LA Complex: Season 3

Previously on The LA Complex...

After hiding a pregnancy possibly fathered by ex-boyfriend Connor and filing bankrupt; repudiate former child star Raquel Westbrook resorts to credit card fraud to fund her low budget indie movie... TV Actor Connor Lake who burned down his own home, returns to isolation after having his long lost sister Charlotte taken away by the scienetics church after an awkward intimate moment...Aspiring actress Abby Vargas moves to Germany following two failed flings with both Conner and Nick, being fired from a high rated show, as well as a string of bad luck and missed opportunities, when she meets a mysterious air force pilot named Gray, whom she marries after a drunken night in Las Vegas...Nick Wagner choses career over love when he lets sometime girlfriend/ business rival Sabrina move to New Orleans, all while pursuing a career as a stand up comedian...Superstar rapper Sean Dugan aka Kaldrick King starts a new relationship with hot shot attorney Christopher, all while coping with his estranged fathers death, his homophobic beating of his ex lover Tariq and his decision to come out to the world...


September 24th, 2013

Sean Dugan known to the world as superstar rapper Kaldrick King wakes up in the bed belonging to his new boyfriend Christopher Taylor after having another one of his recurring dreams. The dream was of Walter Dugan, Kal's father who had come back into his life a little over a year ago and had also died a little over a year ago. Kal had dreamed of him almost every night since and it always appeared as if his father was trying to tell him something, almost warn him of something but each time Kal came close to finding out, he would wake up, just like now.

Kal slid from under the silk almond colored sheets and sat up straight placing his barefoot on the hardwood floor. He took a quick glance back at the side of the bed that Chris usually occupied but he knew that the handsome light-skinned black man was already making the 25 minute drive from his loft in Downtown LA to the affluent Westside, where his Law Firm was located on the infamous Wilshire boulevard.

As Kal got up he couldn't help but think of Chris and how they had slept together on the floor of Chris's office the first day they had met, and they met because some young punk named Infinite Jest who was trying to make a name for himself, was suing Kal for a beat down Kal's best friend and business Manager Reggie aka "Rook" had given him after Kal humiliated Infinite in a rap battle at Kal's mansion. Infinite had obtained Chris as his attorney but when Kal threatened to press charges for trespassing, Chris withdrew the lawsuit and dropped Infinite as a client but had begged Kal to mentor the troubled young man. Kal, completely nude, stared at his brown-skinned muscular frame in the spacious bathroom mirror and continued to think about Chris and how it seemed unlikely they would end up together. Chris was a smart no-nonsense openly gay Ivy league attorney and Kal was a street smart, tough ex con from the hood, who happened to be a gay-rapper on the DL who also hated lawyers, except his own, who Kal had nicknamed Stone, because he had gotten Kal out of many a legal troubles.

As Kal opened up the frameless see-through glass shower door and stepped under the warm water spewing from the large ceramic showerhead, he continued to think how unlikely this entire year had been, on the day Walter died Kal decided since he wasn't able to tell Walter his personal truth, he would tell it to the world.

Kal published an open letter on his website that revealed his secret sexuality, afterwards Kal immediately got scared and wished he could take it back, as there had never been in history an openly gay successful rapper, for many thought those words together were an oxymoron or complete opposites, it was no secret that the hip hop community was notoriously homophobic, many rappers including Kal himself used anti-gay lyrics in their songs, however what Kal had braced himself for was not actually what happened. The hip hop community embraced him, rappers ranging from Jay-Z to Lil Wayne to Eminem threw their support behind the King of Cali.

Everyone from home boys standing on the street corners to soccer moms in the suburbs started playing Kal's music. Social Media erupted. Kal's Twitter and Facebook pages had record numbers of new requests from wannabe followers and friends. Twitter hash tags such as #1stopenlygayrapper and #supportkalking trended all over the world. Kal received letter after email after posts, thanking him on how he saved countless lives from potential suicide and how his selfless actions were paving the way for future gay entertainers and boy was that ever correct, since Kal's open letter many famous actors, entertainers, musicians, athletes and even a professional wrestler had all come out by announcing their homosexuality to the world and add to that, the Supreme Court's decision to rule against the defense of marriage act and Kaldrick King is considered by many a modern-day hero.

