A/N: Established Swan Queen. Assume Henry is with the Charmings for the evening. All mistakes are my own. This is a fluffy SQ piece that popped into my head as I was thinking about lingerie the other day – may result into a series of loosely connected one-shots, we shall see. Thank you for reading!

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Part One – Red

Regina Mills stands in front of her mirror, smoothing out the nearly nonexistent wrinkles in the fabric of her red dress. Her equally red lips quirk into a self-satisfied smirk as she critically evaluates her appearance. Desire and impatience surges through her body like the rush of an angry river as she anxiously tips a glass of her favorite alcoholic cider into her mouth, allowing the cool liquid soothe her nerves.

A knock at the door startles her and she swears at herself silently as the fragile tumbler almost slips from her fingers. She sets the glass down on the counter and moves to answer the door. Her heels clack purposefully as she strides across the living room, excitement suddenly blooming in her stomach. There is only one person in this godforsaken town who would be pounding on her door in such a vigorous manner at 11:20 in the evening, with no regard for who might be sleeping inside.

"Hello, dear," she greets in a low voice as the door swings open to reveal her guest.

"Good, you're still awake. I am so sorry," apologizes Emma Swan as she crosses the threshold into the mayoral mansion. "I know we had plans tonight but Ler – oomph." The blonde's apologies are halted as Regina's pointer finger presses firmly against her lips to stop the chatter.

"It's fine," the former queen says, holding up her other hand in a gesture meant to silence the woman. "I am sure I don't need to hear the details of whatever drunken debacle Leroy managed to get himself into this evening."

"Yeah," Emma says awkwardly, shuffling in place with her hands shoved into the pockets of her trademark red leather jacket. Regina removes her finger from the blonde's mouth and brings it to hand to rest at her side. The movement draws Emma's eyes toward the mayor, her eyes darkening with lust as she takes note of Regina's provocative attire. The sheriff allows her eyes to trail up the bare skin of Regina's legs, tripping over the soft swell of her curved hips and finally coming to rest at the bright red fabric stretched tightly across chest.

Emma's eyes flick between Regina's eyes and chest and she seems unwilling – or unable – to fully tear her gaze away from the soft rise-and-fall of the mayor's breasts. Finally, Emma forces herself to focus on the deep brown of Regina's eyes, smiling in embarrassment as one of the brunette's sculpted eyebrows rises in amusement.

"Sorry," she apologizes again. "You look really – I mean, just – you look so nice," she finishes lamely. "Really pretty," she corrects herself, lips curving upwards into a shy smile.

"Thank you," Regina replies in a throaty whisper.

"And," Emma continues, stepping forward slightly to rest her hands along the curves of the mayor's hips, "I'm really, really sorry I had to cancel our date at the last minute. I hate this stupid town sometimes," she grumbles distractedly, her eyes focused on the way the material of Regina's dress pulls seductively across her attractive, tempting body.

"It's quite alright, dear," murmurs Regina, allowing her own gaze to take in the way Emma's simple white tank top molds to her muscular body like a second skin.

"So, what did you have planned for us tonight?" Emma asks flirtatiously, grazing her fingers softly up Regina's sides. She smiles widely when Regina's mouth opens slightly and a breath of air escapes unwillingly through her parted lips. The dark-haired woman barely suppresses a light moan when Emma's nails scrape lightly against the soft, red fabric that stretches over her ribs.

"I was going to cook for us," Regina says softly, wrapping her arms around Emma's waist, allowing her hands to slowly slide underneath the buttery material of her leather jacket. "Orecchiette pasta with pancetta and goat cheese."

Emma tugs Regina closer as a small groan slips from her lips. "I am going to kill Leroy," she says with a scowl. Regina laughs and Emma has to close her eyes against the seductive assault of the husky sound mixed with the faint scent of the brunette's mint toothpaste.

"Don't worry, dear," Regina says with a smirk. "Luckily, you made it just in time for dessert." Before Emma can process her meaning, Regina's smooth, red lips are pressing firmly against her own. Emma's fingers slide to Regina's back, tugging her closer and digging her fingers into her body. The former queen takes several steps backwards, bringing the blonde with her, and Emma takes a brief moment to admire Regina's agility despite the 4-inch red heels adorning her feet. The women hit the base of the stairs and Regina lets out a deep, guttural moan as Emma presses her roughly into the wall.

