Maybe a bit OOC, but it's cute and fluffy, so enjoy!

Stars and Skies

Percy's POV

I sat at the beach, watching the waves of the ocean I looked up at the sky to see the stars, to have some comfort from their glowing light, but as much as I tried, I just couldn't see them.

The skies weren't clouded or anything; my vision was clouded. Every time I looked up at the sky, my vision was dark, the stars not even penetrating the fogginess of my eyes. Every time I blinked, the landscape of Tartarus was spread across the sky- the river of Cocytus, the fire river, the arai hurting Annabeth- they haunted me, and refused to let go.

I stared at the sky, struggling to break through my dark vision, until I felt a presence next to me. I looked to see Annabeth, staring at me.

I assumed Annabeth must've had a bad dream if she'd come to meet me at 2 in the night, so I put an arm around her and asked, "What did you see?"

She rolled her eyes, "Percy, I came here because I was worried about you. You've been staring at the sky for, like, half an hour. And I've been sitting here for that long, so don't deny it. The question is: why are you out of bed at 2 am?"

I shrugged, "Experimenting."

She raised an eyebrow sceptically, "With what, exactly?"

I replied, "Every night, I come here and keep looking at the sky, trying to break through the darkness around my vision, to see the stars, but so far, it's failing. I- I've begun to lose hope now." My voice broke.

Her expression softened. She pulled me into a hug, and I accepted it, tears starting to form in my eyes. Go ahead, call me a softie, but it had been five months since the war had gotten over, and five months since my vision had turned foggy at night and I couldn't see the stars.

She pulled away and kissed me softly, giving some comfort. I melted into the kiss, my fingers disappearing into her golden curls.

After what seemed like days, she pulled away, and I smiled gratefully at her. I glanced at the sky and gasped. The stars were glimmering. I could see Zoƫ, running across the sky. I could see the stars and the skies.

I turned to Annabeth, and her eyes were shining. She too had had foggy vision, but she had been able to see the things at night dimly. I kissed her passionately, trying to express how thankful I was to her. I pulled away and whispered three words, "I love you."

Her eyes widened, and she whispered, "I love you, too."

I smiled and hugged her, and she suggested, "Let's just sleep here."

And I, of course was only too happy to agree.

And that's how Chiron found us at 5 am, sleeping and cuddling with each other, the whole scene washed in starlight.