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Few months later:

Marcus groans as sunlight is cast across his face. He had forgotten to close the curtains again. Honestly it wasn't his fault. He just likes seeing the stars and moon. He got a telescope from Mr. Davenport as a welcome home present.

He enjoys seeing the outdoors so when he was allowed (under satellite and camera surveillance), he would go reminds him that he is does not have to be in the basement anymore. No recharging his batteries. No nagging about his acting.

Being outside also helps the tension between him the rest of the Davenports.

Even with the months that have gone by, Marcus still felt a bit awkward to the rest of them. They were not hostile or cold towards him. Just...really uneasy having someone like him around. He could relate that he does not exactly have clean past but he is trying. He is hoping that they will finally come to accept. He did not want their pity of how Douglas abandoned him.

He wants to start over with a clean slate but it is hard when everyone else is there giving him uneasy looks for a while. Well, except for Adam.

It took a while to gain his trust as he had not forgotten how he tried to...hurt Leo but eventually forgave him seeing how bad Douglas was. It helped that Marcus will help eat junk food. Being completely human, allowed him to get a new perspective in that he could fully enjoy sweets and other foods.

Bree and Chase was on good terms with him or as good as they will get. They will help each other out in chores, homework and other things. But they were not exactly friends as they would not exchange any real conversations. They would just tolerate each others presence more so on their behalf. He does not find them.

Leo and Tasha are another story. It is apparent that Tasha normally ran the house as she was more mature than her husband on some matters. She did not fully trust him near her children. Usually Mr. Davenport would go along with it but this time he put his foot down. He told her that how awful his brother was to him and that he just needed a good role model. As a mother, Tasha could not turn away a scared child. She and Marcus were now trying to get used to each other's presence. Leo managed to cool down on the surveillance, seeing how Marcus had not caused much trouble...yet as he likes to remind others.

Mr. Davenport was probably was closest to a real friend he had which to him is ironic. He is probably the one person who could understand the situation he was in having seen his brother's descent to madness. He is also a father and a husband so that meant he is skilled at listening at times when it appropriate. He is the one that Marcus felt like he was part of the family.

He, after all, did a decent job on raising his other kids (not that he will actually say this to his face, if there was one thing those brothers had in common besides the weird hairstyles was that they had massive egos.) He is the one person Marcus fully trusted. Mr. Davenport allowed him into his home and trusted him around his family. On his part, he made to to spend time with him when he could without spending too much that would make the rest feel like he was hogging him. They would spend some time together on the interesting inventions he was creating as have fun goofing off. Mr. Davenport is the mix of a parent and child. He is the one reason he decided to remain to be called Marcus Davenport.

He gets up as he gets ready to go to school. He asked Mr. Davenport for a new identity as he did not want anything to with his old life. He wanted to get rid of all of it so he can start completely . Davenport had asked him if he wanted a new last name. That he kept because he needed to keep that part of him as a reminder of Douglas Davenport.

He decides to get a head start to avoid anymore visual contact with them so he quickly left the house. He puts on his headphones and turns on his ipod.

Which explains why he did not realize something coming towards him before he blacked out.

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