If there was any more evidence needed that Kal was truly embraced for his decision, he had recently been invited to perform his smash hit "Hard Times" at the BET Hip Hop Awards, the song was nominated for Track of the Year and Kal was also nominated for MVP of The Year, going up against some of Hip Hop's elite.

Kal's record label was sure he was a shoo-in for the first award, as Hard Times was a commercial and international hit, spending 26 weeks on the billboard charts, sixteen of which at number one.

Of course, not everyone was as supportive, Kal would occasionally read online comments from those "hardcore" underground rappers and fans calling him sellouts and faggots and saying he is a disgrace to the rap game or those religious fanatics who condemn him and say he and his "kind" would burn in hell and he couldn't forget all the female groupies that constantly tell him all he needs is a "real woman" to straighten him out and last but not least those "straight men" that offer him sexual favors in return from everything such as borrowing money to wanting a record deal and whenever Kal would turn them down, they would all have the same reaction; surprise turned to anger, in which they acted as if they could not believe they had just been rejected by a gay man.

All in all, Kal thought as he poured himself some Orange Juice, he wouldn't change a thing that had happened this past year, except maybe what happened with Tariq...

His only regret was that he destroyed his and Tariq's love by not being able to be the man he was today. Kal had invited Abby and Tariq to the awards show, as he felt the song's success was a group effort. Tariq's banging beat, which he sampled from the 1971 Baby Huey classic of the same name followed by Abby's beautiful background vocals tied with Kal's aggressive lyrics about a lost man finding his way had resulted in the comeback track of the year. Abby confirmed she would attend, Tariq did not, not even to Dynasty who was Tariq's former boss and friend and the highly sought after producer who helped Kal create many of his hits and was one of the few people who knew Kal's secret, thanks to a camera installed in the studio, a camera that caught Kal kissing and confessing his love to Tariq and then beat him within an inch of his life when Dynasty and a member of Kal's entourage walked in on them.

Kal sat down at the kitchen table in front of his laptop and begin to check his email, he was curious as to which talk show host would be asking to interview him now. Since he had come out, everyone from Anderson Cooper to Oprah Winfrey had been actively wanting to interview him but Kal had not been ready to make any public appearances, he became a recluse, who was working on putting the final details on his highly anticipated album Letters 2 Sean.

Despite a few club appearances here and there, Kal had pretty much stayed hidden and had sought refuge at Chris's spacious two-story loft. Chris had even made a few running jokes about charging Kal rent.

Kal looked up at the clock- it read eight-thirty. He had to be at the downtown studios for his Vibe Magazine photo-shoot by ten. He had made the front cover and this would be his first public interview since coming out. Kal decided on Vibe because they were the first publication that had ever featured him.

After skimming through his Gmail and Business accounts, Kal logged on to Twitter, to see what everyone had been saying about the awards...


There was a tweet from BET telling everyone to make sure they caught the performance by the one and only King of Cali.

There was RT of that message by a MissSexyFan5795, who commented that she wouldn't dare miss the fine-ass Kaldrick King.

Kal continued to scroll down

The South Side Destroyer tweeted he was not happy Kaldrick was nominated for MVP of the Year at which point he wrote "Kendrick Lamar is going to mop the floor with that queer" spelled q-u-e-r and that Kal should be nominated for "FVP" most Fag Valuable Player.

Kal couldn't help but laugh and as he was deciding if he should tweet back, his cell phone ranged, with a familiar name flashing across the caller ID screen

"Mornin!" answered Kal in his signature deep voice.

"Hey sexy!" Chris was on the other end of the phone, sitting in the driver's seat of his pearl colored Lexus LX 570 which was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on the always busy I-10, which was constantly full of rushing commuters traveling east and westbound to different parts of the city.

"Sexy huh? You know I got a boyfriend, but I don't think he'd mind if we hooked up for a quickie!"

"Really! You must have one hell of a boyfriend."

"He Aighhttt," joked Kal.

"I can't believe it," Chris paused.


"You used the B-e-e-e word. That was the first time you ever used that word to describe me!" a huge smile was forming on Chris's slender face

"You sound surprised" Kal said with a grin while raising his perfectly trimmed eyebrows looking down at the receiver

"I am," said Chris. "Come on Kal, we've been dating for a year now and you NEVAH used that word or any other word other than 'Chris' to describe our relationship, except of course when you're talking dirty, but I can't say those words, so early in the morning!" Chris switched on his speakerphone as traffic started to slowly move

"Oh you wanna go there," said Kal. "Don't get me started on those noises you be making!"

