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Chapter 4(part 1): Ash captures a Pokémon

Shira's POV

"Caterpie, you're mine !"Ash exclaimed, throwing the pokéball. After the pokéball shakes a few times, it stayed still, meaning that ash successfully captured the caterpie. "YES! I DID IT!" Ash Suddenly Yelled.

"HAHA! I DID IT, I GOT CATERPIE! I did it all by myself! I caught my first Pokemon! This is the first step on my way to be the number one, Pokemon master in the whole world!"Ash said while running with Misty, who was trying to keep up with him and holding up the pokeball.

"Good job ash, you finally caught your first Pokemon, and without pikachu too!" I said. "Hey ! Wait a minute! I'm getting dizzy! Ash I'm getting sick quit it!"Misty said getting dizzy running in circles. "Hey! could you stop moving! I think I'm going...to...faint"pikachu said while his eyes are spinning around multiple times and fainting.

"uh oh, psychic!" I said catching him before he fell down and placing him in my bag and taking out Aurora. "Hi there, Shira, is it time to eat yet?"She asked(since she is still considered a baby"

"Yup, here you go"I replied giving her the special milk that nurse joy recommended 'luckily, I stopped by the pokémart on our way here' I thought, watching her drink it all.

"thanks, could I ride on your shoulder now ?"she asked, tilting her head. "yup, but if there is any trouble, go into the bag ok ?" I said. "ok"she said. She then climbed on to my shoulder and curled up, hanging on, just incase and I turned my attention back to the two. "um Shira, who are those two ?"Aurora asked me pointing towards Ash and Misty.

"oh, the boy is my brother, Ash Ketchum, and the girls name is Misty"I answered her. "Ash, you're acting like a"Misty tried to say something but he placed caterpie's pokeball near her face, making her freeze up.

"look, inside this ball is the first Pokemon I ever caught in my whole entire like"Ash said. "great, just keep it away from me will you"she asked.

"you're not afraid of a itty biddy caterpie in a pokeball, are you"he said, bringing the ball closer to her "bugs get me all bugged out! Even when they're in a pokeball. just keep it away!"she shouted while turning her back on us.

"I like bugs, even if they're not in a pokeball. It must be great for caterpie inside the pokeball, all cute and comfortable inside there, I love my new little Pokemon."he said while rubbing his face on the pokeball, and you might be able to see the background change into a yellow colored one with a few heart shapes on it if you look hard enough or imagine it. "I guess it takes a worm to love a worm"Misty said, annoyed. "very funny"he said.

And, looks like they're done, and just in time too, pikachu is waking up. I quickly placed pikachu on to the ground."thanks"he said.

"Pikachu"Ash called him. "Yes, Ash?"he asked while running towards him. "We've got a new friend!"Ash said, showing him the pokeball "really, yay"pikachu cheered while balancing on one leg.

"oh, pikachu, I'm glad you like it, and, from now on, we'll catch a whole bunch of new friends! Caterpie, you're sticking with us he said while looking at the pokeball. 'uh oh, better cover their ears'i thought, looking as Misty tensed up, i quickly cover Kyuu's and Aurora's ears in case she screamed.

"caterpie, come out!"Ash said, releasing caterpie. Misty ran towards a tree just as caterpie appeared. "there's nothing to be scared of, come on caterpie, climb up on my shoulder" Ash said stretching out his arms for him to climb on. "ok"he said. Just as he was about to, he saw where Misty was and suddenly he rush towards her, I think that was one of the fastest if not the fastest speed a caterpie can reach, you could see a dust cloud behind it.

"Hey Caterpie, come back!"Ash asked while Misty screamed as caterpie was rubbing on her I still have Kyuu's and Aurora's ears covered as I wouldn't want them to suffer hearing loss. "Hey Misty, caterpie really likes you, isn't that cute ?"Ash asked.

"Get this disgusting bug away from me!"Misty said. "what?"caterpie asked. "please don't, come any closer to me"Misty said while crawling away from him.

"what? You think caterpie is disgusting?"Ash asked. Caterpie instantly looked sadden. "it's ok"pikachu tried to cheer him up.

"I know, you be friends with that creepy bug, and I'll be friends with pikachu"misty said while picking him up.

"Pikachu only likes Shira, his Vulpix, Kyuu and me and tries to zap anybody who tries to-" but his was shocked that pikachu did not shock her when she was petting him.

"it's so gross"Misty said, looking at the caterpie crying"Ash! Put that slimy thing back in the pokeball! Bugs are one of the three most disgusting things in the world!"Misty shouted. "aside from you, what are the other disgusting things"Ash asked.

"very ! Peppers! And Bugs! Everybody have something they don't like and I don't like bugs" she said

"yeah, well I like carrots, and peppers and bugs"Ash said while making a silly face.

"What I don't like is the way you're hurting caterpie's feelings with your silly fear of bugs"Ash said.

"I don't think you're ugly or disgusting at all, caterpie, come on, climb up on my shoulder"Ash said, lowering his hand towards him. "you're not gonna scaring misty anymore"Ash said.

"what do you mean he won't scare me"Misty asked. "We'll go on without her"Ash answered.

"hey, wait for me!"pikachu said while hopping out of her arms, following Ash. "Oh yeah, I'll show you"she said.

After awhile of walking, pikachu decided to ask a question. "hey, Ash"pikachu asked. "huh, what's the problem, pikachu?"Ash asked him. "she's still following us"he said while pointing towards her.

When she saw that she was looking at her, she tried to hide behind a tree. "what are you following us for"Ash asked her.

"m-my bike, I'm holding you responsible for my bike"she answered. "when are you going to get over that dumb old bike"Ash asked.

"For your information mister Pokemon master, you're the dumb one because if you haven't destroyed it in the first place, I could've ridden out of here by now"Misty said.

"I told you I'd make good on your bike one day, and if I'm so dumb, how come you're still following me!"Ash shouted at her.

"I'm not following you, this happens to be the fastest way trough the woods!"Misty shouted back. "fine, do what ever you want"he said as he continued walking.

"that's exactly what I'm doing" Misty said.

After dinner and a campfire made by Kyuu's ember, we decided to sleep. "we better get some sleep you guys" Ash said to his Pokemon.

"you two, tomorrow's gonna be a big day" I told Kyuu and Aurora, who is using my fur and tails as a bed and blanket.

"Goodnight, Shira"both said simultaneously before they fell asleep. "Goodnight Kyuu, Goodnight Aurora"I said sleepily.

End of part one, part two in progress