person from me that I love. She will regret the day she ever walked into my life, and I will make her pay for what she has done.

She took a deep breath and then with shaking hands put the gun back to its original spot in the small of her back. She was in shock. But quickly wrapped her head around the next few steps of what she needed to accomplish glancing over at Nico.

She moved across the room and kicked the gun away from the mangled body that lay at her feet. She reached down and checked for a pulse, but she knew her bullet had hit her mark. It was just sad it had to end this way.

She then moved to the end of the bed and began to untie the bonds that held Nico to the bedframe. He flinched.

"Don't touch me" he lashed out. She didn't have the words to speak so she just methodically went through the motions of untying one ankle, then the other.

She noticed as she untied his first wrist that he didn't move. But upon untying the second he grabbed the blindfold off his eyes, threw it to the floor and grabbed her around the neck, picking her up off the floor squeezing her windpipe with all he had.

She clawed at his hand, gasping for air. He leveled a furious gaze on her, and then froze.

"Dani?" he asked, instantly releasing his grip.

Upon Nico releasing her, Dani gasped for air and then just crumpled to the floor, the emotional and physical stress of the last few hours hitting her full force as everything she had done, including killing Gabrielle, overcame her.

"Oh my God. Dani?" Nico asked, shocked that not only had Dani survived, but as he looked over at Gabrielle's still form, he realized she had killed Gabrielle. And then to top it all off he had almost killed her.

He knelt down next to her taking the bed sheet with him and pulled her into his lap. He just held her and rocked. "I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry" he whispered.

And this was the moment Xeno chose to rush back into the room. He saw Nico on the floor holding Dani and then Gabrielle's lifeless body in the middle of the floor.

"Everything okay here boss?" Xeno asked, sweeping the room for any other threats.

"Yeah we're fine Xeno. What's the sitrep?" Nico asked, dropping a gentle kiss into Dani's hair as she turned to face Xeno.

"I have tied up another intruder downstairs and the police as well as EMS have been called" Xeno told him.

"What happened here?" Xeno asked.

Nico looked down at Dani. "Dr. Santino shot her. Gabrielle was going to kill her and turned a gun on her and then…" Nico trailed off.

"And then…what boss? We want to get all of this sorted out before the police arrive" Xeno reminded him.

"I don't know I was blindfolded. I heard the gun fire and a body hit the floor. I thought for sure it was Dani. Then Dani untied me, I choked her" he paused shifting his tortured gaze down to Dani "thinking she was Gabrielle and then you walked in".

"Okay, and I sure…I'm sorry to say boss…I'm sure the video will confirm it" Xeno pointed up to a corner of the room where an ornate light hung.

Nico winced. "Very well then. Make sure the police get it."

Nico looked down at himself. "Xeno have you seen my clothes? I'll need to get dressed before the police get here".

"Sorry boss. Have you checked the bathroom?" Xeno asked crossing the room and opening the interior door. He moved through it and came back clutching items of Nico's wardrobe that looked familiar.

"Thanks" Nico said, accepting the items, but noting looking at them that they smelled like alcohol so they were definitely unwearable.

Dani moved to get up, taking the hand Xeno offered.

"I'll just be a second" Nico said, squeezing other Dani's hand trying to figure out his next move. Dani flinched slightly before relaxing.

"We have at least 15 minutes before the local LEO's arrive. Why don't you take a shower?" Xeno suggested. "We've got the video and it's not like they're gonna prosecute. Ms. Pittman is dead" he pointed out.

"Good idea" Nico said, glancing at Dani, her clothes were spattered with blood. "Hey Xeno can you please find the good doctor some clothes? She'll be joining me in the shower and I do believe hers will be needed as evidence".

"Absolutely boss" Xeno replied reaching into his pocket and pulling out a couple of paper bags for Nico.

Nico nodded, accepting them, and then tugging on Dani's hand slightly. "We need to get cleaned up okay?" Nico spoke quietly to Dani. He noticed she hadn't said a word. She was most definitely in shock.

Dani looked down at their conjoined hands and then up to Nico's face. She nodded slightly and allowed him to lead her towards the bathroom.

"There's no cameras in there. You should be okay boss" Xeno said.

Nico nodded but then realized what that would mean. "Dani we're going to have to get undressed out here" Nico apologized.

Dani looked panicked, glancing at Xeno.

"Don't worry Xeno is going to leave but we need to make sure the video captures us leaving all of our clothes, the evidence, here" Nico said, releasing her hand and opening the two paper evidence bags for their clothes.

Nico dropped his clothes into the first bag and acknowledged Xeno as he left the room with an audible click of the door.

He then tossed the sheet over onto the bed, standing in front of her completely nude.

"Sorry. There's no way around it" Nico said, reaching into the second bag and pulling on a pair of latex gloves.

Dani just stood in shock staring at Nico. He wants me to take my clothes off! In here?! Is he serious?!

Nico reached for her and pulled her sweater over her head, only breaking eye contact when the garment slipped over her head. He placed that in the second bag.

He then reached down to pull off her boots. "Put your hands on my shoulders Dani" Nico spoke calmly and quietly. Dani did as she was asked and let him remove her boots and then her jeans. He hesitated; making eye contact before pulling them down her legs making sure she was ready. But ready or not she knew this needed to be done. He placed them inside the same bag.

He then made quick work of the bullet proof vest and she was left standing in her underwear. Nico looked at Dani. She had two rapidly forming bruises right between her breasts where Gabrielle's bullets had clearly impacted. But Nico had to admit he had never been happier to see those marks before in his life. It meant she was alive.

Dani still stood motionless staring at Nico. Nico looked at her. Now for the hard part.

"Dani you have to remove your underwear too" Nico whispered, regret coloring his tone. What have I brought her into?

She just stood staring at him. "Are you going to do it yourself or do you want me to do it?" Nico asked.

Dani came out of her thoughts a little for that. She fumbled for her panties and managed to slide them off but couldn't manage to get the clasp of her bra undone. Nico whispered her name and stepped up behind her to help but not wanting to startle her. Nico placed both into the bag and then removed the gloves tossing them into the second bag as well.

Now evidence collection is done. Time for a shower.

Nico pulled Dani towards the bathroom and shut the door behind them. He pulled her over to the shower and turned the water on. Pulling Dani into the enclosure with him that was when the dam broke on Dani's feelings as she slid to the floor.