The sound of a baby crying flooded through the house, waking his parents. Minato rolled out of the bed and kissed Kushina on the forehead.

"I'll get him this time..."

Kushina smiled in thanks and went back to sleep.

Minato walked down the hall to the nursery and over to the crib.

"Hey Naruto...why are you trying to wake up me and mommy?" He asked as he slowly picked him up and began to walk him around the room, patting his back softly. "You know you've kept your mommy up a lot lately. She needs her sleep or she's going to kill one of us...most likely me..." He paused, then smiled down at his son.

"But she would never do that...she loves both of us way to much. And I love the two of you even more!"

He stopped his pacing at the tri-pronged adorned window and looked outside.

A raven haired figure glanced up and waved as she walked past. Minato lifted his hand in a small wave then went back to patting his son's back.

"There goes your godmother Mikoto again...patrolling as always. You'd think she'd have stopped that after Satsuki was born. Ya know? I bet you'll

hate Satsuki at first, just like I hated her dad, Fugaku. But then you'll get a huge crush on her like I had on your Godmother... That was before your mommy came along of course."

"I would hope so..."

Minato turned around to see his wife leaning up against the doorway with her arms crossed. "I was just telling Naruto a few things..."

Kushina smiled and walked into the room as Naruto set a now-sleeping Naruto back in his crib. "He's really beautiful, isn't he?"

MInato nodded and put his arms around her. "Just like you..." causing her to smile.

"He's going to be exactly like you...I can tell by the way he smiles all the time. He has a special smile for you, you know..."

Minato looked down at his son lovingly. "And he'll be a heartbreaker like you. Or as violent as you!"

Kushina slapped him lightly on the arm. "Minato!"

Minato grinned. "I'm just kidding let's let this little tyke get some sleep..."

Kushina nodded and the two walked back into their bedroom for suprisingly a good night's rest.

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