Heather: How's it feel like being eliminated thanks to the new "villain" on Total Drama All - Stars?

Alejandro: Ehhh tragic but now I get to spend time with you… *sexy smirk*

Heather: *flustered* Hey! STAY on topic here! Will you admit that you were eliminated because of Mal.. Mike.. errr BOTH

Alejandro: Hmmm depends… a kiss in exchange for an answer ?

Heather: WHAT?! Look I'm only asking you because Sierra needs the info for her blog!

Alejandro: Heather.. SEIRRA? I thought you could make better excuses than that if you wanted to talk to me..

Heather: AUGH FORGET THIS *drops camera* *angerly stomps away*

Alejandro: *picks up camera* She's just beautiful when she's mad isn't she? Alright Sierra you have your video now… now give me Heather's new phone number…