"Changing the subject."

"I thought so," laughed Kal.

"I just wanted to apologize... again, that I won't be able to make it to the awards show with you tonight, but we have a really important client my firm is trying to land and the partners all but gave me an it or else! They have been riding me a lot lately and I don't know why."

Chris had just lied to his boyfriend... again. He did know why his bosses were giving him a hard time and it was because of his relationship with Kal, he wouldn't dare tell the truth and he hoped whatever was causing it, would end soon.

"You want me to go and bust a cap in they ass!" Kal stood up and faced the living room with his back to the kitchen

"You're joking, I might just take you up on that," said Chris.

"Listen Slim, for the thousandth time it's okay-y-y, besides, I got company. "Dynasty is going," Kal hesitated. "and Abby."

"Abby... as in Tariq's best friend Abby," asked Chris.

"Y-e-s-s-s-s," Kal slowly replied. "I told you... rememba! I thought her being there with me would be kinda dope."

"Nooo, you're right." Chris had started talking but something at that moment had caught Kal's attention, something that drowned out whatever Chris had been saying.


At that moment a picture flashed on the screen of a young man Kal knew all too well but most people referred to only by his stage name: Infinite Jest.

Kal quickly turned up the volume.

Fox 11 news was broadcasting an outdoor press conference being held in front of the Los Angeles Police Department. The Chief of Police was speaking in front of a podium of at least 7 microphones and standing behind him were one of the five LAPD Police Commissioners, the Assistant Chiefs of Operations and Administrations, a few uniformed and plain-clothed officers, as well as the missing man's parents. They were amongst a dozen reporters. The man speaking would not release much information only to say "new evidence had recently come to light forcing them to now look at this, as a possible missing person's case."

Kal couldn't help but feel bad seeing Infinite's parents; tears running down their face, he also couldn't understand why Infinite just didn't tell everyone that he was somewhere living the life off the five million dollars he had extorted from the famous rap king

Kal could hear Chris calling his name on the other end of the Samsung still pressed to his ear and as he continued to stare at the screen he just couldn't shake the feeling that things were about to get bad...real bad.


As Raquel Westbrook walked up the flight of steps in her tight black dress and high heels to the first floor studio/motel room of ex-boyfriend and co-star Connor Lake, she couldn't help but feel on top of the world, in just under a year she went from being a washed-up child actor trying to reclaim her former glory, who no one in Hollywood would touch with a ten foot pole to being days away from signing with a Major Movie Studio and to think it only took being fired from a low budget film titled Cacta Bear 2, being sued by two major networks, crashing her car, being charged with a DUI, almost causing the suicide death of a recovering addict, having to declare bankruptcy, faking alcoholism, being forced to take a job as a bartender and yeah right, selling her customers credit cards numbers and identity on the black market and then having her boss, whom she was also sleeping with, take the blame.

Despite quite a few obstacles plus having to shoot "guerrilla style", Raquel along with Connor and aspiring USC Filmmakers Kevin and Cam (who had also wrote the screenplay) was able to finish the movie. Raquel was fiercely determined as she saw this as possibly her last chance to get back into Hollywood's good graces. After the movie tilted "Wasteland of Love" (named after Teenage Wasteland the show that made Raquel a household name) was selected to play at the famous Toronto Film Festival, the foursome was approached by the VP of Acquisitions of Open Road Films, who wanted to discuss possibly releasing Wasteland of Love theatrically

Raquel straightened her hair and firmly knocked on her ex's door.

"Open up Connor, we're going to be late" said Raquel, as she continued to pound on the turquoise door belonging to room 103

"Come on I know your in there, your car is outside. If we miss this meeting, I'll come by your room every night and make you watch old reruns of Celebrity Half-way House!"

At that moment the door opened up and out peered the drunken head of Connor. Raquel could tell by his bushy hair and blood shot eyes that Connor was hung-over.

"Raquel! I um-m-m, am sort in the middle of something!" Connor looked back at a shadow maneuvering in the background as Raquel used this opening to force her way into the room. She quickly laid eyes on why Connor was so reluctant to open the door and it stood about 5 feet'5 inches tall with short blonde hair, large breasts and a betty bop tattoo.

