Chapter 1

There had always been a theory-or more precisely a speculation.

The speculation that if we brought together the worst and the most dangerous of human kind. Those that would not only make ordinary law-abiding citizens shutter at the mere mention of their names, even the authorities and those very people who are supposed to pursue them, to rein them in and to persecute them according to the laws would just throw their arms up or even worse despair in the utmost fear.

If we brought these very dredge of our society together, created a new special force, dispatched them to the very front end, we might, just might, stand a slightly better chance in our hopeless struggle of survival against the Titans.

And we might, just might, be able to put off the inevitable end of the human kind as a species just a tad bit longer.

That was the very reason Erwin Smith was here today. At the dock in the city of Sina. The newest appointed squad leader of the Scout Legion to meet his newly recruited squad.

Recruits that would be considered by anyone's standard better suited for the guillotine than for wearing any type of military uniform, let alone the well-respected blue and white wings.

The Wings of Freedom for the very few exceptions of the human kind that absolutely did not deserve any form of freedom.

Those very few who were now poring over the brand-new uniforms that had been just handed out to them, laughing, prodding, and making all kind of insulting jokes about the beautiful and special emblem that for all these years he had hold so close to his heart and his soul.

Erwin the Stone Face of the Scout Legion, the most well known for his unbreakable stoic manners and impeccable self-control, was at the verge of letting loose his first tantrum in God knows how many years.

'Shut up! Idiots!'

Surprisingly, it was not Erwin who uttered these words in the very calm, soft yet an unmistakably authoritative voice.

It was that short boyish young man who has been laying on his back at the lee side of the barge, looking up towards the fog-covered sky with the most bored expression anyone can imagine. The man had shown not a single trace of excitement over anything after they were delivered by the Military Police to the freight barge.

All the boisterous and clamoring thugs and dredges shut up before the boyish young man could finish his words.

Apparently, if there was a pecking order among these very lowest of the human kind, that little guy looking not much bigger or older than a 12 year old boy was definitely at its very top.


According to the records Erwin got from the Commander last night, that was his name.

THE most violent and incorrigible of the young crime lords of the underworld in the Capital City.

No wonder every last one of these thugs took heed and was quickly put into their rightful places. Erwin could not help but sneering at the thought.

It took quite a bit time before they started murmuring in very low voices among themselves again. It took even longer before someone finally gathered up the courage and coughed in an almost indistinguishable voice.

Seeing no response from the boyish young man at the lee side after skipping a look in his direction, the guy waved to Erwin, and asked, 'why are we still here-what are we waiting for?'

Erwin spared that guy one of his signature cold stares that could send the boldest devils on earth run as fast as they could on their heels, and shut him up once and all.

Erwin was very reluctant, as anyone would be if they just heard that they were going to be put in charge of such a bunch of thugs and criminals for the next couple of years until all of them died in one or another scouting mission.

The only reason that swayed him toward taking the appointment was exactly what had been keeping them waiting at the freight dock, waiting on a cold winter morning, waiting quietly for almost one and half hour.