Summary: Lisanna is attacked while on a mission with Lucy; enraged, Lucy joins Laxus and the Raijinshu to track down the rapists and deliver justice; while discovering new love, friendships and the strength to conquer their inner demons. "Fairy Tail" and its characters belong to Hiro Mashima. LaxLu and other pairings my mind concocts – slight Juvia bashing.

Part 3

As it turned out Lord Curling was a slight, middle aged man who loved pink and had an over curled moustache. Lucy's sigh of relief was cut short when the Lord demanded the girls carry him to his carriage as he was afraid to get his designer mantle dirty. He also insisted they wear ridiculous neon pink Elizabethan gowns. They were itchy and uncomfortable. He whined and complained the entire way in a horribly nasal voice, both girls felt as if their ears were about to bleed.

"Can I smother him with this cushion till he passes out?" Lucy whispered to Lisanna as the curly bastard took a break from complaining to them to complain to the coachman.

"Lucy dear, posture, posture; a Lady should always watch her posture!" Lord Curling chided Lucy as she bent over to speak to her friend.

"My head is starting to hurt. No wonder Laxus doesn't ever separate from his sound pod." Lisanna huffed wishing she had something to block out the sound of the man's voice.

"You seem to know Laxus quite well? Is there something you want to confess?" Lucy batted her eyelashes at Lisanna teasingly.

"He has a superhot body, but apart from that he's like my brother. He babysat when Mira and Elfman would go out… Rather he let the TV watch me while he slept or called his weekend specials over." Lisanna shrugged.

"When did you see his body?" Lucy's face was starting to go red again.

"I walked in on him doing the horizontal mambo a few times… Erza nearly kill him several times for abusing my young eyes."

"So him and Ever…" Lucy was trying to deduce who would be brave enough to bed the scary lightening mage.

"Hell no, Laxus does not go beyond friendship with her. Besides, Ever's going to be my future sister in law someday – you didn't hear that; they aren't quite ready to come out with their relationship. I think its cause Elfman is scared of Mira." Lisanna smiled broadly noticing the curly bastard had nodded off.

"Why would Mira object to Elfman and Ever? Isn't she all about love and matchmaking?" Lucy asked; quietly high fiving the take-over mage noticing the pink blob was snoring quietly in corner.

"She feels their children would look hideous… I don't think so… unless they have a daughter built like Elfman." Lisanna giggled and Lucy rolled her eyes.

"I think Evergreen and Elfman would have beautiful babies." Lucy said as she pictured Ever holding a little brown haired boy with Elfman's features and her brown eyes.

"I wonder who I'd make the cutest babies with…" Lisanna pondered aloud making Lucy roll her eyes then grin wickedly.

"Who would you like to have babies with?" Lucy smirked.

"While I enjoy the look of Gildarts, I think Bickslow or Grey would mix well with my genes." Lisanna said teasingly then went pale as an awful smell wafted through the carriage.

"Did that Curly bastard just fart?" Lisanna asked and Lucy nodded tearfully holding her nose and breath. Both girls stuck their heads out the carriage.

"I'm sorry pretty ladies, if it makes you feel better, you're the first mages who've made it this far on a trip with Lord Curling." The Coachman said apologetically as the girls gasped for air.

"That is so disgusting what on Earthland did he eat; Compost?" Lucy almost threw up. Lucy and Lisanna climbed up onto the carriage roof to get away from the stench and admire the countryside.

"So Gildarts hey… you do realize he's kinda old." Lucy giggled.

"But still so yum" Lisanna replied.

"Then there's Bickslow and Grey… why Grey… Juvia would kill you." Lucy mumbled thinking of Juvia's possessive nature when it came to Grey.

"Well, Bickslow because I think the baby making process with him would be fun…. Edolas Juvia is way better than this Juvia. Remember what happened at the grand magic games? I choose Grey because he was so adorable when we were younger – him and Natsu." Lisanna said with a slight smile on her face.

"I think he loved Ultear, maybe he was waiting for her like Erza is waiting for Jellal… It's so romantic yet so sad." Lucy sighed, she wished there was a way for at least one of her team mates to be lucky in love.

"What about me, who do you think I'd make pretty babies with?" Lucy asked Lisanna seeing as Mira was always trying to push her off on Grey or Natsu.

"Maybe you and Natsu could have little Happys, and I'll be your hated Love-rival" Lisanna said dramatically while Lucy smiled nervously.

"Probably Laxus… I remember once the 2 of you walked past each other and Mira fainted screaming out about beautiful blond haired cupid babies." Lisanna shrugged then grinned wickedly by adding…

"I hear he's quite well endowed. That's the word on the street… He is kind off good looking if you think about it. He'd totally be my type but I like the fun energetic guys." Lisanna said thinking of Bickslow and Gildarts again.

"I'm sure someone as well-endowed as the mighty Laxus Dreyer has someone in his life." Lucy responded trying to figure out why the take-over sisters thought she would be a good match for Laxus.

"Actually he doesn't. If a woman is willing to throw herself at him and if she's good enough Laxus would totally bang that – well the Laxus I knew. Mira says he's changed; he's become responsible and dedicated to his family. He's kind of like a puzzle I don't think there's a woman who has been born yet who can figure him out. Maybe Freed…" Lisanna giggled and Lucy laughed. Soon the girls were holding their sides wiping tears and trying to control their laughter as Lisanna kept describing what Freed-Laxus babies would look like. Lucy knew she'd never be able to look at Laxus with a straight face again.

Somewhere in Magnolia a chill ran through the body of a certain blonde haired Adonis as he sneezed continuously.

"Someone must be having particularly nasty thoughts about you." The Master giggled.

"Shut it old man." Laxus replied as he signed more letters of apology.

"Maybe it's Freed..." Master Makarov said running off giggling with Mavis as Laxus threw a stapler at him.

A/N: And that's part 3 all you lovely amazing awesome readers! I know that the summary indicates a tragedy but I want to focus on the girls friendship a little more... I just love the dynamic between the two. I'd Like to thank: LucyxHeartfiliaxFan, jessjess3377, AkariNeMellia, The Goode Chameleon, TritonA7, GingerLily01, Haley Le, UEAcon, .925, Lucile Drakkhen, DarkSilverVixen, Moronandhersis, mromero18, XxShyxX and guest for the follows, faves and reviews you people are amazing. Thank you for reading my story, I hope you've enjoyed this update.


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