Lucy flitted about one end of her apartment to the other end getting ready for her date with Laxus. It had been a year since they defeated Minerva and things were perfect, now she just needed to be perfect for the first date she'd had in months with Laxus who had left to train for 3 months with Gildarts for the SS class exams. Those were the longest 3 months in her entire life.

"You know it's only Laxus, he wouldn't care if you wore a sack" Lisanna said as she hung upside down on Lucy's couch. Natsu was busy raiding her fridge while Happy napped on her bed. It was almost as if the second mated couple had moved in with her. She woke up several times to find herself between Lisanna and Natsu who held onto her like she was their own personal teddy bear.

"Your Natsu may like you in a sack but Laxus likes it when I make myself pretty for him, I like making myself pretty for him" Lucy argued and stuck her tongue out at Lisanna.

"Okay while you're getting pretty, have you thought of what you're going to wear to Lyon and Juvia's wedding? We still haven't gone to see Sherry's baby."

"I bought a gift for the baby but I got so caught up in helping Yukino with the design and décor for her new home with Sting." Lucy sighed and tried to rub out a knot at the back of her neck.

"I smell Laxus, he's 5 minutes away" Lisanna said sniffing the air and causing Lucy to panic.

"No way; your sense of smell can't be better than mine" Natsu argued with his girlfriend.

"I'm stronger than you, I have better senses than you do and I'm smarter than you" Lisanna smirked and stuck her tongue out at Natsu who ran out to complain about Lisanna being mean to him to Mira.

"Thought he'd never leave" Lisanna sighed in relief as she handed Lucy a red box.

"Laxus is not on his way, I needed to get Natsu out. I am your escort for part of the night milady; in that box you will find a very expensive one of a kind Ralph Lauren dress handpicked by the strongest mage in fairy tail – next to Gildarts of course. No you go hurry and put it on." Lisanna ordered pushing Lucy into the bathroom.

The dress was beautiful; it was a gold halter neck dress that flowed down to the floor with a slit right up to Lucy's mid-thigh. Lisanna tossed a pair of matching stiletto's at Lucy when she left the bathroom along with the most exquisite jewellery she had seen.

"That's Mira's, she just loaning it to you" Lisanna said as she brought out a navy shawl studded with the same gold as the dress.

"It's cold out, this pin will match your shawl" Lisanna said placing a blue and gold pin in Lucy's hair as she made an elegant bun and left a few tendrils hanging loosely around her face. Lucy sat back admiring her transformation as Lisanna buffed and polished her until she sparkled.

"For someone who was so against me making myself pretty you're surely outdoing yourself" Lucy commented.

"I didn't have any dolls as a child, now I have a life sized one all to myself" Lisanna grinned and Lucy wondered if she should find an exit.

"Milady; your carriage awaits" Lisanna announced as she made Lucy stand and picked up her dress as she dragged the Celestial mage outside.

"Hold on, my purse!"

"You don't need it" Lisanna said as she entered a splendid peach carriage driven by two white horses with Freed as the coachman.

"What's going on?" Lucy asked

"We're just making the first date the two of you had in months special" Lisanna said before sticking her head out the carriage and enjoying the wind as it swept through her new spiky hairstyle.

"Remember the first mission we went on together?" Lisanna recollected that it was a ride much like the one they were on right now which got them to bond initially.

"You mean that toxic piece of crap? How I wanted to kick him in the face" Lucy's expression soured at the memory of their 'precious cargo'.

"We kicked some serious ass that day. We should kick some serious ass again"

"You kick serious ass every Tuesday when you beat sense into Natsu" Lucy laughed and Lisanna rolled her eyes.

"Natsu is an ass there's nothing serious about him" Lisanna retorted.

"How are things progressing with the two of you in any case?" Lucy asked tentatively. She knew Lisanna had been having trouble getting close to Natsu intimately; a kiss on the cheek or a ruffle of his hair was the most affection the two had shown.

"Natsu's great, he doesn't push he just wants me to be happy. He knows that somewhere in the back of my mind at time when people touch me I think of that night. I haven't had an episode with scrubbing my skin raw in a while. We're a work in progress" Lisanna smiled genuinely.

"I have nightmares sometimes, Natsu is always there when they happen though, ready to whisk me away on an adventure and get my mind off it. The scars on my body may have healed but the ones on my soul never will. I've learned to live with them, they're proof that I'm strong and I'm loved. Every one of those scars was sutured with the love and compassion of my fairy tail family and friends, if it wasn't for the love of you, Erza and Mira I don't know how I would have survived it. Thank you for loving me" Lisanna said throwing her arms around the celestial mage as the carriage came to a stop.

"We've reached your destination" Lisanna smirked as she helped Lucy out the carriage and shoved her into Laxus, whose mouth was still open in awe, arms.

"Play nice kids" Lisanna said as she left with Freed leaving the carriage in the middle of the street.

"You're more beautiful than I imagined you'd be in that dress" Laxus said as he kissed Lucy on the temple.

"It's a little too exquisite for a simple dinner" Lucy said then gasped as she took in the location. They were in a beautiful garden with a decorated white gazebo and a glass roof so they could see the stars.

"This is amazing" Lucy awed drinking in the simplicity and beauty of the location. Laxus put his arms around Lucy from behind her as they both looked up at the stars.

"I love you; I missed you so much when I went on training and during the SS exam. I got that dress for you as a gift to myself after I passed"

"I knew you'd make it. This moment couldn't be any more perfect" Lucy sighed snuggling into Laxus.

