Percy Jackson and the Trial of Truth (or Dare!)

Annabeth's POV

'Get up, gather round!"
Percy.., always up early. I sighed and dragged my self out of my bed. I put on some clothes and brushed my hair, then put it up in a pony tail. I chucked on some sneakers and walked out to were Percy was. I heard him shouting again. At me. Sigh. And i was right in front of him.
"ANNABETH! ANNABETH!" He called, then he saw me. "Oh! There you are! You took long enough!" He smiled his goofy smile at me. I sighed again. "It's time for Truth or Dare! Stop looking at me like I'm crazy Wise Girl, it's been done for ages at Camp Half-Blood, it's like tradition!" And he was saying that. I had been at Camp for longer then him. And it had never happened. But I just rolled with it. "Are you in?" He asked me.
"Of course, Seaweed Brain," I said with a smile.
"Come to the Centre of Camp at 10, everyone will be there." He flashed me another smile. I kissed him on the nose.
"Ok, see you later!" I waved and walked off. I couldn't wait!

A/N Sorry this is so short. See you guys laterz!