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Jake slowly sat up looking around at most of his clan sleeping in their respective hammocks quietly he leans down to plant a slight kiss on his mates head before getting up and drawing a picture of the "sky people village" (hells gate) and tiptoed out to the middle of their new home tree admiring the beauty it presented but also the pain that everyone went through to get their new home. Suddenly Jake had a flashback

It was neytiri screaming at him with fires and pieces of wood burning everywhere it looked like a war ground but mainly because it was the R.D.A. had just taken down home tree had killed children elders. "go.. go.. GO AWAY...YOU WILL NEVER BE ONE OF THE PEOPLE!". Her words stung Jake but it wasn't over yet, looking around he saw more death less than that crap in Venezuela But still death but instead of soldiers enemy and allied alike it was people who never did anything but live their lives, defended their homes, and yet the worst of all they were living at the wrong place at the wrong time. "Oh my god what have I done?.. YOU DID THIS YOU WENT NATIVE!, YOU WENT AND MATED, YOU MADE THEM LOSE THEIR HOMES!". Screamed a voice inside of his head as jake walked away into the distance.

Regaining focus he noticed he was at the top of the tree at the ikran nest _ _ His ikran _ flew down to him landing in front of him on the branch eyeing him expectantly. "Fine I did bring you something." Jake chuckled at his ikran who reminded him of himself when he was little. Petting the flying beast along the snout jake hoisted himself up onto the ikran connecting himself to his ikran he felt the breath and heat beat of the animal. "To hells gate" Jake said to his technically other half. which lifted off and started to fly to the old base hoping there'd be good news when he got there.

Looking at the old abandoned base Jake caught two figures standing outside the old base about 20 meters outside one of the multiple airlocks that led inside the massive collection of large buildings. Jake looked around at the pavement it was torn up and broken as if something attacked it Jake noticed two figure standing out on the pavement when he got closer he noticed that the two figures were none other than Max and Norm. The thing that worried Jake the most was the completely clam faces that they had. Jake landed his ikran in a small area that wasn't so torn up that his ikran wouldn't hurt himself. Looking closer now he noticed that both Norm and Max's faces weren't as calm as he had originally thought he saw traces of worry and what looked to be fear.

"What happened here?" Jake asked worry clear in his face looking between both humans it was Max who spoke up first "Jake nothing happened we tore up the base on our own accord..its part of what we want to talk to you about." Before Jake could speak Norm quickly added "WE have a problem and a big one at that, when i was checking some old emails on Quaritch's and Parker's combined computers We found a two month old email from someone named Fellson." Norm looked at his friends blue cat-like face before adding "they said that they would help the R.D.A. in turn for them gaining a "fair" amount of land". said Norm looking more grim than usual. It was Jakes turn to speak up "So why is the base torn up if they're not even here yet. Isn't it going to take a while to fix it back up"? A new expression dawned on Norms and Maxs faces at the realization as the same gruesome thought passed through their heads what would happen if the unsc stayed and tried to destroy the planet after finding out their unofficial "allies" were killed by a native race would they just leave or would they burn the planet with their advanced weapons and then mine the unobtanium. Jake stood there towering awkwardly above the two scientist looking down on their faces as they seemed top share the same thought.

After a minute Jake waved his blue hand in front of their faces relieved to see them refocusing coming back into reality "J-J-Jake what's going to happen if they stay here and mine the planet after destroying the na'vi for "killing" us?" Jakes usually waving tail slowed and nearly stopped on the ground now aware of what made the scientist zone out into space for a second Jake thought before coming out loud saying "I don't know".

Fellson stood on the bridge of the flagship looking at the screens splaying information across them on the ships status he was a middle aged man with jet black hair and one or two white hairs sticking out of his crew-cut. Looking down at him he was a medium built man with slightly pale skin but blotches of red covering bits of his face showing that he spends plenty of time in the sun. Looking closer at his face he had high cheek bones with a thin but firm jaw he had long eyelashes, thick eyebrows but the one thing that most people see when they look him in the face is his hazel eyes warm and caring yet cold and concise.

Fellson thought back to himself the recent turn of events that led to him being the leader of the ground forces that were supposed to meet this R.D.A. and hopefully find a knew mining material for building their ships and weapons. But the thing that concerned him the most was the coordinates that he received from colonel Quaritch regarding the planets whereabouts they were past the edge of any known space the unsc had gone to. We'll just have to work this out when we get there resumed Fellson as he continued to think more on the up coming months of waiting before he'd be at "Pandora"

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