It's been so long since I last wrote Joan/ Arthur and I'm trying to do nanowrimo this month so I should have been working on that instead of this; but the plot bunny wouldn't let me not write it so I did. As always; I only own the plot and therefore I make no money because the characters are not mine, you know the deal.

Joan smiled softly as she rolled over and buried her face in the side of the man beside her; she breathed deeply letting his scent consume her.

"What's wrong?" He murmured to the woman beside him his fingers linked with hers.

"Nothing" She replied smiling gently as she looked up at him, "Just thinking how lucky we are" she added.

Arthur pondered the comment for a moment as he looked above them both to the night sky, the ground under the picnic rug they were on hard but something he was willing to endure to be able to watch the stars in the night sky with her.

"We are pretty lucky" He agreed his fingers gently tracing across her forehead playing with her hair.

"You okay there?" She questioned, her voice full of humour.

Arthur smirked as he rolled over on his side to face her; propping himself up on his elbow to look at her.

"I've never been better" he replied. his fingers playing with her hair again.

Joan raised an eyebrow but stayed silent as she reached up to touch his face, the past months had been a roller coaster for the both of them and she was just happy they'd both come out of it alive and well.

"You know." He started; prompting her to raise her other brow, the comment 'No, I don't know' on the tip of her tongue but she stopped herself and waited for him to continue. "I love you" he continued his hand reaching over to touch her raised stomach, "You two are the most important things in my life" he finally finished.

Joan stared at him; her lips twisting into a smile as she sat up leaving him still lying on his side. "You're going to make me cry" she said, her upper lip threatening to tremble. "But" she said holding up a hand in a halting motion as she rubbed her other one across her stomach. "I love you and so does the little guy in here" she said smiling widely at him, "And I am so glad you're here for us"she finished leaning down to kiss him softly his hand creeping up her back and gently clutching the back of her hair.

"We're outside" she gasped as they broke apart causing him to chuckle.

"Wouldn't be the first time"he commented causing her to glare at him in warning as if to prevent him from saying anything about that particular charade the two had been involved in back when they were undercover together. "Okay. duly noted. I won't mention it again" he said winking and she knew that a fair percentage of what he had just said was bull. duly noted yes, him abiding by it? that wasn't likely in her experience.

"We could go inside" she suggested, her lips forming a smile.

Arthur thought about it for a moment. his eyes flicking up the sky they'd spent the night looking at. "It is late"he commented causing her to laugh,the time on her watch read ten thirty at night. "We should go inside"he finally said grinning.

Joan shook her head at him as she stood and picked up the picnic blanket. "Come on; let's go insideā€¦ now" She said as they both walked towards the front door, his hand linked with hers as he trailed a step behind her.

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