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As Josefine and Ridley walked out to the parking lot, Josefine puched her cousin.

"Ow! What was that for?!" Ridley shouted at her.

"You embarrassed me!" Josefine shouted back, then grumbled, "I really like him."

Ridley laughed, "As if you didn't already embarrass yourself!"

On the ride home, Josefine refused to talk to Ridley. When they finally got back, they saw Larkin outside waiting for them.

"Hey, cuz," he said, winking at Josefine, "And hey, sis."

"Hey!" Ridley said, perky as ever, then made a pouty face, "Jo won't talk to me, Larkie."

"Aw, why not? Jo, what did the big, bad Ridley do to you?"

"She embarrassed me in front of this guy I like who I just went on a date with!" She whined, without taking a breath, "And now he will probably never ever talk to me again!"

Larkin chuckled, "I doubt it, Jo. Have you tried texting him?"

She blushed, and quietly said, "No."

"What did she even do?"

"Um, well, she uh... I don't know, but it was embarrassing!"

"Come on, Jo. He hugged you and told you to call him. I don't think he noticed a thing." Ridley butted in.

Josefine was silent for a while then said, "Yeah, I guess so."

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