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"Okay, where are we?" Abby shrieked as Gibbs's team all appeared in a new graveyard. "Not that I am not totally digging the whole graveyard thing, but still."

"We're in Salem," McGee the cat answered, still in Abby's arms.

"Right thou art, Thackery Binx, thou meddlesome feline!" Winifred shouted, appearing with her sisters.

"Ha! McGeek said you witches couldn't touch us here," Tony shouted. "Changing the graveyard doesn't change the fact that it's still a graveyard."

"They can't get us here, right McGee?" Gibbs asked the immortal cat.

Inwardly, Binx cringed. "Well, they can't."

"Probie, I don't like the way you just said that," Tony said.

"Unfaithful lover, long since dead," Winifred began to chant. "Deep asleep in thy wormy bed. Wiggle thy toes; open thine eyes. Twist thy fingers towards the sky. Life is sleepy, not to shy, on thy feet so say 'aye'."

"Crap," Binx hissed. "Run!"

"From what?" Ziva asked.

The ground began to tear open as a zombie once known as Billy began to rise up out of the earth.

"That!" the immortal cat shouted. "Grab the book; it's the most important thing!"

As Winifred yelled commands at a rather reluctant looking Billy, the NCIS team began to run after their immortal feline friend towards a grate they slid underground, successfully avoiding the witches's zombie, for now.

Tony's POV

"All right, where are we now?" Tony asked.

"The old Salem crypt," his probie answered swiftly, yellow eyes gleaming through the darkness. "It connects to the Sewer and up to the street."

"Charming," Ziva said, looking faintly disgusted.

Tony looked up and saw several rats and bats above them. "Uh, anyone who doesn't have a strong stomach might not want to look up."

"Relax," McGee said. "I used to hunt mice down here for years."

"Mice?" Ducky asked. "Why would you be eating mice, Timothy?"

"Because I'm a cat, Ducky," the immortal black tomcat who was once their computer technician on the team answered.

"Oh no, you weren't always a cat," Tony said.

"McGee, explain," Gibbs demanded, staring at the black cat leading the way.

He sighed. "All right. I, uh, may be older than I appear. Older than all of you. I was born three hundred years ago. At sixteen though, on Halloween, my little sister, Emily, was taken by the Sanderson witches. The three of them longed to live forever, and using the life force of children was the way they planned to achieve it.

"I ran out to their cottage to try to save my sister, but I failed," pain entered the cat's yellow eyes. "They stole her life… when she was only six."

The entire team was shocked, staring at their distraught teammate with sadness. Abby looked like she wanted to pick up McGee right there and hug him to death.

"It should have been me," McGee muttered darkly. "I failed her."

"How did you become a cat, McGee?" Gibbs asked in probably the gentlest tone he had ever used when not talking to Abby.

Yellow eyes gazed up at them. "I… insulted Winifred. It was the first time I called her a hag, not that I regret a word of what I said to her. Her sisters wanted to kill me, and after failing Emily, I hoped they would, as I did not deserve to live, but Winifred had a different idea. She decided that my punishment should not be to die, but to live forever in my guilt over failing to save Emily, so they cast a spell of immortality upon me, changing me into a cat… a cat that could not die, no matter what I did."

"What happened to the witches?" Ducky asked softly.

"The members of my village got there just after the witches changed me into a cat," McGee said. "The three of them were hanged for murdering my sister with witchcraft, and… they believed they murdered me as well."

"But, couldn't you have gone to your family?" Gibbs asked. "Told them what happened to you?"

The black cat shook his head sadly. "They were deaf to my words. The entire village was… but others were not."

"Okay, how did you become human again?" Tony asked. "You had some weird amulet thing."

McGee nodded. "Yes, that was the amulet I used to sort of suppress my curse. As long as the witches stayed dead, I would not change back into a cat."

"So, you were from Old English times, I am correct?" Ducky asked.

McGee nodded.

"Was your name really Timothy McGee?" he asked. "They called you Binx."

McGee nodded again. "Yes. Thackery Binx, that was my name, but that was so long ago."

"Thackery?" Tony snickered.

"How darest thou insult my name?" McGee snarled. "I have enough with thou making fun of my made up one. I have no desire to have my real one poked fun at as well!"

"Jeez, I didn't mean to offend you," Tony grumbled.

The cat began to mutter things under his breath that sounded like: "Pratt", "clotpole", and "gormless grotty pish".

"Are you insulting him in Old English, McGee?" Gibbs asked.

"Yes, Boss," McGee the cat said.

"What were you calling him?" Ziva asked.

"Well, gormless means he lacks common sense," McGee said. "Clotpole means-"

"Okay, that's enough," Gibbs said. "Exchange insults later. Where are we going?"

"Yeah, Thackery McKitty, where are we going?" Tony asked.

"Somewhere we can get salt," the cat said.


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