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Even though she didn't want to, Lena made the decision to claim herself. She couldn't bear it. So she cleared all clouds from the sky, exposing the bright moon.

Pain. That's all there was. She couldn't even scream. All she could think of was Ethan. What was going to happen to him if she made the wrong choice?

Then a flash of green light, and on her left side was white light, and on the right there was nothing but darkness. Lena felt compelled to go to the right, she knew she should've turned left, but she couldn't.

She turned, and stepped forward.

"Josefine," a voice whispered, "Yes, choose dark."

She didn't know anyone named Josefine, so she figured that must be her real name.

She started walking, then running, and then she stopped.

Another flash, and she was back. But she felt different. She looked over to see the light side of her family dead. She knew she should've cried, or at least felt sad, but instead, she laughed.

"Finally!" she announced, "They were always so annoying!"

Her mother, Sarafine appeared and said, "Yes, Josefine, I know. I'm so glad you could join us!"

They both laughed hysterically.

"Oh, I almost forgot!" Josefine cried, "I never liked Macon, so he can stay dead, but now its Ethan's turn!"

Sarafine sarcastically exclaimed, "So he gets to die twice? Lucky him!"

Josefine cackled as she let the lightning strike his body, but on the inside, she was torn apart.