"Hi!" greeted the girl as she struggled to locate and pick up her scattered pieces of clothing off the floor.

Raquel ignored her and looked back at Connor "They just keep getting younger and younger." "How old is this one... twelve?"

"I will have you know, she turns twenty-one in two days" remarked Connor proudly with a hint of sarcasm in his voice

"Do you even know her name!" said Raquel as she placed her hands on her hips eagerly anticipating Connor's response

"Um...Lollipop?" Connor was struggling to slip a blue Hanes shirt over his head.

" It's Candy" The woman held her hand out for Raquel to shake.

"It really should have been Lollipop," said Connor. Both he and the blonde haired scantly-clad woman looked at one another and smiled

Raquel rolled her eyes clearly annoyed.

"Did you forget that we have a meeting with one of the most hottest and up and coming Movie Studios in Hollywood! They are so busy with screenplays from no talent college kids and middle age Hollywood rejects, it took 6 months to get this meeting and I be damned, if I miss this opportunity because you can't stop cruising Hookers 'R' Us," said Raquel while pointing in the stranger's direction.

"WHAT did you just say Bitch!" The woman named Candy pulled a switch blade from her bra and began to charge Raquel. At that moment Connor who had managed to put on a pair of stone colored saltwater chino pants quickly got in-between both women.


"Calm Down! Raquel get over there," screamed Connor.

Connor grabbed Candy by the waist kicking and screaming and yelling profanities at the woman who had just called her a hooker.

Connor managed to get Candy outside and couldn't help but notice all the residents (who by this time were all staring) who lived at the extended stay complex known as "The Lux" short for "The Deluxe Suites" a crappy low rise motel (as Raquel likes to call it) located on Franklin Ave in the heart of LA County, the hotel is notorious for young people who moved to the city to "make it" in Hollywood. The hopefuls range from wannabe actors, models, musicians, dancers, producers, filmmakers and even comedians. The Lux stays in demand because you can either pay on a weekly or monthly basis which helps when you're in-between jobs or can't find a job.

A two story building where the residents were for the most part family-oriented, never needing a reason to throw a party or BB-Q, while lounging on or in the spacious pool on the ground floor in the middle of the outdoor lobby.

The manager was a chubby Hispanic actor named Eddie Demir, who had appeared in a few TV shows in his youth- nothing to mainstream, however he still auditioned from time to time.

Eddie was pretty cool and most of the residents used him as their own personal shrink or problem solver. Anyone could stay at The Lux as long as you paid your rent on time (something Eddie was a stickler about) and followed three basic rules: No Pets, No noise after eleven and No illegal activity. Eddie and Connor were especially close, Eddie stayed looking after Connor, as he knew Connor had it rough. The Australian native was abandoned by his mother when he was a little boy, she left him with his alcoholic father but managed to take his older brother Joshua and his baby sister Charlotte. This caused Connor to grow up with extreme abandonment issues as he sought companionship from anyone, anywhere, anytime. These issues would cause him to move back to The Lux despite having a hugely gigantic mansion provided to him by the network when he booked his TV show Critical Unit, a medical drama that Connor helped make the highest rated show on Tuesday nights by playing a doctor in the lead role.

Eddie never understand why Connor chose to live at The Lux nor did he know that Connor burned down the Mansion so he could move back, a move that had almost cost Connor his freedom. Michael Bryant, the insurance investigator assigned to Connor's case was on to him from the beginning and Connor was arrested for arson and insurance fraud and it was enough evidence to put him away for years, had it not been for his long lost sister Charlotte (who had tracked Connor down by this point) and his new friends at the Church of Scienetics (whom Eddie accused of being a cult). They had made the evidence somehow disappear. Connor was thrilled to have had his sister back in his life, even after learning their mother had committed suicide over the guilt of leaving him behind. In that moment Connor was finally able to begin to heal, even no longer having the need to self mutilate. Connor had kept a secret that he starting burning himself as a way of coping with his loneliness, a secret only known by two other people in his life... Jennifer Bell an actress that contracted Connor to be her boyfriend in public to boost her career and when it worked, she dropped him for her ex-husband and he had also shared it with Raquel.

After Connor and Charlotte had left the police station, Charlotte had kissed Connor intimately on the lips and was taken to a secret facility in Colorado to "reprogram" by the church.

