Akasha was now eleven. She stood in front of her mirror preparing to go to Diagon Alley to get her school supplies.

She had grown up well. She was small and she knew it. However she also knew she was above your average veela level pretty. Her straight blonde hair had developed soft waves and lightened to a shade of blonde that could be considered white. Akasha kept lilac colored streaks at the tips that framed her face and allowed the length in the back to grow past her waist. But a bit more unusual were her lashes and eyebrows that had turned black and allowed her near violet blue eyes to seem even more vibrant. She had high cheek bones though they were still slightly hidden by the roundness of her youth. She had perfect full cupid bow lips and a voice to match her pretty face.

"Get it together." Akasha whispered to herself. She refused to be thought of as weird ever again. She would be different. No more bubbly little girl. She had grown up. She knew that no one would ever believe she was a pureblood. However she refused to be looked down upon. A new school, no one would pick on her again. Not ever.

Looking down at her hand she concentrated on her gift. It turned out that the little balls of light? The ones that played music? They were not just accidental magic. She could control them. Basically she was a one person band. It was the perfect thing. The easiest way for her to gain the popularity she wanted. Wizard music was terrible. She was going to start something new. She was going to be bigger than Harry bloody Potter.

A tear formed in the corner of her eye as her eyes began to water. "No, I am done crying. It's been years." She was done being an outcast.

"Akasha!" her mother called.

"I'm coming mom." Akasha answered as she ran her hands down the plain black robes she was wearing for her shopping trip. Stupid shapeless things.

Turning around she left her room to meet her mom.

Walking into Diagon Alley brought a new light to her eyes. She is finally going to Hogwarts.

"So I was thinking of stopping at Olivander's for your wand first." Her mom said looking down at her with a smile.

Akasha's dad couldn't make it. He had work.

"That would be great" She responded with a smile.

"Great" Her mom said as she began to lead the way.

Walking inside she looked around for Mr. Olivander.

"Ahh, Ms. Delacour" Mr. Olivander said as he appeared from behind a shelf covered with wand boxes. "I thought I would see you today"

"Really?" Akasha asked.

"Of course." Mr Olivander said with a raised eyebrow. "Now raise your wand arm, lets get your measurements." He said as a tape started measuring her

It even measured the space between her eyes!

"Hmm, lets see... " He mumbled as he went to search for a wand. "Try this one. Holly eight inches, tail hair of a unicorn."

"Okay" She said and flicked the wand, causing Mr. Olivanders hair to stand even more on end and turn electric blue.

"nope, not that one" He snatched it back and searched for another.

"Try this one? Oak with the heartstring of a dragon, eleven inches." He said quickly but took it the second it touched her fingers. "No not that one either. Not to worry I have one."

Akasha couldn't help but look at him a bit funny.

About twelve wands later he stopped and frowned. "Well lets try something. This wand my dear is more of a hobby project than actual merchandise but... lets see shall we?" Olivander said as he reached below the counter for something she couldn't see. "Okay so, this particular wand was made with several hairs of a Merrow twisted around the wood of a lilac bush then I used the wood of a whomping willow to make it more sturdy. I honestly never thought I would get the chance to use it. It's a bit over specialized." He said as he handed the wand to her.

"Oh wow" she said as the air around her began to glow along with the sound of a distant aria.

"Amazing." Olivander said shocked. "You my dear, have your wand."

"How much for it?" Akasha asked curiously.

"Nothing, I can't accept money for that wand. I never intended anyone to have it. The wand however must have had different ideas." Mr. Ollivander said to her with a small frown on his face. You however, wouldn't mind letting me know how it works for you would you?" He asked.

"Not at all." She grinned. "I will write you about it. I promise. Thank you." She said as she turned to leave

"Well that was interesting, don't you think?" Her mom asked. "You go ahead to Madam Malkin's I am going to pick up a couple other things. We lost a bit of time there."

"Yes mum." I said as I walked quickly to the robes store. "shopping without my mum WOOO!" she said to herself smiling.

Walking in she heard voices talking and stepped behind a rack of robes to listen in.

"The there is that oaf Hagrid, I hear he is part giant, they really should stop letting in these people don't you agree?" She heard and peeked out to see who she believed was Draco Malfoy. One of the people she had to impress. However... Standing just in front of him was Harry. She had to come to Diagon Alley today didn't she... Ugh.

Walking out she adjusted her robes and walked over by them and pretended to be interested in the robes. She felt the stares on her back but ignored them. She knew her size but hated the way robes hung on her body so she was going to alter them herself anyways. The whole point of walking over here was to be seen.

Soon enough Draco was done being fitted and he left with his father. She continued to walk around the store even though she knew exactly what she wanted to get.

"Delacour? is that you?" She heard from behind her. Turning around she smiled like she actually cared.

"Oh hi Potter." She said nicely. "How are you?"

"I never would have thought I would see you here." He said smiling.

"Oh really?" She responded. Thinking to herself how she had told him years ago. Apparently he forgot.

"This is amazing." He continued. "I can't believe that all this is happening."

"Well believe it," She kept on smiling.

From behind her she heard the door open and turned to see a very large man holding a white owl.

"You ready 'arry?" The man asked and Harry followed him out.

Soon she will be going to school.

Yay! another chapter done. I actually really like this story. Kinda sad that others don't. Mostly I get reads on Harry Potter and the Gods Descendants. Oh well :) I still like this one. Lots of plans for my dear Akasha. By the way a Merrow is basically a siren but from irish mythology. lilacs represent spring and new love. I just like the whomping willow. But I also thought a magic tree would have more power.