La Mia Canzone Per Te

If there really exist an infinity of worlds
Then surely there is one
Where I am in your arms
And you are mine.

A sister's clutching hand before she leaves forever
The kind eyes of a mother when she says "You'll be safe here"
A large and frightening palace beneath the Earth -
I have seen very few beautiful things in my life.
But your smile
The light that pours from everything in you
When she enters the room -
That is the most beautiful of all.

"Does it shock you?" asked the wind
And it wasn't funny
And inwardly I laughed.

Ma tutti i sogni nell'alba svaniscono perché
Quando tramonta, la luna li porta con sé
Ma io continuo a sognare negli occhi tuoi belli
Che sono blu come un cielo trapunto di stelle.

I grew up learning that it was disgusting to wish someone like you
Would smile like that for me.

You both made it through the trials
Returned to the world of humanity alive
And you kissed her in front of the sunset
And it wasn't sad
And inwardly I screamed.

io canterò per te
canterò per te
ricordati il mio nome
ti voglio tanto bene.

I will sing for you,
And only for you,
And watch you sing a song that is not for me,
And I will close my eyes
And accept my lot.

I couldn't see you with my mind
And see you with my eyes
And not lose one of the two
So I ran with the wind
To the north and west
And it was the right thing to do
And inwardly I fell to pieces.

Tu sei il mio soldatino
La ragione per cui vivo
Non ti scordar di me
Io veglierò su di te.


The first Italian bit is a verse from Volare by Domenico Modugno. ?1958it

The second bit is from Ti Voglio Tanto Bene by Gianna Nannini. question/ind…

The final bit is from Soldatino (also known as Nico's Lulluby) by Paola Bennet watch?v=f9fu5r…

The English parts are by me.

The title means My Song for You (Google Translate w00t) and is subject to change. If you've actually read this far then PLEASE DEAR GOD GIVE ME TITLE IDEAS BECAUSE I SUCK AT THAT.