A Phantom Dumped in a Bucket of BLEACH: Act Two The Arrancar Arc

Writer: YES! I am BACK FROM THE DEAD! For the past week, all I have played is Team Fortress 2 and I HAVE BEEN ADDICTED TO IT. But it has worn off for now. So now, time to get on my favourite arc although it should be noted that this will be non-canon to bleach from this point out. Aizen's betrayal is approaching but has not happened yet. On a completely unrelated note, you people who are herded into the public school system miss a lot, for instance today, my siblings forgot what a verb is.

Uryu, Danny, Violencia, Chad, Ichigo and Renji are sitting in one of Kariya's guestrooms. (Writer: It has come to my attention my dear readers that you may be confused. This is the Arrancar arc did not Kariya die at the end of the Bount arc? Well, my dear reader, I have a more redemptive motif towards enemies. After all, who am I to decide whether someone should live or die? So he never crossed the Rubicon of attacking Soul Society because he lost his army before they could even pass the gate, thus instead of reopening old wounds he hopes now to fully heal beyond the current stigma against him. Only him, Go Koga and Yoshino Soma survived. Only a fool would think the chances of surviving an action like that would be worth pursuing, even Ichigo had better odds. But now enough with the recap on with the story.)

"Well where could Orihime be? I mean it has been three weeks since we have seen her last." Uryu asks adjusting his glasses.

"Well she isn't playing hide and seek. Otherwise we would have found her," Violencia states head tilted forwards in contemplation. ( Writer: Once more those of you who are new might wonder who this Violencia is. He is, along with being an OC of mine, an Arrancar created out of mercy by Urahara in order that Violencia may save his family.)

A knock on the door disrupts the conversation "Yes?"

Kariya's voice calls in, "There is a Shinigami here to see you. And for once someone knocked and did not kick the front door in."

Rukia is standing at the front door "Well it is certainly good to see you all again. But I am here to take you all bake to the Seireitei there is an emergency that we need to deal with there."

"Well let's get over there then."

Danny's thoughts retrace through his stay in Japan. Man, why did Sam and Tucker have to leave? But if they are needed back home so be it.

(Writer: Several things happened in those weeks. For one all the side Characters returned to their respective homes the characters that left include Valerie, Tucker, Sam, the three Kaizo Konpaku, the original Japanese for Mod Soul, are currently working for Urahara.)

"Hey guys hold up you aren't going anywhere without me!" Johnny 13 runs up beside the group. (Writer: He has changed. You really need to read the first one for this to make any sense to you. But in a nutshell he is a Bount who pulled an Arrancar type move and ascended to an Erntearbeiter. German for Reaper.)

"About time, Bount. What took ya so long?"Renji asks

"Just getting ready," he elaborates

"Well should we not be moving and not sitting still?" Violencia urges. Turning towards Rukia, he commands, "Well lead the way, Shinigami."

"I will once the others stop arguing,"

"Well I could knock 'em out and drag 'em with me"

"that would be faster."

"Arrancar chop!" he knocks the three stooges, Ichigo, Renji and Uryu, out and tosses one to Danny and the third to Chad "You carry one I carry on, and Chad could you carry one?"

They reach the Senkaimon and stroll through into the Seireitei. "Good to see you all made it here." Yammamotto welcomes the troops, "Get those three to squad four to be healed. We need to stop at least three unidentified Ryoka."

Violencia steps forward, "Please send me with your permission to hunt those three Ryoka."

The head Taicho shrugs "You have my permission to go and hunt them to your heart's content."

"Thank you senor," he disappears in a flash of white signifying Sonido.

Danny turns towards the head captain, "Um."

The old man sighs, "Off with you go get the Ryoka."

"You have my thanks. Yurei Tejun." Danny activates the technique of the same name and vanishes in a flash of green, his red overcoat flapping madly in the wind. He reaches what was once the execution grounds. He sees around ten beings similar to Violencia in appearance, mainly in that they wear a A photo-negative version of the Shinigami Shihakusho, but that is where the similarity ends.

"About time one of you found us. Now you will give what we and what we want is the fifth squad's Captain, Aizen." One with tan skin and a second jaw made of white porcelain demands.

"What would you need with a Taicho?" Danny asks.

"We need to talk to him if we do not see him this girl dies." A blue-haired and half of a second jaw explicates as if it is just a walk in the park. He steps to the right to reveal Orihime.

"I must apologize but that won't happen. She is my friend she will not die." He draws his Zanpakuto, "Rise from thy grave, Tamashi Bunkatsu!"

He points the broadsword at the offending party who in turn draws his sword. "Well you wanna fight dumb***? Guess I will oblige you."

The swords ring as they are forced into action Danny doges a slash and charges the Ryoka the blade lands but it glances askance. Danny recoils from a counterstrike landed upon him by the Arrancar. Blood now pouring down his shoulder, Danny rotates it a few times before grabbing his sword with both hands and bears it down up on the enemies head. But the Ruffian seems ne'er off-put by the soul rending blade.

"Who are you exactly? I am asking because I might as well know before I kill you Ryoka?"

"My name is Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez. But I will not die because you will not leave this hill alive, so who are you?"

