BlazBlue-x-RWBY Crossover

Rebel 1 : When Past and Present Meet

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The Black Beast.

The name alone sends shivers down the spines of people. And with good reason, for the world very nearly met its end with it.

However, the Black Beast's rampaging ended quite suddenly, and quieted down for a year. A group known as the Six Heroes took the opportunity to teach mankind how to use seithr to their advantage.

How to fight back.

Fast forward to several years later. Seithr still abounds, but without the immediate threat of the Black Beast, as it had been defeated in the first war.

However, unknown to most, the world as they knew it was merely looping back and 're-playing', for lack of a better term.

That is, until the criminal known as Ragna the Bloodedge broke the cycle and ended the time loop.

Hakumen, one of the Six Heroes, had apparently killed the person behind the time loop phenomenon: Yuuki Terumi. Surprisingly he was also one of the Six Heroes who originally defeated the Black Beast.

Now, with stability and continuity practically ensured, the world moved on. The continents shifted, seithr gradually disappeared from the face of the planet, and the NOL gradually faded into oblivion.

All Nox and Legacy Weapons were gathered and hidden; although some people dared enough to venture to hunt for them, all efforts were unsuccessful. Eventually, these were forgotten.

No one really expected that there was one more Murakumo Unit, buried ridiculously deep (but surprisingly intact) within what was now known as Vecchia. History also told that there were only thirteen Anti-Sankishin Core Units. For some reason, the unknown fourteenth Murakumo Unit never powered on in the past, possibly due to the fact that there was no reason for it to.

Thus, when the Boundary Interface Prime Field Device, Anti-Sankishin Core Unit Number 14, Xi, was brought to the surface, she was then studied. No one knew what to make of the huge sword that seemed to 'stand guard'; however, when she was moved, the sword disappeared from its place in the caverns.

True to his form, the Bloodedge also somehow stayed.

And curiously, the most recent incarnation was a red-cloaked, fifteen-year old scythe wielder from Vale.

And when the Vytal Fair drew near, something happened to connect both Murakumo Unit and Bloodedge descendant.

Penny and Ruby Rose.

"Hey, wait a minute... Where's Penny?" Ruby looked around, wondering where the orange-haired girl went off to.

Unbeknownst to the scythe wielder, the girl in question was inside a black car, looking out through one of the tinted windows while a man spoke beside her. "You should know better than to go running around in a strange city."

The car's engines came to life, and Penny looked away from the windows. "I know, sir." She couldn't keep her teal eyes away from the girl who unconditionally called her a friend.

No one back home would even want speak with a Murakumo Unit. Much less offer to be friends.

Except for her. Ruby Rose.

The car drove off, leaving Penny to her thoughts. "Penny, your time will come," the man beside her said, as if reading her mind. "Also, bear in mind that this is already a different time. Seithr is no longer existent, and the Azure Grimoire is already lost to time. All of the leads we have had so far are all duds, but we will continue working on locating it."

But I'm sure I felt it, Penny interjected in her mind. It could not be anything else. Although it did feel odd, as if something was missing... But the Azure Grimoire is definitely there. And the scythe, too! She's unmistakably the Grim Reaper of this time. She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. But... Why would the Grim Reaper befriend me? Me, a Murakumo Unit... All the others were usually met with hostility. Except Mu-12, who regained her self as Noel Vermillion...

Team RWBY was headed back to Beacon, everyone deep in their own thoughts. Blake decided to break the silence. "Ruby, you were looking for Penny earlier. Just who or what is she?"

Ruby drew a deep sigh. "We met her last Friday, remember? Weiss ran into her while we were chasing Sun-"

"I know that, but how did she control all those swords? I'm sure you saw that. There's no way she could have done that without touching or making contact of any sort." Blake continued, interrupting the scythe wielder. "Unless she had invisible wires... Or something..."

Yang lifted up her arms behind her head. "That's probably it."

Ruby sighed as they continued walking. "Probably." Why do I feel like I should know her...? It's as if... Penny was an important part of my past...

The memories flashed briefly in front of her.

A hot, fiery environment. Multiple floating swords. The sound of metal clashing against each other. And a… mantra of sorts.

"Restriction 666 released... Dimensional Interruption Imaginary Number formed... Azure Grimoire, activate."

"Say what now, Ruby? Restriction and activate what?" Yang had her face close to the younger girl.

This made Ruby jump back, hands held out as if to stop the blonde from coming closer. "Gaaah! Too close Yang!"

Yang started walking backwards, still facing her. "You were whispering something about a restriction something. Got something in mind, li'l sis?"

Silver eyes blinked in complete confusion. "Huh? I was? I don't recall."

"More importantly, do you recall what you had told me last week, before all of this happened?" Weiss turned her head to the cloaked girl. "You said something about creating something you called 'Aura Grimoire', and you said you were going to ask for help in making it."

The scythe wielder shook her head. Blake answered for her after a few minutes, "I do. Ruby also said something about augmenting Crescent Rose."

Roman sat in the hoverjet, thinking on what just happened. True, he only got a very small part of the Dust shipment, but he didn't really care. Cinder and her two 'pets' be damned. I'll deal with them when I face with them. I finally got a wish come true.

He got Red. Well, maybe not entirely dead, but the point was he was able to hit her.

That exhilaration. That feeling of completeness. He was 'whole' again, at least for now. A slow, satsfied, creepy grin started to grow on his handsome face.

"Oh Red, I do look forward to seeing you again... I hope your blood is as red as I believe it to be."

Ozpin closed the Scroll after reading Qrow's message. I suppose it is indeed the best time to teach the Reaper. No doubt she's remembered at least part of her Grimoire. He reached for his cane and stood up, walking towards the window overlooking Beacon Academy. I simply hope she does not abuse the power of her Aura Grimoire... Even if it's a mere copy of the original. A powerful copy, but a duplicate nonetheless.

He heard the door open. Ozpin didn't need to turn to find out who it was. "How are the students coming along today, Glynda?"

A seat creaked slightly as it was occupied, the sound of shuffling papers following shortly afterward. "Are you sure about your decision, sir? Other students, faculty and the parents may find that highly irregular, and-"

Ozpin cut the bespectacled woman's question off, turning to face her as he spoke. "I am sure, yes, and I am also aware of those complications." He picked up the mug, half full of brown coffee and took a small sip, then set the cane down on the table in front of Glynda. "I fear that Miss Rose is growing in power too quickly, the rate she is doing so is too fast for her own good. I cannot entrust this task to anyone else, no offense to you, as I can feel she will outpower whoever I set as her mentor."

"And you can do this on your own? No offense meant, sir, but I am just as capable as you are."

Glynda's doubt was very clearly written on her face, making the gray-haired man chuckle before answering. "Tell me, Glynda. What do you know of the Azure Grimoire, or of the legends of the Black Beast?"

Thanks for reading. This is my first attempt at a crossover fic.

Much thanks to ZaleTheSealedGuardian for lots and lots of help in ironing out details. Our little conversation on Penny in RWBY Episode 16 started this little venture; if you've seen the episode then you'll know what I mean.

If you haven't seen it yet, shame on you. Go and watch it now, pronto, stat. You won't regret the fifteen minutes watching it, I promise you that.

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