For several long moments, the only sound Emma hears are the groans of appreciation Regina makes as Emma bites at her painted lips and sucks her tongue inside her mouth. Regina slides her hands up Emma's back to her shoulders, pushing the red jacket down her arms and onto the expensive wooden floor. They stumble gracelessly up the stairs with Regina quickly divesting Emma's clothes along the way. When they reach the top of the staircase Emma's torso is completely bare, her white tank top and bra scattered haphazardly somewhere along the steps, along with Regina's spiked shoes. Emma lets a moan escape from deep within her throat as her sensitive nipples scrape against the enticing fabric still covering Regina's body. As they reach the threshold of the master bedroom, Emma spins Regina around and presses her hard against the closest wall, grasping her hips from behind and moulding her taut body tight against Regina's backside.

Regina cries out as Emma's teeth graze over the soft skin of her neck, causing the blonde to pause and lavish attention on the spot where Regina's shoulders and neck come together. Sucking sharply at the delicate skin, Emma slides her hands around to Regina's stomach and up towards her breasts. The sheriff scrapes her nails lightly over the inviting swells of flesh straining against the woman's dress and revels in the quiet whimpers coming from Regina's mouth.

With her lower half pressed completely against the brunette's body, Emma brushes Regina's dark hair over one shoulder. She uses her nimble fingers to grasp the zipper of Regina's dress and slowly glide it down her back, revealing the delicate lace of the bra waiting beneath silky fabric. Emma presses a kiss to the back of Regina's neck and slips the sleeves of the dress down her arms, staring in awe at the thin, red lace that seems almost painted across smooth olive skin.

Regina uses Emma's sudden distraction to twist her body around, pressing her midsection firmly against Emma's naked torso. The sleeves of her dress catch in the curves of her elbows and the fabric bunches slightly under her bust, allowing Emma a full view of the indecent garment barely covering Regina's breasts. Emma's wandering hands come to a sudden halt, resting firmly against Regina's ribcage.

"You – this – wow," Emma stutters stupidly, tripping over her words as she takes in Regina's heaving chest. Her breasts are straining against the confines of the flimsy lace and Emma can just barely make out the outline of Regina's dark nipples pressing against the confining material.

Regina smiles wickedly and captures Emma's mouth in an aggressive kiss. It's all teeth, tongue, and lips, and it's not long before she guides the blonde's hand down her body to remove the rest of her clothing. The women clumsily make their way to the bed, separating their mouths just long enough for Regina to shove Emma backwards onto the mattress. She slides her body over the blonde's, pressing her lower half against the woman's core and straddling her hips tightly. Emma's hands slide up the bare, smooth expanse of Regina's back and she growls appreciatively when her fingers deftly unhook the clasp of the mayor's bra.

"You look so good in red," Emma murmurs against Regina's skin, kissing and licking her way along the olive-skinned collarbone. Regina lets out a low, appreciative moan as the blonde sucks on a particularly sensitive patch of skin, and then slides her hands slowly over Emma's bare chest. Her fingers gently massage the sheriff's breasts, eliciting deep moans from the woman writhing beneath her. She briefly pinches Emma's tight nipples in both hands before sliding her body down so she can wrap her mouth around the left breast. One hand continues to massage Emma's right breast, fingers rolling and gently twisting the nipple as her other hand skims down her muscular stomach. Her tongue continues to work against Emma's hypersensitive skin even as her left hand is unfastening the button of the blonde's skintight jeans.

"Oh, God," Emma moans deeply when Regina's teeth nip lightly at her skin. She finally slides the straps of Regina's bra down her arms, forcefully pulling her lover's hands off her so as to fully remove the garment from the brunette's body. Regina lowers her mouth to Emma's, pulling the blonde's lower lip into her mouth and sucking roughly at tender swell of skin. Emma's fingers dig sharply into Regina's back, causing the woman above her to groan deeply against her lips.

"We needs to get these off," Regina says, smiling predatorily as she slides the zipper of Emma's jeans all the way down. She releases Emma's lip with a soft bite and slides her body down until her face is pressed against the blonde's stomach. Regina tenderly presses kisses to Emma's abs before darting her tongue inside her bellybutton, drawing out another moan from the blonde. Her fingers grip the rough material of Emma's jeans and she pulls and tugs until they finally slide off the blonde's lithe, toned body.

"Regina," Emma pants, gripping her hands tightly into the mayor's mussed tendrils as the woman above her places soft kisses to her inner thigh. Regina allows her teeth to graze and nip a trail up each one of Emma's legs until she reaches her sensitive core. She exhales a hot breath of air against Emma's silky white panties, taking pleasure in the blonde's impatient sighs. "Regina," Emma grumbles again, "please."

