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This is my first ever fic, I hope you like it.

Prologue-The Amulet

To say Binx was nervous was an understatement. The black tomcat felt like how he did right before he'd get hit with a bus-sick, queasy, almost as bad as when the Sanderson sisters first transformed him into a cat.

He had read before in the book that he could make an amulet to somewhat suppress his curse, even if it could never completely suppress it and if he took it off or the sisters came back, any affects it had had would immediately be undone.

The cat swallowed hard. This should help- he could be human again as long as he wore the amulet, with side affects of course, but still human again. And couldn't he protect the black flame candle and Winifred's spell book easier as a human.

It's still magic, look what magic did to you. Look what it did to Emily! If Binx could cry, his eyes would've welled up with tears at the thought of his sister, but cats couldn't cry, and that's what he was: a cat.

I deserve this, Thackery thought. I couldn't save her.

But then he thought of last Halloween, All Hallows Eve; some teenagers had broken into the old museum, a museum that used to be no more than the Sanderson Sister's old cottage, the place where Emily died so they could be young, the place where Binx was changed into a cat. They had almost lit the candle, if Binx hadn't leapt on them and been chucked across the room. He shuddered at the memory; he'd broken his spine on the fall.

He lived here, at the museum. After he was turned into a cat, where was he to go? To the candle and the book, it was the only place he could think of. He had eternal life. This is what he had to do with it: stop the sisters from ever returning.

Binx didn't want anything to do with magic after what it did to Emily and him, but he knew that things were becoming too risky. Teenagers coming every Halloween. Last time was just too close. They'd had their match lit, preparing to light the candle's wick and practically unleash hell onto earth.

Binx look down at the amulet, and using what little voice he could muster, as he was so unused to using it, and muttered the incantation.

At least it's white magic, he told himself. The book had said that a white magic spell on an amulet could somewhat suppress powerful curses, like Binx's, though never completely.

At least I'll have opposable thumbs to carry the book and candle away if anyone ever comes for it if my curse is suppressed, Binx thought as the amulet glowed a strange bluish color and then returned to normal.

Shakily, he slipped the amulet over his feline head and felt an erupting wave of nausea as he began to turn back into a human, somehow knowing in the back of his mind that it would not last forever, that one day, he'd be a cat again.