Jace stepped out of the shower, shaking his hair out with a towel wrapped around his waist. The steam filled the small shower space, but it didn't stop him from seeing the reflection in the mirror. It was a sight that all women, and some men, enjoyed as Jace stared at himself in the mirror. All smiles, smirks, a glint in his eye. And it was all because of today, that feeling that he got after his first game.

The feeling he loved more than anything was the crowd calling his name. He smiled to himself in the mirror as the memory flooded back. When he scored, he was pretty sure every girl in the stands was screaming, yelling, chanting, clapping, and it was all for him. They all blushed when he'd look at them. He pointed to some blonde haired girl when he scored, blowing her a kiss and he swore she fainted. It was awesome, and no matter how many times it's happened to him, he'd never get used to it.

At first, he was worried about coming to some place like Idris College. The mountainous terrain and separated nature of the small town wasn't like Los Angeles, but with the amount of female attention he was bound to get, the place couldn't be that bad, could it?

No way. It was going to be awesome. Being away from his adopted father wouldn't be as bad as he thought. Especially with the season kicking off and the partying, Jace was getting ready for the time of his life.

"Yo! Wayland! You in here?"

"Bathroom," he answered and turned towards the door.

His roommate, Jordan, walked in with his phone in hand, staring down at it. "I just got a text from a friend. There's an off campus party tonight in celebration of the girl's and boy's wins this afternoon. Alcohol, girls, a fifteen bedroom cabin by the lake." He glanced up, a spark of excitement in his eyes. "You in?"

Jace smirked, knowing that a lot could happen at a party for him. That included girls, chicks, dames, and damsels in distress that would be calling his name. "Hell yeah. When is it?"

"Can you be ready in twenty minutes? I'm going to get some people and I'll be back."

Jace nodded and immediately got to work. It didn't take long for him to get ready considering he was already pretty gorgeous. He wasn't afraid to admit it. His blonde curls were something that girls loved for some reason, not that he was about to complain. Plus, living in California was more than helpful. His tan was practically permanent now. His facial features were sharp and strong, and he knew exactly what his little signature smirk did to women of all ages.

This was going to be interesting.

He didn't spend too much time on an outfit. Black pants and a black t-shirt was all it took for girls to fall all over him. With his boots tied and laced, he relaxed on his bed, waiting for Jordan to get back with the details.

What he wasn't prepared for was what followed Jordan in that room though.

See, Jace and Jordan shared a dorm room, just a single room with a single bathroom, and that was it. He wasn't expecting anyone to come back other than Jordan to get keys and head out. That wasn't what he got.

He brought back a chick already, and it wasn't even eleven o'clock.

The girl that walked in was talking up a storm with her hands, telling some story that Jace couldn't give two shits about. Her black hair fell down to her lower back in a straight line. It looked soft to touch. Her outfit wasn't as innocent as her hair though. All she wore was a pair of jean shorts that didn't leave much to imagination, a tub top under a leather jacket that she left open for the world to see, and black heels that gave her a few extra inches. She was already tall to begin with, and the heels only emphasized her fitness level and her height more. Plus, she was fit. Extremely fit.

"Isabelle," Jordan introduced as she stepped into the room. His voice cut her off mid-sentence. "This is my roommate for the semester, Jace."

He sat up as she entered, giving her a smile and a wink.

To his surprise, she didn't even react. Well, she did, but her reaction was a simple eye roll and a scoff. "Aren't you that guy that felt the need to hit on every girl possible today?"

He hid his feeling of looking taken aback. Not because it wasn't true, because it definitely was, but he was more shocked at her knowledge. He didn't remember seeing her there. "I have no shame in saying yes. And for the record, most of them were hitting on me too, not that I can blame them. I'm gorgeous. But you weren't there, so it makes me wonder how you know that?"

"I know everything," Isabelle smiled with a flick of her hair.

Jace glanced towards Jordan where the boy just shrugged and nodded. There was a warning in his eyes, telling Jace to be extremely careful around this Isabelle girl. She wasn't the type that was to be messed with, but Jace loved messing with those types. He'd admit that to anyone.

"And this," Jordan gestured towards the open door. "This is Clary. The feistiest little ball of–" He froze when she didn't step in the door. "Wait a minute. Clary?"

"What?" Her small voice sounded from some distant down the hall.

Jace smirked as Jordan stuck his head outside, looking to the right and to the left until his eyes apparently fell on his target. "Come here, shorty."

"She's good. Don't wait up for her. I'm taking her to the party, so we'll meet you guys there," a male voice assured. Jace knew that voice. Sebastian Verlac.

Jordan nodded and shut the door a little too quickly. Jace's eyebrow rose in question, but Jordan shook his head to ward it off. Obviously, he wasn't about to answer whatever question was stewing in Jace's head.

"I hate that guy," Isabelle grumbled and shivered. She plopped down next to Jace, much to his surprise. It wasn't like a move or anything, more like she was annoyed and just sat out of instinct. He found her presence to actually be intimidating though and slid a bit away from her. A first in his line of work.

"Why?" he asked.

"Jace, I know you're new to the team and all, but you'll figure out soon enough that Sebastian isn't exactly a good guy," Jordan pointed out. "He and Clary have been on and off since the spring semester, and he's the worst possible guy for her. It pisses us all off."

"Since when are any guys in college good? We all want the same thing." That earned him a punch in the arm from none other than Isabelle Lightwood. "OW!" She could pack a punch. He rubbed his throbbing shoulder, wondering how someone like her could have so much power. "Don't injury the goods, sweetheart. What was that even for?"

