Hi there, welcome to my first Pokèmon fanfic. I hope that you will support my story. Now, let the story begin!

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokèmon. I only own my OC(Shira) and his Formes

Prologue: introduction

Hi there, my name is Shiranui or Shira for short. I am Ask Ketchum's adopted brother and we are just one night away from starting our Pokemon journey ! We just can't wait !

Ok here's a little bit about myself and how I got adopted into the Ketchum family. My father and mother are Latios and Ninetales and when I was born, some evil guys called team rocket captured my mother but not before she hid my egg in a nest in a tree hole. When ash's father was walking back together with ash's mother towards their house after her check up, he came across my aura brought it home with them(he is an aura senser). Years later, ash was born and I hatch out of the egg and they decided to adopt me and name me Shiranui (which means unknown fire) as he knew ash and I are special. After a few years, I was able to take on a human Forme only Ash's father, ash's mother, Ash and professor oak knows my Pokemon Forme. After another few years, he received a job invitation to join the Pokemon rangers in a far away region but he promised to visit whenever possible.

Ok now that I told you guys about myself and it looks like it is time to sleep, I will see you guys in the morning...or when my brother decides to wake up

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