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Chapter 1: Pokemon, I Choose you!

(Time Skip: Next Morning)

"I'M LATE!"Ash suddenly screamed

"whoa, why are you shouting ?" I asked.


"OK LET'S GO!"I replied after seeing the smashed alarm clock and remembering that we are supposed to be getting our starter pokèmon!

"Hopefully there is still two more for the both of us"Ash said while we were running towards the Lab.

When we reached there, we saw a whole lot of people surrounding the lab and in the middle of the crowd, was Gary Oak, grandson of professor Oak. He is one of the most popular people but he is also very prideful I blanked out of him talking because he was not talking to me but to Ash because they are rivals.

After awhile, professor Oak suddenly appeared.

"So, you two decided to show up after all ." he said.

"oh, professor Oak, where's our Pokemon?"Ash asked.

"Your Pokemon?"he asked.

"yes we're ready"ash replied.

"you look like you are ready for bed not, for pokèmon training, I hope you are not thinking on training in your pajamas" the professor said.

"oh, no professor, I messed up this morning and I was a little late, but believe me we are ready for a Pokemon" Ash said.

After leading us inside and finding out that all three Pokemon were taken, we almost lost all hope until he told us that there are two Pokemon left!

"just be careful, these two were just caught and might not like humans" he warned us.

"it's still ok, we'll take them" I said.

Inside of the machine there were two left and the professor told us to pick one.

When I picked the one with the fire symbol and ash picked the one with the lightning symbol, we tossed them simultaneously and inside of my pokeball, appeared a Vulpix and in ash's pokeball, appeared a Pikachu.

As I was a Pokemon myself, I was able to understand pokèspeech while the others couldn't so they need me to translate it

"hi, my name Shiranui but you can call me Shira" I greeted the Vulpix.

"hi Shira, my name is kyuu and I am a Vulpix" the Vulpix greeted back and it a female judging by her voice.

"ok nice name kyuu" I replied. It was funny to see their shocked faces.

"hey I am shocker and how can you understand her? Also tell the other boy not to come any closer, if not, he will find out why my name is shocker" the pikachu told me.

"ok the reason I can understand pokèspeech is because my mother is a Ninetales and my father is a Latios and my father's ability allows me to take on a human Forme" I told them. And their shocked faces are still funny !

"oh and ash, your pikachu's name is shocker and if you go any closer to him, he will shock you" I tried to warn him but it was too late as he was holding on to pikachu!

"uh-oh this can't be good. Safeguard!" I said protecting both kyuu and I with safeguard.

After the shock ended, and receiving our pokedex, we headed out of the lab and found a smaller crowd welcoming us.

After another shocking experience, we were of to begin our journey.

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