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Chapter 2: Switched


"...Juvia...can't run...anymore..." Juvia panted. The girls stopped and decided to take a break after hearing their friend's plea. They were in the woods. They probably ran for thirty minutes. The girls slowly closed their eyes and drifted into a sleep.

1 Hour Later:

"C'mon girls. We've gotta go before they reach us." Cana said. The other girls nodded.

"Yes Levy!"

"Levy? I'm Cana not Levy." Cana said. The girls eyes widened and they start examining their hair and faces.

"What the—!? My hair is blue!"

"Juvia has red hair!"

"I'm blonde!"

"I'm in Cana's body!"

Erza growled, "The atmosphere when we were back in the hotel must've changed our bodies. Like when Natsu read that request." Erza then started looking at herself. Her hair was blue, her hand turned into water and she immediately knew who she was in. "I'm inside of Juvia."

"Then Juvia is in Erza's body."

"Then Levy's in mine, and I'm in Cana's?"

Cana nodded. Lucy then started pulling the brunette hair she now had. "UGH! What's going o—" Lucy was almost roasted by fire all of a sudden. The girls quickly started running knowing that they were the guys.

As they ran they felt the air get colder. "ICE MAKE SHIELD!" Their path was blocked by ice. Erza looked at Juvia. "Juvia change into my Ice Empress Armor!"

"But Juvia doesn't know ho—"

"JUST TRY!" Juvia had no choice but to try. Once she opened her eyes she saw the armor. "NOW BREAK THE ICE! HURRY!"

"Right!" Juvia hit the ice multiple times until it finally broke. Unfortunately, they could see the guys figures near. Really near. "RUN!" As they run Lucy tried to shot some cards at them.


"CONCENTRATE!" Lucy tried and managed to throw at least a bolt of lighting. The girls ran further into the woods. Once they were out of sight they started climbing at tree.

"We should really get to know each others magic." Levy stated as she pulled the now blonde hair she had into a pony-tail. The others nodded. They started telling each other what to do in case they encountered the boys once again...

2 Hours Later:

"YOU LET THEM GET AWAY!?" the same man who had captured the boys shouted. The boys stood still. Their faces neutral.

"LET US OUT!" Natsu shouted. The man looked at the sphere next to him.

He smiled, "Sorry to say but no. I won't let you out until I get the girls."

"YOU LAY A SINGLE BREATH ON JUVIA AND I SWEAR! I'LL KILL YOU!" Lyon shouted. The man chuckled, "But I won't be the one getting them. You'll be. Now! Go get me the girls! And don't let them get away." The boys walked away. "Go ahead and sit as you watch the girls almost get killed by you boys."

"UGH!" The guys tried to get out. But nothing happened to the sphere. Not a single scratch.


"Something is going on between the guys..." Erza stated. The other girls agreed with her. The guys almost killing them, the girls switching bodies, and it all happened in one night.

"Juvia is afraid." Juvia stated as she started playing with the red hair she had. All the girls looked at her. "Juvia is afraid of getting hurt by her fellow guild members but I'm also afraid because I don't want to hurt them."

"Juvia..." Lucy walked up to her, "Those aren't the guys we know. The guys we knew are just a memory now. We have to continue." Lucy started crying. Juvia nodded and let a single tear fall from her left eye. Erza couldn't cry from her right.

As they continued walking, Levy thought about Gajeel. She sniffed and bonked her head like he did once. She felt the tears stinging and she let them fall.

The girls stopped all of a sudden. They turned around and there they were. They looked at them like nothing. "Hibiki..." Cana whispered. She didn't feel like fighting him, but just like Lucy said, the guys they knew were just a memory.

As Lyon sent sharp icicles, Juvia couldn't move.

Erza pushed Juvia out of the way and let the icicles go through her. She could turn into water, so she couldn't get harmed. "Run while you still can. I can hold them back." Erza said. The girls shook their heads but Erza glared at them, making them have no choice but to run.

As the girls ran they stopped to see of Erza was coming. They heard a rustle and noticed Erza come out. "Wha!? That fast?!" Lucy asked.

"Juvia's water lock is impressing. Though it won't hold them back for long." Erza said. They started running the minute they saw iron hit a tree.

"No doubt that's Gajeel." Levy said as she continued running. Her—well Lucy's—face almost made contact with the iron that hit the tree right next to her. "Their close!"

Back with the Guys...

"Oh. That was really amusing. To be honest I wanted it to make contact with that blonde girl."

"LUCY!" Natsu shouted. He turned to Gajeel and grabbed him by his collar. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TRYING TO DO?! YOU DON'T SEE ME ALMOST KILLING LEVY!"

Gray hand been awfully quiet. He swore to protect Erza and here he sat watching some man control his body and attempted to kill her. He prayed that nothing happened to her.

Hibiki tried to use telepathy and contact Cana. But nothing happened. He couldn't do anything. The sphere was blocking out all their magic. He hit the side of the sphere in anger.

Lyon stared at the two dragon slayers bickering. He wished he was by Juvia's side right now. And technically he was, but he was trying to kill her. He couldn't do anything but watch...

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Erza is in Juvia's.

Juvia is in Erza's.

Levy is in Lucy's.

Cana is in Levy's.

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