Hey! New story called A LONG Year! Here is a better summary of the story: In 2013 Finn, Rachel, Puck, Quinn, and Kurt and Blaine were either the age of 24 to 26 but now the year is 2027 so they all have kids but Kurt and Blaine moved to New York. Finn/Rachel's kids are friends and dates of Quinn/Puck's kids. Name of Finn/Rachel's kids:

Girl 1: Taylor inspired by Taylor Swift

Boy 1: Gage name inspired by a friend of mine (I'm Sam)

Quin/Puck's kids:

Girl 2: Abbigal name inspired by Abby Crawford (My friend HEY ABBY!)

Boy 2: Dylan name inspired by my cousin Dylan

Girl 3: (Abby and Dylan's younger sister she is a child) Alexis name inspired by my nemeses

Girl 4 : (The toddler of the Puckerman's) Avril inspired by Avril Lavinge

March 6th morning time Quinn is awake everyone else is asleep

Third Person Point of View

Quinn worked at the hospital in the west part of town near McKinley High School, as for Puck he works AT McKinley High School as the History teacher. Quinn was making breakfast for Lexi, (thats Alexis's nickname) Dylan and Abby and for Avril well she usually slept until 2:13 p.m

Quinn's POV

Usually my morning schedule starts out like this:

Wake up, shower, brush teeth, brush hair, get new clothes on, make breakfast for everyone and then eat. This morning didn't go as planned.

I woke up very late at 7:00 a.m and i had to rush downstairs to hurry and make eggs and pancakes but then the phone rang. I picked up the phone to hear Rachel.

"Hey Rach Are we still on for dinner at your house?"

"You bet! Taylor is so exited to see Dylan and you wont believe how much Gage has been talking about this!"

"Oh that is great Rach and Puck has been talking about seeing his old pal!"

"Well bye Quinn I gotta drive these two to school!"

"Bye Rach!" I hung up the phone and set the table for breakfast when i heard the showers running.


"Lexi get down here and eat!"

Third Person Point Of View

Lexi ran down stairs dressed in her light pink long sleeved shirt with Minnie Mouse on it.

"Wow hot stuff!" Lexi laughed and jumped up on the big kitchen table chair.

(Ages of Puckerman kids: Dylan Puckerman: age 17| Abbigal Puckerman: age 16| Alexis Puckerman: age 6 Avril Puckerman: age 2)

"Yea I guess I am the HOT STUFF! Right Abby?" Abby walked down the stairs but she was very pale.

Abby's POV

"Yea I guess so. Mom U-u-u-m-m I-I-I'll be r-right b-b-back. I ran up stairs as fast as I could and puked in the toilet.


Hudson kids: Taylor Hudson: long curly dark brown hair like Marley's, she has an amazing voice, unpopular, dating Dylan Puckerman.

Gage Hudson: cute, popular, Finn's high school hair, dating Abby Puckerman, popular, quarterback, jock, amazing voice/dance moves, nice.

Puckerman kids:Dylan Puckerman: black hair, adorable, jock, right fielder, good voice, friendly, doesn't care, sibling love-ish, popular, dating Taylor Hudson.

Abby Puckerman: Blonde hair, looks EXACTLY like high school Quinn, head cheerleader, popular, dating Gage Hudson, good voice, diva.

Alexis Puckerman: Girly, childish, loves Disney, friendly, diva, cheerleader, child, friendly, blonde hair, blue eyes.

Avril Puckerman: Toddler, loud, playful, loves Disney, girly, sassy, not in story much.


(Still Abby's POV)

"Honey is everything ok?" My mom was ALWAYS in my business I mean when I had to go to the hospital she said "Is everything OK?" wow.

"Yea mom im good just stomach pains from dad's cooking last night probably!" I kept puking for 12 minuets but I have been puking every morning for the last 5 weeks.

"Honey you have been puking for the past five weeks maybe you should stay home!" My mom NEVER heard me puking am I that loud? OMG I GAINED 8 POUNDS!? WHAT WILL COACH SULVESTER SAY!? NOOOOOOOOOOO!

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I sat there until my obnoxious brother Dylan came into the bathroom watching me while I was screaming into the air on my knees with my hands in the air.

"The F are you doing?" My brother always got in my way. He always makes smart ass comments about EVERYTHING!

"Nothing.. NOTHING!" He looked at me in a weird way then started to laugh.

"HAHAHA WHAT ARE YOU PREGNANT HAHA HA HA HAHAH AH AHAH!" Then I had tears in my eyes and he looked at me and got on the ground and stopped laughing.

