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A/N: I don't know about y'all but I both liked and hated the 50th. If my southern accent is coming out in writing, it's because I have a humongous tooth ache caused by a cavity that is going to have major dental surgery performed on it at some point in the next few weeks, so my dentist prescribed major pain meds to numb it until then. Sorry for grossing all of you out, but since I'm spending thanksgiving on said medication, I might not update till Monday at the earliest. Which is why I'm updating now. 'Kay, tirade over! On with the story!

Doctor's POV: I followed the two mental signatures which led into the house in front of me. I was about to whip out my sonic screwdriver the front door burst open and the apparent sources of the two signatures came barreling out. "Hi! Uncle Theta!" a southern voice greeted me, as its owner pulled me into a warm embrace. I struggled to extricate myself even as another, older southern accented women exclaimed, "Where were you, Theta Sigma, when your brother, my husband died? Where Were YOU?!" Immediately, recognition of the two mental presences dawned on me and I knew whom I was I was speaking with. "H-Hello, Hope! H-H-Hi Lyn! Long time no see! Uh, do you mind my asking, how are you alive?" "And could you two be any louder?!" I added mentally.

Hope's POV: My mother quickly explained that Rassilon had tried to use me as a weapon in the Time War, by luring me into thinking that my parents would be executed as traitors for refusing to fight in the war. My mom and dad had barely managed to rescue me, and drag me back to my mom's TARDIS, when I was shot by a Dalek forcing me to regenerate. I was barely out of my teens at the time, so my parents each gave me half of their remaining regenerations in order to reverse mine. They succeeded, but it came at a high cost; my father's health began a downward spiral that even his remaining regenerations couldn't cure. He eventually died for good, but before he did, he chameleon arched all three of us so the Lord President wouldn't be able to use me for any more nefarious purposes.

Doctor's POV: The whole time my sister-in-law was speaking, I found myself getter more and more furious! I finally interrupted by shouting, "How dare he? HOW DARE RASSILON EVEN ATTEMPT TO USE A CHILD TO FURTHER HIS PLANS! HOW DARE HE?!" I was quickly silenced by Lyn as she pointed to Hope who sat sobbing on the ground, murmuring over and over how this was all her fault. "It's not you're fault, Hope. If it's anyone's fault, it's mine, for not finding you three in time, and ending this war sooner." "But Uncle Theta-" Hope protested, but I quickly cut her off. "It's not your fault, it's mine." I then proceeded to tell them how I used the moment to time-lock Gallifrey and the Time War altogether.