This is written for the Ghosts Challenge by J.F.C. Enjoy!

The briefest jolt of pain. Then I awoke. Nothing had changed.

I awoke with a jolt. The old nightmare. I knew there was no going back, that no-one would believe it was me. I was dead, I reminded myself. Across from me, Lavender sat awake, watching the castle for any signs of disturbance. Colin was curled into a ball, beside a tree.

We were still there, just. Lupin and Tonks had hung around for a couple of words, before leaving, hand in hand. I ran a hand through my red hair. Fire. Lavender had tears leaking at the corner of her eyes. Water. Colin was disappearing and reappearing as he slept. Air.

The Golden Trio were still alive. Harry had beaten Snake-face. Ron and Hermione had gotten together. Took them long enough. The Silver Trio were there too. Ginny, Neville and Luna.

What did that make us? I looked at my allies. Lavender and Colin. Then me. Fred Weasley. The three of us. I guess you could call us the Bronze Trio. We were never going to be able to move on. Unless...No. There was no chance of us ever being able to do that.

Colin gave a snuffle and woke himself up with some sort of snort or splutter. Lavender gave a light laugh. I grinned to myself. He was the youngest. Lavender was two years younger than me, Colin a year younger than her. For the first time, I had the responsibility of being the eldest.

A whisper travelled through the trees. We stopped laughing and listened to the breeze.

Fire, Water and Air. You are needed. In time, your families will grow. Your siblings will need you. You should look out for them. The opposition are growing stronger. They are coming. They are coming.

We stared around. Hogwarts was slowly rebuilding itself. I had spotted George a couple of times with Angelina. He was upset, you could see the blue around him. Angelina had green, orange and purple. Happiness that George had taken notice of her, confusion of the fact it was me that took her to the Yule ball and guilt that she was happy, when he was so upset.

Harry and Ginny were together. They were made for each other, you could see it. Lavender and Colin never understood when I mentioned colours surrounding people. Lavender started gabbling about 'auras' and stuff...Ah, the joys of Divination...

There was a yell from the castle. Peeves came shooting out of a window. Neville shook his fist at him. We stifled laughs.

That was a long time ago.

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