When they came to his door Greg's heart landed in throat.

They argued and of course Sherlock was woken up in the heat of Sally's shouting. Greg kept the child pressed close to him, the boy even grabbed his finger when Sally accused him of having the knight under his influence. They weren't bonded, but Sherlock's fear was thick in the air. Greg gave him a reassuring squeeze.

Yoda came forward to take Sherlock into the next room.

After rapping Greg on the buttocks with his cane.

The knight watched them go apprehensively.

Sally was on him in an instant. "What are you thinking, hundark?"

Greg narrowed his eyes at her, he tapped his boots on the floor. "He's only a little boy. How can have such hatred for a child?"

"He is a Sith's little boy." Sally hissed. Greg took a small step forward, his brown eyes pierced through Sally's green. Dooku stepped between the knights menacingly.

"Your master would be so disappointed with you." Dooku said quietly.

"I think I shall survive." Greg hissed coldly. He watched his bedroom door closely. He could not sense anything bad happening, but Sherlock was still scared.

"He will never be your learner." Sally said violently.

"I wasn't aware you could see into the future, Donavan."

Dooku sighed heavily and placed his hand on Greg's strong shoulder. The pressure was unwelcomingly tight. "Is this rebellion against your master, child?"

"I am hardly a child, Master." Greg exhaled heavily. He ran his fingers through his silver hair, his eyes wondered back to the door that hid the child. "And rebellion is not the Jedi way. I genuinely worry for the kid. He's only a little boy really."

"You must understand why he cannot stay with you." Dooku insisted.

"I understand why you feel I should not keep him, but I cannot see a true reason why." The knight steeled his voice. His bedroom door reopened itself and Yoda tottered out, followed closely by a chained Sherlock. Greg nearly vomited at the sight. "Sherlock?" The knight was struck dumb with hurt.

How could Master Yoda chain a frightened child?

Sherlock visibly trembled and would not meet the young knight's eyes. He took a few seconds to compose himself before forcing his gaze upward. His lower lip trembled. "Don't be stupid." The boy muttered through clenched teeth. "You knew it wouldn't work. I'm a Sith, remember? You're a Jedi. Even if I wanted to I couldn't change to the light." Sherlock was crying miserably.

Greg knelt in front of the little boy. "Sherlock, look at me. You can change to the light, you are not dark. You are no Sith, there isn't dark in your heart. You were lonely, not dark." Greg caught the child's chin. "I could feel it, you were lonely." He had never been so sure of anything. The boy was alone, alone and frightened. He held the child's chin firmly.

Sherlock's small hands took Greg's, they boy held on to him tightly. "May I keep your robe, Master? Please?" The child was shivering in anticipation of his cold cell. Greg nodded as though there were a knife in his heart. Sherlock sniffled as he passed over his reed pipes to the young knight. The only item he had ever owned.

Lestrade did not raise from knees as Sherlock was lead out. He doubled over, grabbing his stomach as the door slide shut. He desperately wanted to chase the boy down and bring him home.

He whipped around as the door reopened. Qui Gon stood in the door way, his frown lines were prominent across his brow. The tall knight rested his hands on his hip, Lestrade rose from his knees.


"Don't, Qui. Don't tell me he is a kriffing Sith, don't tell me I am wrong." Lestrade hissed. Qui Gon's grey eyes narrowed.

"I was going to tell you to calm yourself." Qui Gon grabbed Greg's shoulders and shook the younger man. "Master Yoda is aware of the child's behavior, he is aware of the lack of darkness in his heart." Qui Gon's words became soft.

"Then why must they torture him with such fear? He is only a boy. A kid."

"A Jedi." Qui Gon reassured him. "A strong Jedi."

"A little boy. A frightened ten year old in a cold cell." Greg said bitterly.

"It is a test. One both of you will have to endure."

"I will not let him sit in the cell alone." Greg shoved pass the older man, but was stopped by a strong grip on his arm. Qui Gon squeezed his friend's bicep tightly.

"Greggy, you cannot go to him. It is a test the council must conduct."

"Let go of me, Qui Gon Jinn."

"Greg, I will hold you down all night if I have to. They will release him as soon as he proves to be pure."

"Released to me. He will be my padawan." Greg pulled his arm from the vice grip.

"If you stay here for the night."

"And Sherlock will remain alone and feeling abandoned. Let me go to him." Greg pleaded.

"I will stay with you the night." Qui Gon sat in a rocking chair with his hands perched under his chin. "You may kneel at my feet if you feel necessary." The older man teased.

"This hardly the time for jokes, Qui."

"Forgive me."


Sherlock pulled Mr. Lestrade's cloak tighter around him.

He knew it had been too good to be true. Sherlock was a Sith, they didn't have happy endings. At least Mr. Lestrade was safe, Sherlock curled tighter in a ball. His binders hurt his broken wrist, the boy whimpered.

The guard had snickered at him from outside the cell. Sherlock wanted to throw something at the older boy, but kept silent. He didn't want to anger the Jedi and cause them to hurt Mr. Lestrade.

Sherlock trembled.

Tomorrow they would surely execute him.


Qui Gon had to pin him against a wall.

Greg struggled beneath the larger man as they told Sherlock he was to be killed. Qui Gon covered his mouth as the younger knight began to speak. Greg was very successfully immobile against the marble wall of the council's meeting area. But he managed to break two of his friend's fingers on the way to being pinned.

