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"I don't know what's hotter. Isabelle's feistiness when she got that yellow card or the fact that Maia just jumped three feet in the air in the sexiest dive I've ever seen in my life. Talk about an amazing save. It was hot."

Clary rolled her eyes at Simon as he went on and on about the current soccer game. This is how it always was, and she'd begun to accept that by her second year in college. When she first met him she wasn't sure how to handle it, but now it was just amusing to watch his nerdy-self act all high and mighty and then break down when the two girls actually talked to him. He'd try so hard, have it going for a few minutes, and then lose his cool. It was amusing to watch.

This by far had been the best start to the year though. As a nineteen year old sophomore at Idris College, things had been going nothing but great. Isabelle, her roommate, was the captain of the soccer team at the school. Maia, her suitemate, was also on the team and as chill and relaxed as Clary could ask for. She didn't ask many questions and normally just went with the flow, which worked well when you had someone like Isabelle living in the same quarters. And Clary's other suitemate, Aline, was… well, that's a different story.

It was a beautiful late summer day in the mountains of North Georgia and a perfect day for soccer. Even though Clary wasn't all that athletic, she found a strange joy in watching people actually play.

That had to be her artistic side, her fingers itched to the athletes in their zone as they played. Their reactions, their movements, their attitudes, it was different on the field than in normal aspects of their lives. She wished she really understood, but despite the fact that Clary didn't get it, she was still intrigued.


The crowd erupted in a loud cheer as Clary's eyes drifted back down the field. The team was surrounding Isabelle in hugs and cheers as they smiled and ran back to their side. That was the moment that Clary wanted to capture. She didn't care if it was a drawing, a painting, a camera picture. Just the way Isabelle lit up, the way she jumped and smiled needed to be captured and remembered forever.

"Damn," Simon whistled as the crowd settled back into their seats. He leaned back on his hands in the grass. They were loners, as always, down by the corner flag. "She's so… just… it's like… you know?"

Clary rolled her eyes. "Yes, Simon, because that was so descriptive and all."

"Shut up."

"Maybe if you could form a coherent thought, I wouldn't be so keen on ragging on your obsession with her."

"It's not an obsession," he said defensively. "It's… a strong interest."

She might have believed him if she was completely oblivious, but she knew better than that. If anything, Simon was completely and totally head over heels for Clary's roommate, while he had a strong interest in Maia. That's how that worked, whether Simon wanted to admit it or not.

The game passed like it always did, Idris College winning 2-0 with Isabelle scoring both goals. The first game and first win of the season, and there were sure to be celebrations that Saturday night!

Clary and Simon waited by the fence behind the northern goal like they always did. It was a tradition starting last year. Well, more of a habit than a tradition.

"Congrats on the win, girls," Clary smiled when Isabelle and Maia walked over.

"Thanks," the girls exclaimed happily, laughing and bumping each other with their hips in a sign of victory.

Simon leaned on the fence casually, and Clary had to hide her smile with more effort than normal. He really did try so hard. "Well done, ladies. I have to say you both looked amazing out there."

"Hey! Izzy!"

Their group turned back towards the field where the voice came from. Jordan, the goalkeeper for the boy's team, was jogging over casually. He was massive, that's for sure. His body was tanned, strong, his dark hair falling into his eyes while a goofy smile was plastered to his face.

"Great game," he exclaimed when he immediately reached Izzy and wrapped her in a bear hug. Her body lifted off the floor as he twirled her, making her laugh and giggle. "You played awesome, but what else is new?"

Clary was faintly aware of the clenching of Simon's fists and the annoyed sound coming from Maia's direction. They all might have been good friends, but jealously was still there. No way in hell was Clary going to ask them about it either. Not today.

Plus, her mind was elsewhere at the moment. She wasn't focused on the hormonal teens next to her. No, her gaze was directed towards the field, towards the boy's team, towards him.

Sebastian seemed to notice her stare as they were warming up and looked in her direction mid-run. He smiled and winked at her, causing her to blush and butterflies to erupt in her stomach. She smiled back at him before he got yelled at by his coach for paying more attention to the female population than the warm-up.

"So," Isabelle announced as Jordan took off back towards the field. "Are we going to stay for the boy's game or go eat and get ready for tonight?"

Clary checked her watch. "How much time do you need to get ready Iz? That's the question."

Izzy thought for a moment, nodding her head. "Good point, four hours is pushing it."

Maia groaned. "I wanted to stay though." Her eyes drifted towards the field, and Clary couldn't help but agree with her. She wanted to stay too.

"You can stay with Clary," Isabelle announced. She hopped the fence separating the four teenagers and grabbed Simon's hand. "We'll go get some dinner for you guys and meet you back in the dorm after the game."

None of them, Simon in particular, was about to protest that plan, so Clary let Maia lead her back to the sidelines. They found refuge at the top of the bleachers for the best view, maneuvering their way through the hundred plus students that made it out for the boy's game. This was always one of the most popular events at the college. This and basketball. Their college was too small for a football team, but being a D2 school, they still played pretty high level Universities, and it was more than entertaining.

"I saw that earlier by the way," Maia said after a few minutes of silence between the two.

Clary gave her friend a look. "What are you talking about?"

"You and Verlac," she pointed out. "I noticed that little blush and smile. I'm not stupid." Maia was obviously playing with her by the smirk on her face, and Clary felt the blush coming all over again.

But two could play at that game.

Clary shrugged casually like it didn't bother her. "This coming from the girl that looked ready to kill when Jordan hugged Izzy first, and only by the way. You looked like a wolf ready to pounce."

Maia opened her mouth to retort, but Clary smiled in victory when the girl came up with nothing but a "Touché" remark.

They kept up simple conversation as the teams warmed up. The girls talked about school, their majors, who the new hotties on the team were, new freshmen, new teachers, the usual. It wasn't anything different or unique, that is until the starting lineups were announced.

The eleven boys that lined the middle of the field for Idris College wasn't what Clary was expecting. Obviously, Jordan was in goal. Sebastian was still a starting center forward. There were a couple other guys too, Meliorn, Raphael, the typical players from last year. They all dressed in the signature white jersey that was their home jersey. Nothing was out of place with them, but there was one person that really caught Clary's attention.

She didn't really mean to focus on him, but she couldn't really help it. He was shockingly perfect, even from the distance. Number 7. Tall. Blonde. Gorgeous. Built. Attractive.

"And Captain, Number 7, a junior transfer from California, Jace Wayland!"

The blonde, Jace, stepped out of the line with a smile on his face, waving towards the crowd as every girl in the stands started screaming. His smile grew and grew as he scanned the crowd. He even winked at a few of the basketball cheerleaders, who then swooned and squealed even louder.

"Ugh, I hate those guys," Maia mumbled.

"Why?" Clary asked.

"He's the hot guy that knows it and is a dick to every girl because of it. Trust me, he's trouble. I don't like him."

Clary looked at Maia momentarily before glancing back to Jace. She studied him with a closer look now, and he did have those cocky features about him. The way he stood showed he was proud, probably arrogant, and more than like an asshole. A hot asshole, but an asshole nonetheless.

"He's already on my nerves, and I haven't even met him yet," Maia complained some more.

Clary just nodded as they all stood for the national anthem. Even though she'd never admit it, her eyes weren't on who she thought they would be the whole game. Instead of following tall, dark, and handsome, she followed blonde, arrogant, and gorgeous.

That was a problem.

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