Memories flooded through my head as I came to. Memories of a pale orange sky, red grass, and a war I was too young to fight in; of my parents Michaelewaeg and Lynreedarnaea dragging me back to our TARDIS, because I had fought in the Time War to save their lives by taking my mother and father's places, of being hooked up to the chameleon arch along with my parents, so that Rassilon would not get his hands on me or my mother and attempt to use us as weapons, and finally, I remembered my true name, my given name (Hephzebia), my chosen name (Hope), and my battle name (the Hurricane). I opened my eyes to see my mother standing over me and holding out her hand to pull me up from where I was sprawled out on the floor. I took her hand as I stood up shakily and peered into her eyes. Instantly, I knew she had undergone a similar experience, as I felt her mind reaching out to give mine the mental equivalent of a hug. I bit my lip, nodded and returned her mental embrace. Our hearts ached as we realized that dad was gone for good as he had been on his final regeneration. I still wondered, "Mom, what became of Dad's brother, Theta?"

Docter's POV:

I was underneath the console, busy making repairs, when the TARDIS lunged to one side, throwing me across the room. "What's the matter old girl?" I asked my ship through our link, only to receive the mental equivalent of a smirk in response. Instantly I became aware of two familiar presences in my mind, one a royal purple, the other a deep shade of hyacinth blue. "What? What? What? B-B-But that-that's impossible! They died in the war! Didn't they?" the TARDIS only gave a self satisfied hum, as I got to my feet. "Well, be that way!" I told her. "But I'm not investigating! So there!" she responded to my outburst by landing with a thump and threw open her doors. I marched out of the TARDIS, screwdriver in hand, determined to prove Sexy wrong.

Hope's POV:

Mom had just finished telling how we were trapped in this dimension and that she had no idea what had happened to Uncle Theta (AKA, the Doctor) other than he must have been killed in the Time War when we both noticed a familiar royal blue presence in our minds as well as the wheezing sound of a TARDIS materializing with the breaks still on. "Will that man ever learn to drive?" my mother sighed as she covered her face with one hand. "Well, there's your answer, Hope."

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A/N: Just to be clear, the reason why Hope was chameleon arched with an hourglass as well as a fob watch and her mother needed only an hourglass was because Hope, her mother, and her grandmother are the last of the oldest, most powerful, longest-lived, and physically weakest race of Time Lords, the Tempani. Also known as the Time Fae, because of their golden wings made of artron energy that give them the ability to fly and their susceptibility to chronic health issues, they posses mental and psychic prowess far beyond the modern Time Lords, which you'll see in a few chapters or sooner if I'm in the mood. Also Hope and her mom and grand mom are the last of the royal family of the Tempani, the Temparens. While the average Tempani has about 50 regenerations, the Temparens have infinite or near infinite regenerations. Hope's father on the other hand, being the Doctor's youngest brother and most definitely the modern sort of Time Lord, had only 12. Also, this is an AU rewrite from here on out of season 3 on. I am a HUGE Doctor/Rose shipper, but, unless I can find a British beta, Rose won't make an appearance till season four at the earliest. Also I probably won't update until Tuesday because I'm going to be watching the marathon on BBCamerica and the 50th as well! I hope to see it in theaters as well on Monday as well so, bye! Oh by the by, drop me a review on your way out if you feel like it.