Continuing on from last chapter, here's chapter 4 1/2 or 5.

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Chapter 4(part 2)continuing on...

Shira's POV We were awaken by Misty's scream, putting us on alert and Aurora hiding in my bag .

"what is this thing doing sleeping near me"Misty asked us looking at caterpie.

"huh, haha, caterpie just wants to be you friend"Ash said, laughing when he realized there is no trouble.

"if that thing wants to be my friend, it can stop bugging me already"Misty shouted. "if you're a Pokemon, get out of my face and into that pokeball!"she shouted at caterpie.

"oh Misty you're so unbelievable, caterpie means no harm, why it likes you I'll never know"Ash said.

"caterpie, what's the matter?"Ash asked him while he(caterpie) was crawling into his pokeball.

"Hey! Hold on caterpie!"Ash said as he(caterpie) went into the pokeball.

"Alright, Misty, you owe caterpie an apology. Pokemon have feelings too you know"Ash said.

"Come on, caterpie, don't you worry, someday we'll show her"Ash said, trying to cheer him up.

Suddenly, there was a wing flap near us and we turned to find out what is it. "wow! A pidgeotto" Ash said while using dexter to find out more.

"alright, pidgeotto, ha! I'll show you who's the dangerous one around here. Pokeball Go!"Ash said while tossing a pokeball on an UNINJURED Pidgeotto.

As expected, it just deflected the pokeball with it's wing. "um Ash, try to use a Pokemon to weaken the pidgeotto in order to catch it please" I said trying to help him.

"ok, pikachu, could you help me ?" he asked him. Luckily, he read on Pokemon types and weaknesses "on it!"he replied, running towards the pidgeotto just as it took off. "use Thundershock now !"ash said.

"OK!"he replied as he released a direct hit on it, paralyzing it. "now's my chance, pokeball, Go!"he threw it and caught it this time. "Yes! We've got pidgeotto!"he said using the victory sign.

"you got that right!"pikachu copying him. "good job, I thought that you would have use caterpie there"Misty said, smiling a little.

"Woah, two Pokemon in one day, good job ash"I said. Suddenly there was a high-pitched laugh that was slightly irritating.

"So, we meet again"said a familiar male voice. "I know that voice"ash said, trying to remember where he heard it from. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew and three shadows appeared out of nowhere.

(I'm going to skip all of the team rocket motto that isn't new, ok?)

"um, we're kind of busy now so if you-"ash tried to say but was cut of by Jessie. "quiet little boy, we're not here to listen to you, we're here to get your Pokemon"she said as both pointed to pikachu and Kyuu.

"hand over that pikachu and vulpix"James demanded. "there's now way I'm gonna let you have Kyuu, you're gonna have to go through me"I said as Kyuu growled spreading her tails slightly and raising her temperature to build up a ember or a fire spin in order to look intimidating.

"yeah and these are our Pokemon, go out and find your own!" "the only pikachu and vulpix we want is that one"Jessie said, still pointing to them.

"we're only looking for the rarest and most valuable Pokemon in the world kids"James said while the meowth is looking very annoyed.

"and those special Pokemon's just the kind of Pokemon we need"Jessie continued but was continually scratched by the meowth. "Are Kyuu and pikachu really that special ? "ash asked them.

"your pikachu's power is impressive and neat, I really got a charge out of it's incredible attack the last time we met it's power exceeds it's evolutionary level, the same could be said for your vulpix there too, your Pokemon -"he started but was cut out by Jessie and James stomping on him.

"Now you're the one giving way all our secrets""shut it before you tell them everything"they say while continually stomping on him.

"make things easy and hand over those pikachu and vulpix" jessie said.

"no way!""forget it"we both said simultaneously.

"then you two leave us no choice""Pokemon battle! Ekans Go!""koffing, go get them" they both threw their pokeballs.

"ok, Kyuu let's go!"I said as she ran in front of me.

"ok"she said, getting pumped up for battle. "pikachu let's go too"ash said. "right"he said, cheeks sparking. "Kyuu, use ember!"

