Hi everyone! New account, new stories. My problem? Way too many ideas! I've written a list of ideas that I will get around to writing, be they one-shots or chapter fics, but I just need help which one to start first or I'll be jumping through 10 different stories at once. I'll leave the voting open until 8.00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time on Saturday 23rd November, one whole week. Please pm me or review on here to choose which pairing and story you would like to see the most. By Monday 25th November, I will replace this list with the first chapter of the winning story. Thanks so much! Xo Chif.

Post War/Eighth Year AU fics;

Millicent Bulstrode comes back to Hogwarts no longer a chubby teen, but as a curvaceous confident plus sized woman. Ron Weasley desperately wants to get his hands on those delectable curves, and quite possibly her heart.

Pansy Parkinson swallows her pride and apologises to Harry Potter for trying to give him up to Voldemort. Harry finds her fire very attractive, and resolves to claim this fiery woman as his own.

George Weasley hires Severus Snape to tutor him so he can pass his newts to become a Potions Master. Potions won't be the only thing brewing.

Hermione Granger and Gregory Goyle get paired together in class assignment. Hermione comes to realise Greg isn't the brainless brawn she thought he was, and Greg finds in her a woman willing to look beyond his forced upon Mark.

Draco Malfoy thinks that the eccentric Luna Lovegood will be an easy conquest, and will help bring respectability back to his name. But Luna is no simpering submissive damsel, and Draco will find his plans unravelling in the most surprisingly delightful way.

Neville Longbottom discovers that his parents had arranged a marriage for him to Daphne Greengrass just before they went into hiding. Will Neville accept this last gift from his parents, and will he accept his Slytherin bride?

Fred Weasley sets his sister Ginny up on a series of blind dates after her split from Harry. Will she find love?

Theo Nott needs a bride to inherit his estate. Lavender Brown needs a man to see past her scars. Can a clinical marriage evolve into true love?

Newly divorced Lucius Malfoy is on the prowl, and widowed Remus Lupin looks like the perfect prey.

The reinstated Narcissa Black decides to celebrate her marriage freedom by slumming it at an upscale Muggle pub. She wakes up the next day with a massive hangover, the shaggy Lord Black, and a sparkling ring on her finger.

Pre War AU fics;

Tobias Snape gets killed in an accident at work, leaving behind a 3 month pregnant Eileen. She returns to Prince Manor and dutifully accepts the arranged marriage she tried to avoid. Alphard Black never thought he'd be able to have his beloved Eileen, and now that he has her, he will never let her go.

Charlus Potter is sent to the Gaunt's Shack to reprimand Morfin and leaves with a fiancé. Merope is grateful to be taken away from her family, but is taken aback by her new role of Lady Potter.

Young Tom Riddle has been fascinated with Minerva McGonagall ever since he met her on the train first year. Determined to make her his, he will turn himself into a wizard worthy of his witch.