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chapter 3

Lily was snapped out of her thoughts by Humphrey who had nudged her and told her to follow had walked in silence until Kate said "I have to get back home or there will be trouble. What kind of trouble?Asked Lily wanting to know what was so important "You omegas wouldn't understand this alpha talk said about barf asked Humphrey Kate looked annoyed before saying It's Garth and storming ahead laving Humphrey and Lily a good 20 yards behind. So said Humphrey to get Lily's attention why you been looking all down said Humphrey with a look of concern on his face.

Oh said Lily "It's just that I'm in no hurry to go home she explained. It's always about Kate I'm the one who's always ignored i only act silly to get attention but sometimes that doesn't even i want is to feel loved by someone I've even tried suicide to get away from the hurt but it's like god wants me to live like this. I mean who would even love a wolf with purple eyes anyways everyone thinks I'm a freak said Lily.

Humphrey who was watching Lily cry her eye's out did something that shocked Lily. He hugged her and told her your a beautiful wolf who anyone would kill to be with but I already like someone Lily don't believe what everyone else thinks he said as he pulled back from the hug. That's when he saw a flower that matched her eyes perfectly and picked he turned to her and said this should help you with the hair in your eyed and he then put the flower in her hair. Wow!He said you sure are a beauty he said causing Lily to blush saying you really think so Humphrey yeah was his reply now lets go catch up with your sister.

When they caught up with Kate she was crouched down in some high grass looking at some ducks playing a game of was Humphrey who said something why are you watching those ducks said Humphrey. I was waiting for you two to show up so we could ask them where we are was Kate's reply. Okay let's go Lilly said Humphrey. follow my lead said Kate who did a triple flip off a cliff and landed on her paws then looked up at them and motioned for them to come on and walked looked at Lily and said she knows we're just omegas right but noticed lily was little nervous about jumping down the cliff in fear of getting hurt so Humphrey said why don't we jump together on the count of 3 ...3 was all he said before he grabbed Lily and jumped off holding Lily who was blushing madly but thanks to her fur you couldn't see it.

When they hit the ground with Humphrey still holding Lily they saw Kate walking towards the ducks who seemed to be arguing about something but when the yellow duck saw them coming he said to the older duck to take but he didn't seem to notice theme till their shadows were right over them hi there was there reply. Wol wolves screamed the old duck and then took off faster than any of the three wolves could react {changing it around a bit i did say they will be together for some time in the summary] Dammit said Kate now I will never be on time for the wedding but she then realized what she had just let slip from her mouth.

Kate what do you mean by wedding said Humphrey with lily nodding her head in a agreement. Well began Kate dad had decided to arrange a marriage between me and Garth but didn't consult me first. I don't really want to go home right now said Kate a little bit of sad and mad that her own father wouldn't ask her first before putting her up to marriage.

Humphrey saw how sad Kate was before he said Kate how about we stay here for a while before we go back just to clear your mind ok was her reply and they all sat there wondering how it was going back in jasper

Winston was leading his pack to the creek that borders the western and eastern territories when they got there. Winston saw Tony there as well and him and eve walked up and Tony said where is she? Maybe i should ask you said Winston You know that's not my style said Tony my wolf do know your style said Winston causing Cando to growl.I just want you to know one thing if any of you have hurt my daughter i will personally rip out your eyes shove them down your throat so you can see me tear your stomach open said eve scaring the shit out of some wolves. Um Eve said Janice since Kate stood up Garth i could show him around if he'd like to she said i wouldn't exactly say stood up said Garth GARTH!yelled a female from the eastern pack as he scurried across the creek to follow she is not back in 9 we will have war said Tony as he and his pack left. Winston looked up at the sky be safe my angels be safe.
[back with Humphrey and co]

Ok guys if we're going to be here for a while we might as well find a den and mark our territory said Humphrey ok said Lily and Kate at the same time as they set out to find a den it didn't take long for Them to find a den they found a well hidden den that would be hard to spot from a distance and it was very roomy it was big enough to hold 8 wolves. Ok said Humphrey now who's hungry nobody had to answer because their stomachs did it for them. Ok it seems we all are you to ladies stay here and go hunting while you girls talk said Humphrey as he left .

when Humphrey left Lily decided to speak first Kate can i tell you something she said sure said Kate I like Humphrey