Sam, Cat and Kylee woke up in a graveyard and heard the sound of moaning ghosts. Then a tall and thin skeleton in a black and white pinstripe suit came.
"Hello, fellow Halloween citizens," the skeleton said.
"Jack Skeleton! Oh my gosh, we're in the movie!" Cat yelled.
"SKELLINGTON!" Sam and Kylee yelled.
"We're not from here, Jack, we were try to watch your movie but we got sucked in," Sam said.
"Then why are you and your friends ghouls?" Jack asked. Then Sam, Cat and Kylee came to reality and saw that indeed they were ghouls. Sam was a skeleton in her usual clothes she had back home, Cat was a corpse with blue skin and Kylee was a pale ghost.
"So what are your names?" Jack asked.
"I'm Cat Valentine," Cat said.
"I'm Sam Puckett," Sam said.
"And I'm Kylee Hamilton and I'm your biggest fan," Kylee said. Then Jack took Sam, Cat and Kylee to Halloween Town until a rag doll with red hair came. Jack called her Sally, and she said she had a terrible vision last night of a strange creature biting his body and eating his bones, but Jack and Sam didn't care. Jack told Sally it was just dream but Sam didn't care because she was bored and didn't even listen, but Cat and Kylee were shocked because they saw a strange creature when they woke up and before Sam woke up. So Cat and Kylee kept an eye on this creature while they were here and if this creature is gone, the girls will find a way back home. Suddenly a creature grabbed hold of Sam's leg.
"OUCH! Get off me, creep!" Sam yelled.
"That's the creature I saw in my dream last night, Jack," Sally said.
"I know that creature, my father told me about these creatures," Jack said.
"What are these creatures called?" Cat asked.
"These creatures are called the night biter, and they eat the bones of a skeleton and the flesh of corpses," Jack said.
"DOES THIS MEAN SAM AND I WILL DIE!" Cat screamed putting her hands on her head. But then Sam hit the night biter with her butter sock. Kylee was relieved to see that Sam was OK, but Sam had a fracture on her calf where the night biter bit it.
"Ugh...I'm going to be needing a bandage when we get back," Sam said.
"My Nona is a good nurse, she can help," Cat said.
"Where are you three from anyway?" Jack asked.
"We're from Venice, California and we own a babysitting service," Cat said. "It's called Sam and Cat's Super Rocking Fun Time Babysitting Service."
"That's a nice name, but I bet people have to write it down to know about it," Sally said.
"Yes, one time we met a lawyer who shut down our service temporarily because it sounded like a children's TV show from the eighties called Salmon Cat," Sam said. Jack and Sally were impressed with Sam and Cat's adventures and Kylee loved the stories as well. So Jack finally reached town and Cat and Kylee were amazed to see Halloween Town in real life but Sam didn't care at all and went into Jack's house to be lazy as usual. Cat was annoyed the Sam just walked away and didn't even ask to want a tour.
"Is Sam always like this, Cat?" Jack asked.
"Yes she does nothing but eat chicken and other stuff and sleep and watch TV," Cat said. "And whenever we babysit, she only helps the kids settle down but never feeds them and I end up doing all the work. My hands were dirty after changing a baby's diaper last month."
"Good thing Cat warned me and my parents about that," Kylee said. "Otherwise they would have to find another babysitter, and I gotta say, these two are fun. I think my parents should hire them often."
"Jack, great to see you," a voice coming from the Mayor said. "Who are your friends?"
"This is Cat Valentine and Kylee Hamilton, there's one more named Sam Puckett but she's at my house," Jack said.
"Nice to meet you two, I'm the Mayor of Halloween Town," the Mayor said. Then Kylee told the Mayor about how the girls got here because Cat couldn't remember what happened back in California. But then Cat felt pain in her arm and looked and saw the night biter on her arm, eating her flesh. The Mayor's face spun into his negative side.
"THAT'S A NIGHT BITER! We have to get it away!" the Mayor screamed.
"Don't worry, Mayor, my friend...OUCH! QUIT IT!" Cat screamed.
"Hold it, creep, leave my friend alone!" Sam yelled and once again hit the night biter with the butter sock.
"Wow, that's really amazing," the Mayor said, returning to his cheerful side.
"Thanks, I came up with this when a couple freaks were stealing ideas from me and my friend, Carly's, web show, iCarly," Sam said. "This thing should protect us from the night biter."
"Thanks for saving me, Sam, but I wish my skin survived," Cat said. She had a big wound on the area where the night biter bit her arm and she was bleeding like crazy. Then Sally took Sam and Cat to her master, Dr. Finkelstein, to heal up their injuries. He gave bandages on each of the girls' injuries.
"Be care walking with your injury, Sam, it could get worse," the doctor said. "Here, here's some crutches that will support your leg's injury."
"I'll be sure to be careful," Sam said, rolling her eyes.
"Sam, this is serious," Cat said. "That creature is out there somewhere and he could kill us and Jack."
"Ugh...fine, I'll help fight the night biter but that's it, when we get home, I'm not going to help a lot," Sam said.
"Your friend is such a lazy girl," Dr. Finkelstein said.
"Tell me about it," Cat said.

Sorry it took so long to do chapter two.