Connor resorted back to his feelings of abandonment and isolation and tried to find solace with a different woman each night.

"What's going on here" inquired Eddie as he walked out of his small corner office on the ground floor snapping Connor out of his train of thought.

"Nothing Eddie, I got it under control. Candy just got a little upset and was leaving," said Connor in his suave Australian accent.

"You tell that old bitch with her ugly ass shoes, the word on the street is she can't even get a job to play a Hooker!" Candy screamed at the top of her lungs and then turned to walk off but not before telling Connor to call her giving him a provocative wink as she walked away.

"Yeah! I'll be sure to do that" Connor gave one final glance to Eddie and all the other onlookers and turned to head back upstairs to his room.

"When I grow up I sooo want to be that guy." said Eddie as he watched Connor run up the stairs, clearly amazed at the Australian actor's way with the opposite sex.

"Really Raquel! Are you ever going to stop bursting in here and insulting my guests!" yelled Connor as he closed the door.


"I thought we agreed we were going to start being nicer to one another?" asked Connor as he put on a white Blazer from the closet.

Raquel couldn't help but notice how handsome he look as he reminded her of a young Don Johnson from his Miami Vice days.

"Whatever gave you that idea," said Raquel while taking note of a large stack of unread mail on the floor.


"Basket case!"


"Poster Boy for Psychology Today!"

"Good one!" said Connor who was now fully dressed and looking like the typical famous Hollywood actor

"Now... let's go become Movie Stars!" Raquel smirked back at Connor.


"I still can't believe you're married Abbs!" said Tariq as he walked around his one-bedroom apartment in Montréal, wearing jeans and a gray wife beater that hugged his petite pecan-colored muscular frame

"I know right!"

Abby was talking on her cell phone dragging her suitcase through Munich Airport about to board a flight to Atlanta where the taping of the BET Hip Hop Awards were being held. Abby had agreed to perform with Kaldrick King for a few reasons: one- it would give her an opportunity to return to the states in seeing that she had not been back to America in little over a year, two- Kal's record label was paying her a nice booking fee and she really needed the money, being the wife of an air force pilot was not as lucrative as one might think and three-she was looking forward to working with Tariq again and had been crushed when he refused to come. She had thought of backing out but frankly she owed a lot to Kal and to this song, she looked at it as the only good thing to come out of her tenure in LA (besides meeting Gray, whom she had met while working as an extra on a movie set).

She was thankful Tariq had fought with his boss Dynasty to let her come to the studio and sing backup for the first time. She liked joking around and flirting with the guys and she had not at all mind being the only female in the room, that was until Kal had locked her in the bathroom and threatened to literally kill her, if she had ever spoke of his and Tariq's secret love affair. Abby and Kal eventually made up and even formed somewhat of a civil relationship, accompanying one another to Montreal when Kal wanted to make amends with Tariq, even though in Abby's eyes, she more so was making sure Kal couldn't hurt Tariq again.

"Just think, I left Canada to move to LA to become an actress and now I'm married to an air force pilot living life as the perfect little German Hussy!"

"I think you mean Hausfrau Abby," chuckled Tariq. Hausfrau meant housewife in German.

"Yeah whatever," Abby frowned. "I still wish you were coming with me."

Abby scanned the large crowded airport looking for Terminal 1B, which is where the Delta Hub was located, pushing her way through thousands of passengers from all over the world, who were rushing around doing things that people at airports normally do. Munich was the second largest airport in Germany and was separated into two Terminals. Terminal 1 was split into 5 subdivisions lettered A-E.

"Abby I can't even listen to that song... much less-" Tariq's voice trailed off as he started reflecting on how Hard Times played like a soundtrack to one of the best/worst times of his life, created from a mixture of his and Kal's creativity, passion and bloodshed

"Do you think you will ever be able to forgive him?" Abby had not noticed she had mistakenly ventured into terminal C


"He finally came out, to the entire world no less...I mean... that has to count for something right", said Abby.

"If Gray did that to you, would you be able to forgive him," asked Tariq.

"Maybe not," Abby continued on. "Tariq you actually found something you're good at. Hard Times exploding the way it did proved what I knew all along, that you were meant to be producing music! You shouldn't let what happened with Kaldrick stop you. Hell, at least you know what your good at. I suck at acting!"