"Patience, dear," Regina chuckles throatily, pressing her tongue against the soaking material of Emma's underwear. She sucks lightly at damp fabric before scraping her fingers down Emma's hips and removing the final piece of clothing from her body completely.

"Please don't make me beg," Emma gasps, tightening her grip against Regina's scalp when she feels her tongue lightly tease her sensitive bundle of nerves.

"I wouldn't dream of it, dear," Regina says before thrusting her tongue deep inside Emma's wet core. Her tongue works slowly and methodically as her hands alternate between twisting Emma's nipples and playing with her clit, applying pressure to the blonde's most sensitive areas. Emma's back arches against her will as Regina's hot tongue slides in and out of her body, educing incoherent moans from the blonde's lips. In a brief moment of strength, Emma finds the ability to tug Regina's arms hard enough to bring the brunette up her body.

"You," Emma begins, stopping to kiss Regina's moist lips, "are amazing." With that, Emma uses her hands to encourage Regina to twist her body overtop hers, back to headboard, gripping her strong thighs and lowering Regina's core down to her mouth. She sucks hard against the barely-there lace covering her lover's mound, the wetness of the fabric making it appear maroon instead of red. Regina responds in kind, kissing her way down the blonde's stomach and briefly stopping to glide her tongue along the tops of Emma's thighs before sucking her clit forcefully into her mouth. Emma bows her back upward, sliding Regina's panties forcefully down her legs, leaving deep scratch marks in her wake while simultaneously biting and sucking the smooth skin just above Regina's clit.

"Christ," Regina swears into Emma's body as the blonde vigorously glides her tongue against Regina's most sensitive skin. The blonde's relentless sucking cause jolts of pleasure to shoot through Regina's body, exploding almost painfully at her center with each swipe of Emma's unrelenting tongue.

Encouraged by her lover's rasping, throaty swears, Emma applies more pressure to Regina's core, alternating between nipping and sucking until she can feel the body above her begin to thrust rhythmically against her tongue. Her own body drives upward against Regina's tongue, their hips moving in tandem as the women lick and suck each other into a pleasurable frenzy.

Regina's thighs suddenly clench tightly against Emma's body and her fingers grip sharply into the blonde's legs. Emma cries out loudly when Regina's nails dig into her skin, causing her to grip her own fingers harshly into the back of Regina's thighs as the brunette's tongue applies unyielding pressure against her clit.

Regina moans darkly as she thrusts her hips down to ride Emma's tongue, the sound reverberating through Emma's core and catching the blonde off-guard. Feeling a familiar tightening low in her abdomen, Emma sucks sharply at Regina's core, the pleasure unfurling and spreading through her insides like smoke curling away from a fireplace. Sweat pools between the women's bodies as their hips slide forcefully against the wet heat of their tongues. Each woman screams out the other's name as their white-hot orgasms finally course through their bodies, fingers sliding over slick skin as the sounds of their thrusts slow.

Regina slides her sated body off Emma's and comes to rest next to her, her body tingling and quivering with the aftershocks of her powerful climax. Emma slings her arms exhaustedly over Regina's legs, patting her thighs appreciatively. Regina pushes her hands through her own hair, coming to rest against her scalp as she tries to catch her breath. Emma's sudden laughter causes Regina to push her weary body up by her elbows, wanting to catch a glimpse of the blonde's smiling face.

"What's so funny, dear?" Regina asks breathlessly, struggling to keep her eyes open. The aftershocks have slowed and now all she feels is a thrum of contented pleasure humming throughout her entire body. Complete sated, she wants nothing more than to give into the sleep threatening to overtake her mind.

"You – that - .. wow." Emma says, letting her head fall back against the former queen's plush, comfortable pillow.

Smirking, Regina slowly drags her body upward and tosses her hair over her shoulder, resting her head heavily against the damp skin of Emma's shoulder. Throwing her hand across Emma's stomach, Regina smiles into the blonde's neck when she feels Emma's arm tug her snugly against her body. "Eloquent as always, darling," she says playfully.

"You make me that way," Emma says nonsensically to Regina, her eyes already shutting as she struggles to hold onto the last vestiges of consciousness. "You and that red lace."

"You make me that way, too," Regina sighs softly, before allowing sleep to claim her weary, satiated body and pull her into peaceful slumber alongside her blonde lover.