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Marcus groans as he climbs out of the pile of debris. He clutches his head gently with left hand as he tries to look for a way out. He squints and looks around the poorly lit lab.

Once home, now a dump thanks to those annoying bionic cousins of his, and Leo. The thought of the good guys winning this battle annoys him to no end. Made him look like a jerk which he absolutely hated.

He clumsily walks over to a computer. He hopes it still works so he can try to find his father. He hopes Dad is alive. He had to be. Dad is all he had left in this world.

As he goes to try to communicate with his father, he sees something very surprising. His hand, his right hand was completely made of metal. His eyes widen and he quickly tries to look for a mirror.

Marcus goes to the bathroom, which was surprisingly intact. He sees himself in the full-length mirror across the small room because Dad and he both liked to practice their facial expressions. It is not weird at all. He sees his face is still intact with just some blood coming from his forehead from scraps. He notices bruises in all over his dusty body. He also sees his metallic arm that was gripping the mirror so tightly that he saw the glass breaking under his hand. His nice, cool clothes are torn and ripped, completely covered in dust as well as his brown hair. His hair to his complete horror is dusty and sticking out in all directions. He gaps at how uncool he looks. Oh those cousins of his are going to pay for this!

He is surprised to see that the boy in the mirror has frightened eyes. He is never scared. He is brave and powerful bionic being. A human being. He glances at his hand and observes it. He blinks as he realizes that Dad never told him he is a robot. His father, the only one that really knows him and loves him, lied to him his entire life. He blinks as he feels tears threaten to spill and thinks that if he is a robot then he should not feel anything. He is just a weapon used by his dad for revenge for Donald ruining his life and his possible success at gaining a ton of money. That is…or rather was his purpose. His father probably sees him as a failure and has now left him. He cannot believe it. His whole life is over in less than a day.

He slowly backs away from the mirror. He hits a pile of debris and slides down to the floor. His entire body aches so much that it hurt to stand up much longer. He ignores the fact he is getting himself more dirty. His heartache hurts so much than his injures and pride. Marcus closes his eyes and hopes to dream of a place where his father did not lie to him, where they are both happy, where he is a bionic being. It is so better than this reality.

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