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Chapter 1: Ignoring Hurts


Five dolls. Or should I say...five voodoo puppets. Yes. That sounds better.

...or maybe not...


"STOP IGNORING ME!" Lucy shouted at the dragon slayer. He scoffed, got up and walked away.

Lucy closed her eyes and sat down on one of the guilds tables. She buried her head in her arms and stayed quiet.

"Lucy?" Levy sat down next to her with a worried expression. Erza, Cana and Juvia then joined. "Lucy what's wrong?"

"Natsu...he's ignoring for some reason." the blonde answered. The other girls just looked away or had a sad expression appear.

"...It's happening with us as well." Erza stated. Lucy looked at Erza confusedly. "Gray's ignoring me as well. He won't talk to me at all..."

Juvia sighed, "Lyon is also doing the same. Juvia is thinking what she did wrong...and Juvia thought Lyon loved me...maybe he's ignoring me because I love Gray..."

"Hibiki. He acts like I'm not around. Like if I'm some bug that he just wants to step on." Cana said as she sipped some of her beer.

Levy rested her head on her knees, "Gajeel is back to being so careless about me. Like if I was about to fall into a black pit, he'd just stand there not giving a care in the world."

Lucy finally let the tears fall, "What did we do wrong!? I thought we were a team with Natsu and Gray!"


"Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, Juvia, Gajeel, Levy and Cana! Come meet me upstairs right now!" Master Makarov ordered. The eight teenagers nodded. As they went up the guys made sure to keep their distance.

Once they got there, Makarov made them sit on one of the tables. "You eight will be going on a mission with Lyon and Hibiki. You will need their help for this mission. I do not care that you want to stay and relax. You're going on this mission. Understand?"

They nodded. Makarov handed Erza the paper. She looked at it and nodded. They all went down the stairs and went to pack their things.

3 Hours Later:

The girls waited at the train station for the guys to appear. They finally noticed them and Erza put up her frightening glare. "What took you men so long!?"

Gray rolled his eyes and walked away. Erza gasped quietly. Gray usually would had answered. Juvia looked at Erza and then to Gray.

'Gray-sama is a complete different person now...' she thought sadly. She looked at Lyon and noticed that blank expression he always wore when she wasn't around. And whenever she was around he acted so happy.

As they boarded the train the guys sat away from the girls and tuned them out when they tried to make conversation. Happy stayed back at the guild. Lucy sighed remembering what he said.


"Um...Lucy..." Happy said with a neutral face. Lucy looked at him and smiled, "What is it?"

"I'll stay here. I've got a feeling I'll stand in your way for this mission." Lucy nodded with so many questions popping up into her head.

:End of Flashback

Cana stared out the window still sipping her some of her beer every one minute. She liked Hibiki. She really did. But now she just wasn't so sure.

4 Hours Later:

The ten teenagers walked up to a small hotel. They each got their own rooms. Well...not exactly.

Boys and girls were separated. So the girls were together while the guys were together as well. They were probably the only ones in the hotel. It was already sunset and they were all tired from sitting in the train far too long. As the girls took a shower together in the surprisingly big bath tub they started to talk about the boys.

"THEY'RE SO STUPID!" Cana said as she splashed the cool water. She checked her cards once more. "I can't even tell what they're thinking!"

Juvia relaxed and tried to prevent from turning into water. She opened her eyes and started thinking about her feelings towards Gray and Lyon. 'Juvia loves Gray-sama...but do I happen to love Lyon too?'

"Well, we better get some rest. We want to have a good amount of energy for this mission right?" Erza said. The girls nodded with a right. As they each stepped out they couldn't help but feel hurt and pain. They missed talking to the boys. Sure...Cana and Hibiki hardly know each other, but Cana felt a strong connection between them. She was hoping Hibiki felt the same way but after seeing him ignoring her, she knew the answer.

12:45 a.m:

Aman who looked about in his thirty's walked down the hotel's hall while holding five voodoo puppets. Each representing the boys. He stopped right in front of the boys room. He smiled evilly. "Say hello to your new master..."

12:56 a.m:

The girls woke up to a sudden thud from the boys room. They stood up with a jolt and stepped out into the hall way. "What happene—" Levy was pushed aside by Lucy. They noticed iron had hit the wall. They looked to their right and saw the boys. Their eyes were so dull. So lifeless.

"Gajeel—" Once again, Gajeel attempted to kill Levy.

Erza shouted, "What are you guys doing?!" Gray sent some knifes directly at her. The great Titania stood frozen. She couldn't move a single muscle. Cana pushed her to the ground. "Don't let your guard down!"

"Natsu! What are you doing?!" Cana grabbed Lucy and motioned the other girls to run.

"That ain't Natsu! Not anymore!"


The boys stood calmly staring at nothing. The man appeared behind then with a sphere in his hand.

"LET US OUT!" Natsu yelled trying to burst through the glass.

The man just simply ignored him and pointed to the direction the girls ran, "Go get them."

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