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Fred kept his back facing the building only slightly looking at the windows trying to see anything that could be a threat but nothing showed itself. When the two teams finally made their way to the side of the main building both teams looked at the door giving the best idea to operate it.

"looks like an older model hackable but we'd need power and i dont think we should wait out here any longer." reported the squad leader. "We could open it but once we break that lock until we can get it repaired we'd be open to intruders, air leaks, and if we re weld it were stuck in that base with limited air and whatever else is in there".

Fred looked around and checked his mission time realizing itd still be a solid 10 minutes till the power came on, "open the door Right now were exposed to everything this planet has to offer.

"Yes sir, marines i want that door open and pronto!"

Two marines one named alverez and the other a rookie pulled out a crowbar and a smaller fusion cutter, lighting the cutter and hold it to the door sparks began to fly as the cutter burnt through the door.d

"Two minutes sir".

Isaac watched his motion tracker and scanned the jungle with his enhanced eyes, looking for anything that could be a threat back and forth before settling on something blue.

It looked like a big blue berry mounted on an even bigger flower. Interesting, he thought.

"Thirty seconds sir." came a quick statement... "Doors cut, pop the door".

First two marines in covered the door and swept the small room for any threat. "Clear!"

Fred watching on at the jungle he tapped Isaac's shoulder twice signalling to head through the door after the rest of the marines. Fred slowly walked backwards still scanning til he got in the door before two marines pushed them back together placing motion detectors just on the inside of the door lips.

The second door was even easier to open only requiring a couple "light" punches from Fred before being pulled open along their tracks.

Fred then went over the team comm "Adrianna We're in the doors everything looks safe enough whats the time on that power ge-"

A slight hum began to sound just barely audible to everyone but the spartans.

The intercom crackled to life "Generators are on you should be all powered up all the systems seem to be normal. Its almost as if she was locked up and waiting to get turned back on."

"Thats exactly what Im worried about. Keep a sharp eye out for any other suspicious things I have a feeling that there's something in here that wants to play.

"Will do I'm heading over to rendezvous point Alpha I'll see you there, Adrianna out"

With the static of a longer distance comms gone silence filled the interior as each marine pair peered into any open door.

most were closed and locked but a good deal was open "Sir I found something!"

The team startled at first, started walking towards the door and were met with the site of a long hallway down to a parralell hallway this one lined with glass which all seemed fine but on the other side of the glass chemicals looked to have been spilled beakers and test tubes broken, computers cracked and at some points the found claw marks on the counters, likely the same species that left their tracks in the hallway. Even a few patches of dried up blood.

"Marines, keep your eyes open I feel we'll have a welcome party on down the hallway." Bellowed the squad

Quickly the troops got into position making four equal walls facing in all outward directions moving down the hall only a tad slower than before.

Fred noticed that even though the slight hum mean the generator was running the power never flicked on.

"Adrianna, theres no power over here. Try to pinpoint whats going wrong."

"on it."

With that Fred walked on eventually pulling two marines from the main squad and walked in a different direction.

Quietly a marine spoke up "what are we looking for?" Fred quietly walked on his heavy footfalls echoing around the hall

"I dont know..." With that the marines stopped only for a second to really figure out what that meant.

"Fred I found out whats going wrong. The main power line seems to be shorting out around a certain section its prohibiting all of the other sections from powering up.

I'm sending a schematic to your Hud if you can follow it to the source you should be able to return full power to the entire base."

"Thank you." Fred watched as he received the schematic and looked over it thinking of all the places that could be shorting out.

He finally noticed one thing going for him he quickly noticed the halls and according to the schematic the main power conduit ran along the middle of the floor.

But the more that h thought about it the more he realized hat the wires could've withered away if he were being completely honest with himself.

"Issac check all along the middle of the corridor for burn marks or anthi-

power surged up his foot in an instant his flesh felt like it was being melted off and by the time he realized it he was against a wall with two marines looking over him he heard noises blurbs mostly he suspected that he'd damaged his ears his arms were twitching uncontrollably his visor blurred for a minute he guessed that whatever hit him shut down a good part of his suit down his arms and legs feeling weighted down even with his twitching muscles his suit remained almost still but close enough eyes could see them moving slightly.

Darren quietly snuck into the newest set up lab that had recently appeared in his territory almost over night.

Something didn't seem right for it to be set up so quickly he hadn't heard anything over the makeshift radio he built, well nothing more than "They're almost here!".

So silently prone he watched the egg heads land the Sampson and run inside the lab. He for some reason felt it would be better to watch and wait then to just waltz up to them and introduce himself.

Fred got up slowly his armor reacting more and more to his movements finally his suit rebooted in front of him all the statistics running by his visor until the suit turned on fully. He got up and finally tuned in what the marines were saying "Sir you good? You took quite a hit from whatever hit you."

"Hah never knew a spartan could be thrown around like that John owes me ten credits for this one-"

Freds head snapped to the marine when he heard the name and watched for a second but looked away when he realized it wasn't the same John. He started walking back to where he was thrown from looking for any sign of what could've shut his armor off and threw him so easily.

"Maybe I shouldn't bring this up to anyone after all." Said the one marine to the other.

His visor scanning for anything that could've been set up Fred Finally saw something that made him smile.

"Adri, get down here i found your faulty wiring"

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