A Beware the Batman fanfic – Bring on the Badguys!
Written by WDCain Man

Disclaimer: Batman was created by Bob Kane and owned by DC Comics, which is owned by Warner-Brothers. No money is being made with this story. No profit is being made from this fanfic.

I love the new Batman cartoon. It's a wonderful work of creation and a worthy successor to Batman: The Animated Series. I plan to buy it once it comes out on DVD and add I to my Batman animated collection. It will fit right in between TAS and Batman: Brave & the Bold. I'm even a subscriber to the comic.

One of the things I really like about the show is its use of lesser known baddies. There are so many still stuck in the backlog that the show literally has over a hundred villains that have never shown up in a Batman cartoon! It's true, I checked! Go to the Batman wiki and look at his rogue's list! Last time I checked, there were 162 villains on the list! I'm sure by now there are more!

This is the point of this fanfic. To show a way of introducing these less famous baddies into the cartoon. I'm trying to modernized some aspects while cutting out some of the more goofier/complicated parts, which is what the show does to its rogues. I greatly, greatly prefer BtB's versions of Prof. Pyg, Magpie, & Anarchy to how they are in the comics and I really hope DC's makes the 'toon versions the comic versions, just like Mr. Freeze. So enjoy!

Bring on the Badguys!

Part One:

Dr. Hurt


"Once a year, the Black Glove invites you, some of the richest men in the world, to play a game with human lives."

A group of men and women hidden in shadows watched a giant television. It showed a man of forty-five years and his twenty-year old son fighting to the death while a stunningly beautiful black woman with red hair smiled fiendishly in the background.

The speaker stepped from behind the giant TV into the shadows' view. He had a cool calculating demeanor and eyes that took in everything in frightening detail. There was an air of danger to him despite being dressed in a black suit with a makeshift bat-mask and cape.

"The love between a father and son, timeless and pure, ruined forever. Regardless of who is the winner, he will live his miserable life burdened that he killed the one he loved the most. All through the subtle mechanizations of our beautiful Jezebel Jet, Evil has won this time and good lost. Gentlemen, it's time to pay your losses."

A mid-eastern oil tycoon frowned but agreed. A CEO of a software giant smiled alongside an aged Catholic Bishop who stroked the head of a young child he bought as a slave as their winnings were tallied. Millions changed hands but with nary a care. These were the elitist of players, men who managed billions of dollars and controlled billions of people.

A most influential US senator looked at the game's host in eager anticipation. "What will the next game be, Dr. Hurt?"

Hurt smiled, so cold, so cruel. "Next year's will be something special: The ruination of a proud hero." The jumbo screen showed images of the Caped Crusader. "The corruption of Batman and the annihilation of Gotham City!"

"You think you can drive him mad?"

"You can bet on it." A dark twinkle lit in Hurt's eyes. "The more beautiful and pure a thing is, the more satisfying it is to corrupt it." He gestured to the five fingers of his black glove. "Gentlemen, place your bets! Which will break first? Batman's mind or my resolve?"

Instantly millions were being tossed around at these rich and powerful men gambled. Dr. Hurt fought hard to keep from laughing. No matter what the wager, the house always wins.

End Part One…

Hurt would be a great baddie for the show. He's smart, evil, and always has a plan in motion. What I like about him most is that he creates villains. In the comic, he's responsible for Prof. Pyg, Flamingo, the 3 Bat-Ghosts, the Club of Villains, the Black Glove, and the 99 Fiends. The guy is a literal monster maker. His entire mode of operation in the show could just be make a monster and send him after Batman.

They don't need to make him the devil or the immortal avatar for Darkseid. Just have him be an evil genius who loves to gamble with human lives. Simple and sweet but packed with loads of potential. That's what I want to do with this fanfic: Revamp or modernized classic Batman villains to show how they could fit on Beware the Batman.

Some villains, like Great White and Hush, don't need to be changed one bit. Others, such as Catman and Tweedledum & Tweedledee, need to be overhauled completely. The later is what I'm trying to do here. I also hope that you will list some villains you would like to see show up in either the show or this fanfic!

But please, please don't suggest White Rabbit. She is the dumbest, most stupid character I've ever seen in a comic. She prances around in white bunny-lingerie and she is meant to be taken as a serious villain. No freaking way! At least Marvel's White Rabbit is suppose to be a joke! DC's version? Beyond stupid! There is no possible way any writer, not even Alan freaking Moore, could make her into a credible villain!

I really don't get the hate for this show. The two main criticisms I hear are 1) the CGI looks shoddy & 2) the writers are only using lesser known rogues instead of the big time villains. I see where the detractors coming from on that but I'm starting to get used to it as it's a part of the show's anesthetic. While minimalistic in detail, the use of shadows and light really set the atmosphere, just like TAS. I'm positive that if this was show was hand-drawn and aired 15 years ago as a 5th season to the original Batman 'toon there would have been no complaints.

But complain people did. My new favorite cartoon is now off the air until January. I guess I should have known better. God forbid any villain takes the spotlight away from the Joker for even 5 minutes. I can only imagine the sheer amount of criticism Arkham Origins will face for having Black Mask as its central villain instead of the Joker. People will riot.

And if you can't tell, now I'm being obnoxious and ironic. Still, don't be angry. Be happy and leave a nice review!