He's scared! Greg blasted through Qui Gon's mind shields.

Be still.

Damn you!

He watched Sherlock kneel bravely at Yoda's feet and renewed his struggles. He silently pleaded with Qui Gon to release him, but the older knight gave him nothing. Greg forced himself to relax, Qui Gon's grip slackened as he felt the younger man yield. Greg managed to free his arms from his friend's loosened grip. He stomped on the taller man's foot as he stalked pass.

Yoda announced the child would have a master of the light side.

Sherlock's dark head shot up quickly at the words. Greg's heart nearly broke at the doubtful look in the boy's face. Sherlock asked the grandmaster if he was being truthful.

"Doubt me, you do?"

Sherlock shook his head fiercely. The boy claimed it was an honor he didn't deserve.

Sally agreed with him.

Sherlock's shoulders slumped forward in guilty submission, his played with his fingertips nervously. Greg felt a lump grow in his throat as he laid a warm palm on Sherlock's scrawny shoulder, to his great surprise Sherlock nuzzled him. He shot Sally a nasty look.

"You are mine now, Curly. And you owe me laps for going back to your cell and not informing me of your choices."

The child nodded, tears flowing faster. "Yes, Master."

Yoda informed the boy he would still be questioned about his former master. Sherlock let out a strangled "yes". Lestrade massaged the back of the child's neck as the council was dismissed.

Qui Gon informed his fellow knight that he had every intention of being his sparring partner for the next few weeks. Greg grinned in anticipation. "Of course, Master Jinn. Do say hello to Molly for me when you go to the healer's bay."

Qui Gon scowled.

Greg grinned triumphantly as the taller knight strode away with a dramatic swish of his cloak. He made to look down at his new apprentice when the boy launched himself into Greg's arms. "Oh, Sherlock." He muttered softly.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry." The boy was inconsolable. Greg stroked through the black curls softly, Sherlock leaned into his palm affectionately. Greg pulled the child against his shoulder tightly.

"Master, there are others. Other children I mean, younger than me. The proper training age for Jedi. If I give The Order their location can they save them too? My friend Rica, she's only eight." The new padawan babbled.

"I will petition for it immediately, Curly." He ran his fingers around the little boy's ear and rubbed it between his thumb and index finger. Sherlock nuzzled the hand affectionately.

"Master, why am I allowed to be a Jedi? Aren't I too old?" Sherlock hiccupped.

"Sherlock you have already been trained in the art of the Force, now with proper guidance you will make a great Jedi." Greg knelt in front of Sherlock slowly and caught his chin. "And I am honored that you find me interesting enough to be your master."

Sherlock nodded. "Barely."


"Yes, Master."


Sherlock was so floored by the idea of sleeping in an actual bed it broke Greg's heart.

The boy examined every part of the spare bed thoroughly. He sat on it, lay on it, bounced a bit, Greg smiled as Sherlock began to sniff the corners experimentally. The boy's smile grew. "There's no feces or anything on here." He threw himself back onto the bed happily.

Greg grimaced. "Course there isn't. It's a bed, Sherlock. Not a toilet."

"Well how would I know?" Sherlock asked innocently. He burrowed himself under the covers and wiggled his toes. He was dressed in an old tunic of Greg's that was far too big, but perfect for pajamas. The boy insisted he try Greg's bed to see if it contained the same warmth under each covers. Sherlock laid his dark head on Greg's pillows. "Yours is squishier!"

"Curly." The elder chuckled. "Yours is new, it will learn to form around you."

Sherlock's eyes widened. He darted back to his room and began taking measurements of the dent in the mattress. Greg heaved the boy onto the bed and plopped him in the middle.

"Sleep." He commanded firmly.

"Not tired." The protest was followed with a yawn. Greg quirked an eyebrow.

Sherlock smiled slightly, he glanced down at his bandaged bare feet thoughtfully. He again wiggled his toes slightly. "I have never slept in a bed before." He said nervously.

"As a baby you…" Greg tried lightly.

"No. I slept with my mother. Bastards don't get beds." Sherlock said with no emotion. He looked at Greg almost pleadingly and the tall knight understood instantly.

"Well since you are a rookie," the Jedi plucked the child off the new bed and carried him into the other room, "why don't you stay with me tonight?"

"Only tonight." Sherlock said firmly. "I'm not a child.

"I know." Greg stroked the boy's hair gently. He threw his new padawan onto the bed carefully, delighting in Sherlock's soft giggling. The knight laid down beside the little boy and felt the soft head lay on his bicep. Sherlock smelt of soap and clean water. He had been absolutely enthralled at having a bath.

Sherlock curled into Lestrade's side and yawned. "It's warm."



The Jedi observed the small boy, who began falling asleep on his new master's arm.

The child had never slept in a bed before?

He stroked Sherlock's dark curls softly, the boy's eyelids fluttered and fell. He gently prodded the child's mind, Sherlock immediately tightened his mind shields, Greg withdrew swiftly. Sherlock's nose scrunched, but he remained sleeping.

Greg let out a soft sigh and pulled the boy closer to him. "Oh Sherlock." He muttered. He didn't understand how anyone could harm a child, let alone Sherlock. The boy grimaced as he lay on his back, he corrected it by rolling back onto his side. Greg's heart was softened.

Sherlock's mouth opened as he at last allowed himself to relax. His master's arms tightened around him.

Greg frowned as he realized Sherlock was a child who would rarely let himself be held again.