'It is from the cook! She stayed up all night to make them for you.'The man raised up his voice so the girl could heard him clearly, even though his voice still sounded very emotional. 'Everyone in the house was also there. Everyone helped...' By this point, his voice had almost dwindled into a low sob.

'Cheer up! Old Mihail!' The girl cheerfully shouted out to him, 'I am just running away from home and joining the army, like I have threatened for so many times! It is not even real running away-that place was just across the street from Shingansina. Grisha and Carla will be sure to check on me all the time, so I would not pull any heist crazier than the one that got them together. I have already got their warning that if I don't behave, they will send little Eren over to drag me home! Don't worry-I have no wish in crawling with Eren all the way to their little house. Definitely not before Eren learns to walk!'

At hearing these words, even the boy Moby who had been sobbing quietly by the side of the older man, could not help but showing off another big ear to ear grin.

'Hi, Moby! Let us make a deal! You take good care of old Nicholas and your old man Mihail here for me and I will tell you all the great things about the world outside the walls and all the great stories about the Titans, OK?' The girl waved her hand to the young boy on the dugout as if she was shaking her hand and sealing a serious business deal.