"pikachu, use Thundershock!"we ordered. "right!""here we go!"they both said as they released their attacks.

"koffing, dodge those attacks and use sludge attack on them both" unfortunately, the attacks missed and the sludge went onto their faces, blinding them.

"if you think you could use your dirty tricks to beat us, you're wrong"ash said while picking up pikachu while I picked up Kyuu. We both turned to misty passing them to her.

"they might try anything to get what they want, no mater what happens, don't let them have pikachu, understand ?""and that goes the same for Kyuu ok?"we asked her.

After handing them to her, we turned towards the other two. "so, what's your big battle plan ?"Jessie asked us.

"ok, I guess it couldn't be helped"I said, smiling as I transformed into my Pokemon Forme.

"wh-what in the world ?!"both of them were frozed by shock by me switching Formes. "ok then, go caterpie"ash said throwing his pokeball out. "hey Shira, mind if he tag along? After all he needs the experience to grow stronger"he ask me

'it's ok, as they always say, the more the merrier'i replied telepathically while smiling. "ok, caterpie, use string shot!"he said, turning his attention back onto the battle while I use psychic to hold them down even more.

"ok, lets finish this together full speed tackle"'lets try my dragon breath' we both release the attack, knocking them out and caterpie even wrapped meowth up with string shot, ending the battle.

"it's time team rocket blasted off"Jessie said both picking up meowth. "you may have won this round, but we'll be back!"James said, both running away.

"phew, I thought they'd never leave"I said, switching back to my human Forme once they were out of sight.

"come back any time, we'll be glad to beat you"misty said, sticking her tongue out playfully. "we did it! We won our first Pokemon victory fair and square!"ash exclaimed.

"caterpie, I'm very proud of you, you really did your best and we won because of you!"he said, picking up the exhausted caterpie.

"you're stronger than you look caterpie"Misty complemented him.

"that's true""thank you for your help"both pikachu and Kyuu congratulated him.

"thank you very much you three"he said happy with all the praises. "well misty, I guess you feel different about caterpie now"ash said holding him closer to her.

"well I-"she started to say. "so, why don't you two make up. Just pet caterpie on the head and say thanks for a really great job"he said but she hesitated.

"you like Pokemon, so, it's only right to congratulate one one for doing a good job."he continued. "I guess you're right"she said, slowly reaching for his head. When she was near the head, he suddenly sprays a lot of silk and covering himself with it. "caterpie? what?" ash asked after placing him down.

"it's evolving"misty answered him.

"wow"pikachu said staring at the scene. "caterpie, this is so great!"ash said after caterpie finished evolving.

"metapod, caterpie's next stage. It has incased it's body in a hard shell. This specimen(sp?) reached This stage faster than previously discovered Pokemon of this verity"the Pokedex informed us.

"hey, maybe that means it could keep on changing and go on to the next stage right away"ash said. "just one step closer to your dream"pikachu told him.

"nice to meet you, metapod. haha not in the mood to talk ?ash asked him after picking him up.

"hello there"pikachu said to metapod and ash started to laugh again. "I never known anyone like him, he really does love Pokemon"I heard misty whisper to herself.

"well yeah he does, he love them ever since he was a kid"I said but then, ash placed metapod near Misty's face, scaring her.

"misty, you two were just about to make friends, you didn't forget, did you"ash said. "I-I didn't forget b-but I"she started to say but a beedrill appeared out of nowhere, scaring her out.

"oh, I'll do anything, let's just get out of this forest!"she said but ash has a different plan in mind.

"no way! There's still plenty more Pokemon in this forest"he said as he went where the beedrill flew and misty, me, Kyuu, and Aurora had to run/fly to catch up to him.

"wait"I suddenly said, as I switched Formes again'hop on, it is much more faster if you are riding on me' she did so 'hold on tight' she was riding on me, Kyuu and Aurora holding on to two of my tails slowing down after catching up to him so they would not fall off.

"whoa, this is amazing"the three said at the same time enjoying the view. "hey! No fair how come those three get to ride on your back and I don't! "ash yelled at me as he was chasing after me.

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