Me: Hey, guys. Here's my first story to one of my favorite sit coms, Sam and Cat. It's called Sam, Cat and the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Sam: In this story, Cat and I were babysitting a fan of the Nightmare Before Christmas but something exciting happens.

Cat: Yes. I can't wait to see what Emilie has in mind.

Emilie: Oh you will like it. Even I will like it. Enjoy, people.

"Sam, will you hurry up and get the movie already?" Cat Valentine called to her friend, Sam Puckett.
"I can't find it, Cat," Sam yelled, lazily. "They must have it out of stock."
"Sam, we're babysitting a girl who is a fan of Jack Skeleton," Cat said.
"For the millionth time, Cat, it's Jack Skellington!" Sam yelled. Originally, Sam was sitting there, cowering in fear. She is afraid of the Nightmare Before Christmas because she loves Halloween and Christmas but she always feared the evil presents and had nightmares of them eating her chicken. Then Cat came and saw the 20th Anniversary Edition DVD for the movie and purchased it.
"Sam, they had the movie in stock," Cat said. "Why did you lie? Are you afraid of the movie?"
"What? Me? Afraid?" Sam asked. "Okay, fine, I hate the evil toys that attack the kids in the Christmas Eve scene."
"What? Sam, those were fake toys and I was never afraid of them," Cat said. "Come on, watch the movie when Kylee comes over."
"Fine, I'll watch it and I ever scream at the first evil toy, I'm going to bed," Sam said. Cat agreed and they met Dice and Goomer outside. A few hours later, Kylee and Mrs. Hamilton came in. Kylee was excited when she saw the DVD Cat had. When Mrs. Hamilton left, Cat put the DVD in the player. But before it reached "This is Halloween", the TV turned off and a portal appeared and sucked Sam, Cat and Kylee into the TV.

Me: Whoa! Who had that coming?

Sam: Yeah, who knew watching a popular Tim Burton movie would cause excitement?

Cat: I wonder what happens.

Me: You'll find out later, right now I'm going to finish another story. Don't forget to review.