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"Cato!" I call to him as he strolls down the hallway looking 'oh so cool'.

"Yes Cloveling?" He asks smirking.

"You wash your hands after you've been to the toilet don't you?" I smile.

"Well, sometimes." He says guiltily.

"Eew gross! Anyway, you do wash your hands with soap though right?" I ask.

"No?" He says.

"Oh. My. God. Boys are so unsanitary! I can't take it anymore." I sigh as I hand him a bag of hand soaps.

"And what's this?" He asks.

"This, is your next dare, because I dare you to be a soap seller and I want you to walk up to people and smile, do you want any hand soap?" I grin at him.

"Okay then." He sighs as he slumps off.


I spot a cute sweet freshman walking down the hall alone, I think her name is Seeder?

"Hi?" She asks nervously as I stroke a bar of hand soap.

"Would you like some hand soap?" I ask rubbing it against my face.

"Erm . . . No?" She says and with that she walks off. Rude and disrespectful.

I come across a lonely sophomore, Maysilee and pull her to the side too. "Would you like some hand soap?" I ask with a creeper face still stroking the bar of soap in my hands.

"Are you high?" She asks.

"Nooooo . . . I just wanted to know if you were a sanitary person and would like to buy some soap." I gleam.

"Why?" She questions.

"Why? Why? I'll tell you why. Our hand soap is your best friend, not only is it portable but you'll never have to be dirty again! Oh no! You just got dumped in a slodge of mud and you're covered, never fear! Just whip out your hand soap and you'll be good to go! With our hand soap never be lonely again! You can play catch, you can hug it when you're lonely and even talk to it when you're bored! Soap only available from Cato, for terms and conditions please ask Cato, if you're wandering what scent it is you're screwed because Cato has no idea!" I beam pulling my best commercial face.

"You are high!" She shouts as she walks away causing the rest of the sophomores to turn in our direction.

"Heyy, everybody, I am so not high. But would you like some hand soap? It's super soft and cleans you right away!" I say.

Then they all start whispering to each other, not really sure what that means but I'm going to get out of here, I think as I sprint down the hallway and continue with my sales!


"Heyy Johanna." I smile as she skids to a halt infront of me.

"Whaddup BFG?" She smiles.

"This." I grin handing her a bag consisting of; a feather boa, a plastic tiara and a little kids makeup set.

"And what is this?" She asks.

"This, is all the supplies you need for my next dare!" I beam.

"Which is?" She asks.

"Oh, right, yeah, I dare you to dress up in this and do your makeup really bad and act like a little girl playing dress up!" I say.

"But I HATE dressing up!" She huffs.

"That's what you get for making me dress up like a fucking elf! And showing Clove the picture of her that I had in my locker, that was only there because . . . Well just because, but now she thinks I'm weird." I rant.

"Aww, has someone got the lovebug?" She pouts.

"Whatever, just go and do your dare." I say.


I look like an idiot, feather boa and a crown, really? I also did my make up bad like he said and I look like the bloody joker! I smeared red lipstick all round my lips and stripes blue eyeshadow all across my eyes.

I step out of the bathroom and crash into Gale, "Dude, you look like an idiot!" He smiles at me.

"I can't talk when I play dress up, I'm the princess I way too important for you!" I say in my best, high pitch, three year old voice.

"Okay then princess." He smiles as he walks off. My stomach starts to flutter as he walks away, could I . . .? No way! That's the three year old princess talking surely, one too many cups of tea at the tea party that's all.

I then encounter Marvel and he looks at me funny, "Are you a clown or a princess? Haha, you can be a clown princess haha I can call you princess clown!" He grins, impresses by his joke. That makes one of us!

"Don't push it beano," I growl in my normal voice but then remember to be a princess.

"I'm sorry I don't know where that came from, what a naughty princess, I have to go rule the kingdom now though, bye!" I say giggling like a child as I walk away.

A teeny freshman comes up to me then,"Why are you dressed like that, you look like an idiot." He laughs.

"Oh yeah well you look like an elf but I'm not saying anything about it." I growl.

"Yeah but you look really dumb." He says.

"Okay, you know what Shortstock? How bout you shut up!" I say showing past him.

My? Abuse from a freshman? What's next?

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