"Well, maybe if you stop having orgy's with all your co-stars, you could keep a job long enough to find out!" Tariq was referring to the show Saying Grace that was about two Christian siblings played by Laura Knight and Brandon Kelly, who were secretly dating even though it was against the show's morality clause. Abby started a threesome with the couple but things turned sour when she started wanting Brandon and Laura started wanting her, this resulted in Abby being kicked out of the threesome and ultimately fired by the show's straight laced producer Donald Gallagher upon his discovering the truth.

Abby sighed.

She knew Tariq was only teasing but he still made a valid point

"So are you sureee I can't get you to change your mind? After the show Kal and I are flying back to LA and Eddie is throwing a party at The Lux to celebrate."

"I'm sure Abby, besides I have to work today, but Nate and I will be watching you tonight and we plan to come visit you and Gray soon." (Nate was a Caucasian pre-med student that Tariq had been dating since moving back to Montreal)

"Am I ever going to find out what this secret job is-" At that moment Abby realized she was at the wrong Terminal and at the same moment...

A loud voice on the intercom speaker announced "Last call for Delta Airlines Flight 179 to Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport now boarding"

Abby screamed and took off running through the crowded airport with phone in one hand and her purse and luggage in the other bumping into angry commuters and airport personnel, as she knew this was the last flight out today, that would get her to Atlanta on time for the taping. Abby finally made her way up to the Delta kiosk where she threw her ticket down on the counter and ran through the boarding door without getting her passport and ticket stamped. Abby ran through the corridor that led to the plane only to find the plane door had just shut, still running full steam ahead, Abby lost her footing and fell 6 feet to the ground, her fall was cushioned by one of the luggage containers which had just finished loading the luggage on the plane.

"Abby are you okay!" Tariq could hear the commotion in the background along with Abby scream and then nothing-

All of the airport personnel, passengers, security and flight crew that witnessed Abby's fall were at first horrified not knowing what condition she was in and then to everyone's relief, the brunette young woman began to stir and make her way up.

By this time several crew men that were on the ground had run to her aide.

Upon standing Abby instantly felt a draft preceded by several whistles, cat calls and even applause, she wondered what was causing this reaction in seeing she had almost just died, she suddenly looked down at that moment and noticed that she had tore the straps to her Ann Taylor inspired black sundress and that her matching lace bra was on display for all to see!

Abby could do nothing at that moment but fold her arms over her chest and hide back inside the container.


As Nick Wagner made his way off stage from another sold out night at the L.A. Improve, where he routinely did stand up, he could still hear the crowd cheering and begging for more.

In under a year Nick had come a long way in his journey to being the next hot comedian. When he first started at the Improve, no one thought he was funny, not even the host and Nick's former boss Paul F. Tompkins who had even told Nick very unsympathetically "to give it up".

Nick had actually been ready to leave his dream behind had it not been for one thing...her.

Sabrina Reynolds, whom Nick had met in a comedy workshop had single handily made Nick a better comedian and a better man by constantly challenging his manhood by telling him how much of a pathetic deuce bag he was. That's what he loved most about her besides being strong, no nonsense, smoking hot and not to mention she was far funnier than Nick and she never turned down a chance to rub it in his face, this was her game plan to get Nick to believe in himself and each time he fell, she would be there to kick his ass until he got back up.

It had worked too, actually a little too well, when Sabrina and Nick were competing for the final writers spot on the Paul F. Tompkins show, it looked like Sabrina was going to get the job, until Nick stole it from under her by going to strip clubs and whore houses with the head writer and buying him prostitutes and helping him hide the fact that he was a cokehead, something that ultimately backfired because when Paul discovered a bag of cocaine, he tricked Nick into taking the blame and Nick was fired by Paul.

Nick thought him winning the job over Sabrina would tear them apart but it actually drove them closer together, even seeing Sabrina move in for a little while before she herself was offered a position on the famous Will Arnett Sketch show and had to move to New Orleans.

As Nick looked at his image in the tiny bathroom mirror, he thought back to how much he wanted to follow Sabrina but she told him not to, that his dream was to be a comedian, not to fall in love.

Nick continued to think about the past year and how his life had picked up and how it all started with a humiliating job he was forced to take after being fired.

