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Sarah. Where is Sarah?

Thats all my mind can focus on – my eyes searching for her beautiful blonde head. I can hear the crashing around me, Six and Nines battle screams as they crash down onto the enemy. I keep watch for Ella out of the corner of my eye, but with her light-channeling legacy I'm sure she will be fine.

There aren't as many Mogs as I expected. Well, I'm not really sure what I expected but this is definitely less.

Adam looks surprised too, and very relieved. The less Mogs, the less going directly for him. If it's possible, they hate him even more than they hate us. And thats pretty hard.

He seems fairly unruffled though, using his seismistic waves to unbalance the Mogs that are immediately killed by Nine.

I know what I need to do. I need to find Setrakus. Wherever he is, is where Sarah and Sam and Emily are. I need to find him – and I need to kill him. I know that know, more than ever. It is the thing, the only thing that will stop this war.

My feet pick up the pace, and I'm running, batting off Mogs on either side, looking. Us Lorics take enhancement as something that is always there, but as I notice the small black room a few hundred metres away, I'm suddenly very happy for my perfect vision.

I feel a greatful – possibly previous – smile form on my face, and I begin to run faster.



I turn back, to see Six with two Mogs in her grasp, her knife gleaming with blood. But she isn't looking at them – or me. I follow her gaze and stop dead, a cold feeling starting to spread through my body. Even Nine has frozen, looking shocked.

There is a stampede of animals coming towards us, all different shapes and sizes, different heights and forms. And all with their teeth bared and claws out.

I don't know what the Mogs have done, but I know what these are.

They are Chimeara.


I cant see them – but I know they are here.

My eyes are looking for Six or John, the most comforting faces. They can save us – they can win, beat Setrkaus. I believe in them, all of the Garde.

But what do I do? Stuck here in my chains, able only to hear the screams and shouts of the others.

I grunt, twisting around to try and get some kind of grip on my handcuffs – lifting myself up and getting into a crouching position. But it doesn't do any good, instead the metal just digs in more to my hands and I groan in pain, giving up.

Maybe if I shout loud enough, someone might come and help me.

And at that exact moment, two people appear in front of me. They are dirty but I know who it is immediately – Marina and Eight. He squeezes her hand briefly before disappearing.

Marina runs to me, a smile on her face.

"Thank god, I was scared Setrakus might have, well..."

"Yeah" I sigh "we're all okay, or at least I think so. Setrakus has Emily and Sarah downstairs"

Her brown eyes widen, horrified, and she hastens with my handcuffs, ripping them off me. I hate to say it, but it still surprises me how strong these Loric girls are – with exception to Six of course.

I rub my wrists, and Marina looks concerned, holding the gun she was about to pass to me slightly away.

"Are you okay? You can go somewhere safe if you want"

For a second I am tempted to say yes, get away and just be safe – but what is the point in that? The only real thing I have had in my life are these people, this race, this life. I have lost everything else, and I would much rather die fighting than let them fall without me.

"No I'm fine"

"Okay, just don't do anything you know you cant manage" She says gently. From anybody else that might sound condesending, but I know from her its purely care. I force a smile, nodding.

"I'm going to call John"

It's fine. Everything is fine. As long as John is here everything is fine.

Marina leaves the room, and a second later she is back with a sweaty, bloody, distressed John.

"Long time no see"


Six doesn't look at all surprised to see me.

"Took you long enough" She grunts, slicing through Mogs with her huge sword that must weight more than Ella.

"It doesn't look too b-"

She shoots me a look that could freeze fire, and spins round to me.

"Do you know what those things are?" She asks, motioning towards the huge beasts that are ripping through Mogs to get to us. At first I think they are just Piken, but no, they are much more than that, so much more farmiliar. And what is that in the beasts mouth? I recognise it.

It looks like that thing that thing I gave BK from my chest back in America. It is the thing I gave BK from my chest.

Six laughs a cold laugh, and I stagger back slightly. How? I voice the questions out loud to her and she shrugs. It's disgusting, and I have to turn away as one lunges at Nine, and his only option is to drive the blade deep into it's side.

Blood sprays everywhere, and Nine's hard mask breaks for a second as a look of horror and disgust cross his face. The Chimeara roars, and I am hoping that it's not BK.

Nine grimaces, looking over at Six for the go-ahead. I have never seen Nine like that before, unsure, hesitant. He doesn't want to kill it, but he has to. We have to.

Before the beast can take another swipe, Nine plunges his knife into the Chimearas neck. It's head rolls clean off, and falls with a thump to the ground.

I narrow my eyes, but what happens next shocks me to the core.

The beast explodes into a cloud of ash.


I run straight into Marina, and her face lights up, turning around and we run together towards the room. I am sprinting flat-out, but with her superspeed legacy she easily keeps up.

"Are they in there?" I ask breathlessly and she nods.

"I got Sam out, but he said the others were downstairs"

I clench my hands into fists.


To my surprise, Marina follows me as I enter into the dark, a determined look visible in the little light.

"What are you doing?" I ask – surely she doesn't think it's a good idea for her to be here too?

"I'm coming with you" She says, her mouth set in a hard line "You didn't think you were going to face him alone, did you?" She asks, but before I can answer she adds "Plus I can see in the dark", and she grabs the back of my shirt, just as I go to walk into an empty space. I stumble back, and peering closely, I notice the steep stairs and turn sheeepishly to Marina. She raises her eyebrows.

"And you can't"

"But what about Eight-" I start to protest, it's not that I don't want her to face Setrakus, in fact she will be incredibly helpful, two is much better than one when it comes to the leader of the Magadorian army. But I know Eight will never forgive me if Marina gets hurt.

"I don't care what Eight thinks" She looks faintly annoyed "I can handle myself"


Chimearas don't turn into ash, Chimearas die.

Mogs turn into ash, not Lorics.

So they must be Mogs, or some kind of Mog beast. But how can they change form, why are they drawn to the totem? It makes no sense to me, but if they are Mogs, then I have no problem killing them.

To my surprise, Nine seems still to be avioding hurting the creatures. Maybe he is scared that harming then will harm some kind of Chimeara part inside them.

But then again I don't have any hesitations as I plunge my knife into ones heart. Surely I am not more heartless than Nine?

My thoughts distract me, and I feel a shapr pain in my back, and have to bite my lip to stop myself from crying out. I drop to the floor and roll, on pure instinct. Another claw pierces the ground centimetres away from my arm. That could have killed me.

Blood, warm and thick, sticks my torn shirt to my back as I straighten and drive my blade into the underside of the beast. I expect it to disintegrate, but to my horror, it just gives a high pitched roar and stamps back down.

This time, its foot connects with my own and I feel my bones shatter. I groan, clenching my hand until the end of the blade digs into my palm. I slice my blade above me, but I'm trapped, and can hardly move under the weight of the beast. My sweaty hand loses grip on the blade, and before I can grab it with telekinesis, a huge foot comes down and breaks in cleanly in two.


I don't think I have ever felt this helpless before, this weak, and I hate it. I hate the fact that I cant do anything, and I hate the fact that I am probably going to die now.

Its a war Sam, there are going to be casualties.

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