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(Hope's POV)

Oh, great, just what I always wanted! Space rhinoceroses after anything non-human, that don't believe in due process of law, fantastic! I can't believe this, I'm actually starting to miss good old Lancaster, Lancaster, South Carolina, USA already! Anyway, moving right along, I suppose you're wondering what happened to Martha, weeeeeeeeeeeeeellll, after my Uncle Theta came up with the absolutely brilliant plan to kiss to kiss her full on the lips,(and my mom proceeded to give him the mental equivalent of a slap), I stuck out my tongue, pressed a finger to it, and placed the damp finger on Martha's cheek, who yelped about disgusting "Americans aliens" using language that doesn't bear repeating. (I should probably add that this was after the Judoon had scanned us and Martha finally believed us.) Which brings us to Florence the Plasmavore.

"Oh look I brought my little straw!" she crowed.

"Thaaaaaaaaaat's niiiice! How peachy! I always wanted to get my blood sucked by an vampire! Why not an alien one?"

"Sarcasm won't help you my dear, in fact you just made things worse for yourself!" Florence snarled as she set her straw in my neck and I blacked out.

I came to a few seconds later to discover Martha pounding on my back after helping my Mom and my Uncle by doing the same thing to them and proceeding to pass out herself.

time skip

"We owe her at least one trip after this fine mess" "WE?!" "Yes, you two, do. Hope you can go with your Uncle Theta to finish your education, if that's alright with him?" "Really? Please Uncle Theta, please, please, please let me go with you, please?" "Oh, alright. I suppose that's only fair!"he mentally chuckled. "But NO flying the TARDIS"I mentally scowled at him for a second and then agreed.

The Doctor flew the TARDIS to just outside the building where the party for Martha's brother was taking place. Just as Martha was walking out my uncle and I beckoned to her to follow us around the building.

After some small talk, she asked, "What species? I don't get to ask that every day."

"Time Lord"

"Temparen Tempani Time Lady"

"Right not pompous at all, but what's that other bit mean?"

I quickly changed my tattoo back into my wings and unfurled them. I also shifted my ears back to their normal pointed form. I decided to speak quickly before she passed out due to shock.

"It basically means I'm High Queen of the Time Fae, the leader of the oldest race of Time Lords."

"You're a f-fairy!" Martha stuttered.

"Is that a problem?"


"You uh, want to come with us, as I don't know, a thanks for saving our lives or something?"

"That's my line!"

"Sure I'd love to, but won't we be a bit cramped?"

My uncle ushered her inside and I'll skip the part where she made us prove it was really a time and space machine and the whole "bigger on the inside" part and just skip to the part where she joined us and made me promise not to wipe spittle on her ever again.