"Actually there is one thing that would make this moment spectacular. Will you make this moment spectacular Lucy?" Laxus asked running his nose against a spot on her neck that drove her crazy.

"Anything" Lucy whispered breathlessly, her heart pounding against her rib cage as she waited for the touch of his lips.

"Marry me" Laxus whispered earnestly in her ear with so much adoration, love and passion Lucy felt she would melt on the spot. Lucy turned to find Laxus holding a ring made entirely of crystal with a little piece of lighting infused Lacrima standing in as a precious stone.

"Yes, yes, a million times yes!" Lucy cried throwing her arms around Laxus neck and kissing him hard, not bothering her mascara was starting to run.

"I love it! It's just so perfect! Better than any precious stone in the world" Lucy gushed looking at the ring which now sat on her ring finger.

"How did you know that something like this would mean so much to me?"

"That would be me" Lisanna said as she appeared wearing an elegant dress in the same colour as Lucy's shawl with gorgeous gold embroidery.


"How do you plan on getting married without bridesmaids?" Lisanna winked as Erza and Levy joined her wearing the same dress.

"Your dress is new, your hair pin old and blue; it belonged to Laxus great grandmother according to Master" Erza said

"and your something borrowed would be Mira's jewels" Levy carried on.

"Not sure whose going to be the matron of honour though" Lisanna crossed her arms and pouted. Lucy was still in shock.

"You mean marry you as in now?" Lucy turned to Laxus her eyes wide in astonishment.

"No time like the present"

"But planning and invites and…"

"All taken care off" Levy answered as she waved a torch three times in the air. Soon the couple was surrounded by their guildmates and friends.

"If you screw up just once I'll be there to elope with my Lucy and wipe away her tears" Loke threatened Laxus as he walked away arm in arm with Cana. Lucy rolled her eyes at her spirit then looked down at her dress, really looked at it.

"It's so perfect" Lucy said looking up at Laxus with tears threatening to fall.

"No tears! We need to fix your mascara. Get Mavis and Master" Erza ordered.

Mavis would officiate the ceremony with Master Makarov as the best man. Natsu and Grey gave Lucy away; Grey with a huge smile and Natsu with a pout because no one told him about the surprize wedding.

"Do you take this man to be your partner for life?" Mavis asked Lucy.

"I do, with all my heart I do"

"And do you take this woman as your partner for life?"

"I do"

"You can kiss, let's celebrate!" Mavis shouted as she launched herself at the open bar. Laxus pecked Lucy on the lips, not one for PDA.

"That was a short ceremony..." Lucy said glaring at Mavis.

"Do you really want to stand here speaking about our love when I could be showing you how much I love you?" Laxus whispered hoarsely causing Lucy to flush as heat engulfed her.

"Quick!" Lisanna called, holding up a pair of train tickets and the door to the carriage opened as Freed took his position as coachman once again.

"But the party?"

"They can congratulate us when we return from our honeymoon, maybe there will be more than one reason to congratulate us then" Laxus said suggestively.

"Get going now or do the two of you want to be passed out drunk with the guild on the floor on your wedding night?" Lisanna asked raising a brow at the conflicted Lucy.

"Fine, make sure Natsu doesn't get into any trouble" Lucy said as she got into the carriage.

"Wait" Lucy called before Lisanna closed the door for her and Laxus.

"I love you" Lucy said as she grabbed Lisanna in a bone crushing hug.

"I love you too, now go before I mess up my mascara too" Lisanna said as Lucy got back in the carriage and Lisanna waved them off while everyone was busy reveling.

"You know you could have told me too… I can keep a secret" Natsu pouted as he came up to Lisanna.

"No you can't" Lisanna said rolling her eyes at Natsu and ruffling his hair.

"I can too!" Natsu argued

"Then why did you tell the entire guild you saw Grey make out with Erza? Now people won't stop teasing them. That was mean"

"No that was scary. I thought they were under a weird spell" Natsu said cringing.

"They asked you not to tell anyone" Lisanna scolded.

"How about a dance?" Natsu asked extending his arm with a bow.

"Gentlemanly behavior? What has become of you Natsu" Lisanna teased.

"Erza's been training me on how to treat a Lady... Would you allow me the pleasure of this dance... fair Lisanna?" Natsu asked again after thinking about the wording.

"In a minute" Lisanna said nervously as she placed her cold slightly sweaty palm against Natsu's cheek. She brought Natsu's warm hand up to her own cheek and leaned into his touch, soaking up his warmth.

"I probably won't say this again but… I love you Natsu" Lisanna said placing her lips against his tentatively. Natsu froze at first then returned the gentle lip lock.

"I love you too" Natsu breathed as they parted, both flushed.

"Let's dance" Lisanna grinned as she dragged Natsu on the dance floor. No matter how many times dark thoughts pulled her into her own personal hell she knew she had people she loved with all her heart like Lucy, Mira, Laxus, Natsu and Erza to pull her out of it. The future of Fairy Tail would be bright and beautiful.

And they all lived crazily ever after.

A/N: We have come to the end, it's been a crazy ride thank you for joining me on this ride for the past year. I am actually finishing off my Lucy centric fics because I'm not a Lucy fan, never been one. I will be doing more Lisanna centric fics because I have more space to play with her character and Lucy is like the Orihime of Fairy Tail. I'll never understand why Hiro Mashima brought Lisanna back if all she was going to do was sit in the corner while the world revolved around Lucy. The clock tower whatever arc was just painful to even watch. Mashima took something awesome and turned it into mindless crap. The only awesome thing he's done thus far is turn Gray into a Demon slayer so I am going to be doing lots of GraLi and NatsuxJuvia fics.

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