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Chapter 5: We Win?


"OW!" Fujimaki rubbed his chest and pouted. "Y'know, for a little person you sure are strong."

"Bad move." Cana muttered. Fujimaki was then getting many, many, MANY attack getting thrown at him by the one and only; Levy. Levy stuck her tongue out at him, "YOU'RE EXACTLY LIKE THAT IDIOT GAJEEL!"

"HEY!" Gajeel started munching on the iron angrily. "That was seven years ago! You're still mad..."


"WELL GET OVER IT SHRIMP!" Fujimaki laughed, "You guys are like a married couple."


"Oh okay..."

Juvia walked up to Lucy and muttered something into her ear. Lucy shuddered. "No."

"But we will be able to save the guys like that!"

"Juvia! I said no!" Lyon just hit the glass and yelled at Lucy, "JUST LISTEN TO HER!" Lucy sighed and nodded. She walked up to Fujimaki and slowly hugged him, "Hey honey...would you mind—"

"LUCY WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" Natsu shouted angrily. The guys snickered and slowly sang, "Jealous..." Natsu growled, "NO I AM NOT!"

Fujimaki slowly backed off, "That ain't working." Lucy felt her jaw drop, "Are you gay or something?!" Fujimaki gasped.

"I am not gay!"

"Yes you are!"

"You're gonna wish you hadn't called me gay!" Fujimaki suddenly reflected one of Levy's attack and sent it towards Erza. Fujimaki stood there laughing. That was...until...

"WHA—! I THOUGHT YOU WERE TRAPPED!" Fujimaki yelled as Gray held Erza bridal style. "Tell that to Black Steel over there." Gray said motioned towards Gajeel who was munching on the last bolt.

"Dude! Your iron is rusty!" Gajeel complained. Fujimaki smirked, "That's because it's been in the toilet for three years!"

Gajeel spat it out quickly, "BWAH! GROSS!" Fujimaki nodded but then had a pan make contact with the back of his head.


Lucy stared at the unconscious man in front of her. Natsu ran up to Lucy and hugged her tightly. "That's my Luce!" Lucy shrugged Natsu off and slapped him across the face. "You idiot! Why have you been ignoring me the past few days?! And you had me worried sick! You had Happy worried sick!" Natsu held his cheek that was currently bright red. "Owww...but we were being possessed! I had no control of my body!"

Lucy hugged Natsu and buried her face onto his chest. "I'm sorry...I was just worried..."

Juvia walked up to Gray who was still holding onto Erza. "Juvia is happy that Gray-sama is safe..."

She blushed as Gray smiled at her. "Juvia..."

"Yes Gray-sama?"

"...Lyon's calling you." Juvia frowned and she walked up to the said person who was calling her. "JUVIA-CHAN! I'm so glad I didn't kill you!" Juvia nodded as Lyon hugged her tightly. Extremely tightly.

Cana on the other hand, ignored the things Hibiki was telling her. "HELLO?! Are you even listening to me?"

"Hello?! I'm drinking! I don't want to be disturbed!" Hibiki frowned as Cana continued ignoring him. She rolled her eyes and gave him a quick peck on the lips. "That shut you up."

Now, back to Gray. There he was sitting on the ground poking the Titania's pale white cheeks. "Psst. Erza. Wake up...Erza..." he rolled his eyes and knew that he'd be dead later. "ERZA! WAKE UP!" Erza woke up and punched Gray square in the face. "Idiot! I was knocked out and you just go and wake me up when I'm trying to gain my energy!"

"I'm sorry..."

"You damn right are!"


"THAT WAS SEVEN YEARS AGO!" Levy grabbed the purse she had been holding and of course, hit Gajeel with it like she had. "First, I get captured and possessed! Then, I end up eating iron that was rusty for sitting in the toilet for three years! And now I have a bookworm practically yelling and hitting me!"

Levy stomped her foot and started to walk away with the others trailing behind. "We shouldn't had saved them at all!" she said through gritted teeth.

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