A job where he had to dress up as a Easter bunny and tell jokes at a wealthy 12 year old girl's bat mitzvah, the children and parents loved Nick's routine so much that they told all their rich friends, who told their rich friends and soon Nick was performing at parties all over L.A. for some the most influential people in Hollywood.

This also helped him at his gig at the Improve, as those influential people starting showing up little by little to soon Nick was selling out shows on an almost nightly basis. Nick couldn't help but smile as he knew he had Sabrina to thank for this and he couldn't wait for her to see what his life was like now but he also knew he would have to continue to keep his secret that in order to keep up his energy due to working his barista job, his Barnsworth P. Bunnington Bunny commitments and performing every other night, he had developed somewhat of an addition to pain-killers called Norco, a narcotic that he had gotten from Connor a while back.

One night before going on stage Nick had a pounding headache and a serious case of stage fright, as several Fox executives had come to see him perform and the word on the street was they were looking to create a new comedy sitcom to compete with the Paul F. Tompkins show.

Nick had taken one by accident thinking they were aspirin and now he found himself taking them every night before a routine and after a routine and sometimes in the morning and every now and then when he hits the gym to hard or misses Sabrina a little too much but one thing Nick knew for sure, he could stop taking them anytime he wanted.

He was in complete control.

Just then Nick heard a loud knock on the tiny bathroom door.

"Wagner" shouted the voice of Paul on the other end of the door. "Come onn, they're dying out here waiting for an encore!"

"I can stop tomorrow," Nick whispered to himself right before swallowing the tiny white oval shaped pill.

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Author's Note

Where is Rook?

Why is Chris's bosses giving him a hard time about Kal?

Is Chris feeling some sort of way that Kal invited Abby to the awards show and if so why?

Will Kal win any of the awards he is nominated for?

Will Raquel and Connor get their move deal?

Did Raquel get away scot free with stealing all those credit cards?

Is it significant that Connor has stacks of unread mail?

Is Connor still in touch with Charlotte?

Will Abby make it to the awards show on time?

Is everything still going great in her marriage to Gray?

Why does Abby not know were Tariq works?

Is Nick really becoming addicted to pain pills?

Is Sabrina coming back to Nick?

All these questions and more will be answered in episode 1-To Live and Die in LA


Let me start out by saying that I just like all of you are sad and royally bummed that such a great and groundbreaking show The LA Complex is no longer on the air but that I thank the heavens that sites such as this one exists because it means we never have to say goodbye to shows and characters that we love!

I became determined this would not be the end for such a great show…how could it be? That is when I discovered there were hundreds… thousands of fans that feel as I do about not only loving this show but of making sure it lives on…

Before we get started, I just want to say I have such respect for writers everywhere, especially of fanfics, as this is one of the hardest things I have ever undertook. I now understand why it takes some writers a long time to update their stories and that this is no longer a pet peeve of mine. It took me three months to write the opening thoughts exactly! I know this cannot replace the actual show but I hope it provides a little comfort until we can bring back the show we all love...The LA Complex!

Now on to the good stuff...

The Stories

This is my take on what I picture a season 3 would have looked like if the show had been renewed and picks up exactly 1 year after the season finale of the second season. I intend to conclude all the stories that got us hooked and then branch off into my own. Each season fic will be split into 3 arcs each titled according to the theme of that arc, for example the first arc is titled: Enemies. I intend to update every Monday as the show aired Mondays on the CW and the season finale should be sometime in January and the premiere of season 4 will be Feb/2014.

The Characters

I have brought back all the characters that you know and love!

The Music

One of the things that I loved about this show was it's great choice of music and they used a lot of it throughout the series and I intend to continue that by titling each chapter/episode after a particular song that fits the theme of the chapter and I would like each of you to listen to that song while you read, through whatever medium you choose Youtube, Amazon, Spotify, your personal CD/mp3 player etc.

Author Notes

What would a fanfic be without those personal notes from the writer to all of their readers and I will have these as well but I have created a forum for this fic in which I will post most of my notes, behind the scenes commentary, recaps, and up coming previews, so feel free to interact or just read me babble.

The Future

I have an outline that would take this fic until the end of season 4 and a possible spin off for Kal and Tariq, however that would ultimately be up to you guys, if you would like me to continue just let me know.

So without further ado, I present to you The LA Complex: Season 3

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