"I am Renegade. But who I am is besides the point you will release my friend."

"Why would we do that?" An Arrancar with a collar that looks as if an oversized spoon jeers.

"Well door one is release her, and door number two is die in waste, so choose wisely spoon-head." Danny demands, grinning.

"Why you ****** hold that head of yours still!"

"Thank you but no thank you." Danny dodges his new assailant's slashes and parries striking his intended's throat but nothing shown for his work he advances his attacks.

He leaps back shouting mid-jump "BANKAI!" Tamashi's form manifests over Danny's form, giving the image of a young man with white hair red eyes and a tuque of all things. "Now come on you pains! I will take you all on at once!" Danny swings down the six-foot long meat cleaver that is his Bankai form upon the blue haired kidnapper drawing blood. He turns around swiftly chopping another in the midriff and flings her backwards and stampedes towards the one with his makeup running down his face and black hair with teal eyes. Who brushes aside his blade fires a Cero, Danny, witnessing the attack vanishes, from sight and appears right behind his new contestant.

A blast of water flies at his back enters Yurei Tejun to avoid it. The water helps him by freezing the Arrancar he was fighting. He turns around speed favouring him allowing him to block the second swing of the female Arrancar.

"Ok who were you aiming for me or him?" Danny asks thinking, Well I might as well know who her target is.

"You are too young to fight us, you may have wounded Jaegerjaquez, but not all of us are that weak." The woman chides, "I am the Tres Espada, Tia Halibel. Killing is not what I plan to do."

"Well then I suppose we agree on something I will take her and leave but I will come back there is a difference between kill and fight." Danny grabs Orihime by the waist and teleports her to behind Ichigo. Danny returns to the hill to fight. "Well now where were we?"

"I will fight you but if you lose I will tie you up and drag you to my Fraccion as a Prisoner of War."

"So be it." Danny steels his nerves.

A strange gate opens behind Danny who turns to observe. A being bound by chains pulls his way through the portal. Tamashi's eyes widen as the chains break releasing a cloaked form. The cloak is tattered and torn. A simple black shirt is under the ripped and scraggily looking shroud. In point of fact, the being's entire wardrobe is rather bland with nothing really unusual about it. Black shirt, black pants, black cape, shoulder length black hair, Gothic much... not really he would need some sort of piercing but there is none upon his skin.

"Wraith," Tamashi whispers slightly caught off guard by his comrade's return

"Custodi Mortem, quo renascimur."

Danny's eyes widen as Tamashi is blasted out of his soul form into his own form, "Tamashi what is going on?"

"My curse is broken. The Custodae Mortem are reborn. Thanks to you I have enough strength to take my own form again. You do have your own Zanpakuto but when she first awakens watch out I still have scars from just disrupting her sleep," He shudders profusely, "I must go find the remaining Numera Mortem. I might as well tell you this in parting I am the III Mortem ex Mortuis and the second strongest level of power."

"Well it looks like you have lost your strength."Tia

"Oh no I will still fight you even without my Bankai."

"But I could still run the risk of killing you if I fight you."

"That is a risk we all take when we fight."

Danny charges head first at the Espada, who draws her sword and catches Danny's Zanpakuto in the hollowed out inside of the blade. Twisting her wrist, she disarms the Shinigami, and holding out her left hand, she catches his sword. "Now you are my prisoner. Hands above your head."

Danny complies and drops to his knees. She searches for some rope and upon finding some knocks him out and binds his hands behind his back, and completely around his chest several times. She hefts him over her shoulder and opens a Garganta.

With Ichigo...

Ichigo stands across from the blue haired sociopath known as Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez.

"You are going to be a problem later so I will kill you to stop you from reaching that point." Grimmjow smirks, and looses from its scabbard his sword, "Time to die Shinigami."

"I don't think so. Bankai!"Ichigo slashes at the Arrancar, missing the first stroke he activates Shunpo and teleports behind Grimmjow and cleaves him in half killing him. (Writer: Ok I admit I will kill a character for the things they do, and from what I have seen I am justified in hating Grimmjow with a passion.)

"Well that was easy." Ichigo states, "Oh there you are Orihime. Good to know that you are safe."

A trio of Arrancar picks up the halves of Grimmjow and carry off with the body of their comrade.

"Hey where do you think you are going?" Ichigo shouts.

"We are going to our commander with the parts of our comrade because we will eventually revive him."

"Yeah right!"Ichigo denies, but before he could continue, a fist flies from nowhere and strikes him with enough force to launch him all the way to the Fourth Squad's barracks. We will get back to him later.

"Well we have recaptured the girl."


Writer: First chapter down for the new book! Now most of this will be my own work. Not much of it will actually be cannon to either the anime or the manga.


Writer: I hate you with a passion. Your lack of respect. Your sociopathic tendencies.

Ulquiorra: Why did you make the insinuation that I wear makeup?

Writer: Now that was a joke, only in fun.

Tia: Well it seems you kept me in character.

Writer: I respect your restraint and philosophy of not killing. As for why I killed Grimmjow I honestly hated that he lived and Ulquiorra died. Ulquiorra is strong, Grimmjow is just a downright bastard.