He whispered "Wait are you? Oh god sorry" I looked back up at him and hugged him.

"I don't know for sure but I need some tests I'll find a way to get some without mom knowing." Then my dad came in when i finished my sentence.

"Without mom knowing what?" Me and Dylan both looked at each other then at dad.

"U...umm well you see we were planning on giving mom a kid free day with you but I guess it won't happen now. Oh well." Dad looked at me weirdly.

"Oh shit.. well your mom does deserve it I mean going through that labor for her was HARD stuff and gross but at least she doesn't plan on having more kids she said she will NEVER go through labor EVER AGAIN I mean how crazy is that?!" My eyes got wide and bloodshot I looked as if i was on crack.

"Oh sounds tough well gotta go right lil sis?" He nudged and I came back down to planet Earth. "Oh yea right gotta get going... hahaha...ha."

"See ya kids!" Wow that was strange. Me and Dylan ran down stairs to meet Lexi and mom.

"Well aren't you two in a hurry?" Mom signaled me in for a hug so I let her hug me while I was in my Cheerios! uniform wich showed I gained some weight and SHOULD NOT BE WRINKLED THANKS MOM! She then released me from the hug. She held my shoulders and looked down at my stomach.

"Have you been eating more? It looks like you have been gaining weight! Better not because coach Sulvester will get pretty mad! (Oh same cast and everything like Unique and Marley and Jake and Ryder and all of them are still the same age and stuff!)

"I know mom! Well I gotta go! See ya bye love you!" God she can be a handful! Mothers these days!

I walked into school greeted by all of my worshipers it was like my childhood dream sort of. It's like my own kingdom! Walking down the halls NOT getting slushied throwing slushies at noobs and being greeted by all of my loyal subects and Jacob... Ben... ISRAEL! The most ANNOYING Geek/Freak in the WHOLE school! How can I not slushie him right in his crotch? He always runs up to everybody with his camera geeks and microphone asking you rumors about.. YOURSELF! So annoying and he always wants to get in hot girls like me into our pants! How gross? Us hot people gave him a nickname... Jacob Be Freak! Omg lol how funny is that?

Jacob Be Freak ran up to me with his mic and geeks "Hey gorgeous Abby Puckerman rumor has it that..." Then Marley, Unique, Tina and Kitty ran up behind me.

"Rumor has it ooooohhhh yea rumor has it ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh... SURE she's got it aaaaalllll but rumor has she aint got your love anymo..." "OH GOD SHUT UP GUYS!"

Then it was all eyes on me Miss. Popular.

"Meow rawr hisss.." Oh god Jacob Be Freak what do you want?" Then the girls did it again "And your gonna hear me ROOOOOAAAAAAAAARRRRR!" "My god women!"

"Well rumor has it that you gave Blaine, Artie, Sam, Ryder, Jake AND your boyfriend Gage a blowjob!" I heard EVERYONE laughing and pointing and had that O face I was SO embarrassed. "NO! It ISN'T TRUE MY GOD! ME BLAINE, ARTIE, SAM, RYDER, JAKE ARE ALL FRIENDS AND I DIDN'T GIVE THEM A BLOWJOB OR GAGE MY GOD!" I then ran into the bathroom crying while sitting on top of the sink. Then Marley, Unique, Tina and Kitty came running in after me to comfort me.

"Hey girl from one former bitch to another I believe you that you didn't blowjob them even Gage your not on THAT step yet! They all laughed while I sat there looking down then ran to the toilet and started puking. "Woah girl no white girl pukes that much!" Unique made me laugh then I sat back up on the sink.

"Is there something you aren't telling us? Marley was so sweet and kind even though I did slushie her before.

"Well... I thinnnk IIII"m ... pregnant." They all looked at me in shock.

"Are you sure? I mean maybe your not did you use a condom? when was your last period?" Tina ALWAYS asked too many questions.

"Maybe. No. And 6 weeks ago." They all looked at me and Kitty pulled out 4 boxes of pregnancy tests.

"Woah holly Fuck! Where did you get all of those?" I was really nervous to do this.

"Rite Aid. They give you them for free when your bring a guy, and a little kid!" I laughed and grabbed the boxes and went into the bathroom stall.

I was in ther for 58 minuets when I finally came out.

"So bitch are you pregger or not?" That's the thing with me and Kitty we called each other Bitch all the time in a friendly was.

" I'm pregnant..."