"For being a dick."

"Hey, Jordan was thinking it too," Jace said and looked to Jordan for confirmation. "He just wants to get in your pants. You know that as well as I do, and I'm pretty sure he knows it better than anyone."

Jordan's face was priceless. His jaw dropped instantly and his eyes widened. His cheeks flamed red with embarrassment but he also didn't have a single comeback.

"I'm not that type to just let the panties drop, Wayland," Isabelle pointed out. She stood and made her way over to Jordan, grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the door. "Jordan knows that as well, believe it or not. And if that's what you're looking for, good luck with herpes and any other STD's you'll catch."

Jace stood, stretched, and gave Isabelle a knowing look. "First of all, that's disgusting. Second, I know how to avoid such things. And third, I'm much too beautiful to damage, so now you know I would never risk such a thing. I'm smart enough to stay away from those disease infested animals."

"You two have barely known each other and you're already fighting." Jordan pointed out. He shook his head and walked into the bathroom, muttering something under his breath.

Isabelle casually looked Jace up and down, meeting his eyes. "I have a feeling that you might want to get used to that. Right Wayland?"

Jace crossed his arms over his chest. "Now, if I agree to that, then we wouldn't be fighting, so no."

She winked at him, not flirtatiously but more cocky and smart. "Well played. Now, is that animal Verlac gone yet?"

Jordan shrugged and pulled Isabelle towards the door when he stepped out of the bathroom. He stuck his head out after slowly opening it, scanned the hall and threw the door wide open. "All clear."

Isabelle stepped through the door and yanked Jordan out, turning around and smiling at Jace. "You coming, player-boy?"

He smiled, grabbed his keys and phone, and closed the door behind him. "Wouldn't miss it."

The party was loud. Blaring, crowded, smelled of alcohol and cigarette smoke, and everywhere you looked in the house, there were couples making out in any corner they could find.

Clary sighed, leaning against the kitchen counter. The cabin was getting more packed by the second, and she wasn't really an expert at dealing with these things, especially dealing with them alone. Sebastian was who knew where at this point. Isabelle disappeared hours ago. Jordan was probably with her doing God knows what, so Clary wasn't about to go looking for them. Maia and Simon were out by the lake last time Clary saw them, but she had gotten the text that they were leaving an hour ago. Neither really cared to watch their crushes be together. Not that Clary really blamed them.

So she was basically on her own with a screwdriver in her hand. She sipped it every once in a while the music blasted from speakers hanging in the connecting living room. She felt the urge to dance the more she drank, but she wasn't brave enough to do something like that. She wasn't that girl, no matter how bad she wanted to be.

Instead, she just looked down at her phone, secretly hoping Seb had texted her. Maybe he was looking for her? No messages. Of course he wasn't. Clary knew that they weren't exclusive or anything, but sometimes she wondered how he could want her so bad one moment and then ignore her another. Was it so hard to just focus on one person? He seemed to float back and forth between girls like it was his job.

And the worst part was she knew that. Her friends knew that. And yet, she still had these crazy feelings for him that she didn't understand.

Unconsciously, she took a huge swig of her drink. The alcohol burned a bit going down her throat, but it eased the sickening feeling in her stomach. She didn't want to sulk all night because Sebastian had other interests. She wanted to at least have fun. This was the first major party of the year, and she was just standing in the kitchen like a confused child.

"Where is he?" Someone asked/screamed over the music.

Clary looked to her right, finding Aline of all people. She was leaning against the counter in her skin tight dress auburn dress. It was so tight that it might as well have been painted on.

Sadly, Clary didn't really know. "He disappeared about an hour and a half ago."

"Why do you deal with him, Clary?" Aline asked, mimicking her friends position and leaning against the counter to look out over the living room.

If only she actually knew the answer to that question. There wasn't a real reason that she went along with Sebastian except for the fact that being alone sucked. Throughout high school, she wasn't exactly the most beautiful girl, so when Seb showed interest, she just took it. She wasn't sure how these things worked, and even though everyone told her it was a bad idea, she just went with it. Even Aline, his own cousin, said that he wasn't good for Clary, and yet she was still all about his tall, dark, and handsomeness.

Finally, Clary settled on a simple answer. "He's a good kisser."

Aline rolled her eyes. "He's going to hurt you. So why string yourself along?"

"Cause despite the inevitable end, I do actually like him, Aline. I know you think I'm an idiot and you insult me every second because of it, but I do like him. It's college. I'm allowed to have fun."

"Please tell me this is the alcohol talking," Aline said as she took another sip from her own red solo cup.

Clary glared at her.

"Well, then I have nothing else to say to you. I already told you that you're an idiot, but the rest is your choice."

With that said Aline left her there in the kitchen, surrounded by people but feeling totally alone.

Sometimes, no, all the time, Clary wished that she could just take her friend's advice and do it. Just tell Sebastian that she deserves better and leave him, but she can't technically leave him because they're not together, right? They're not exclusive. She kept repeating that over in her head so it wouldn't hurt as bad. She knew that he was probably with another girl, and it should hurt like crazy but it wasn't as bad as she thought it would be. Yes, it hurt, but it wasn't like her heart was breaking. It was just… there.

That was probably the problem. Neither of them was really in the relationship or the friendship. They were just kind of going with the flow, not really trying and not really caring. Actually, Clary probably cared more than Sebastian, but neither made a move to make it more than it is. Clary wanted to have fun, and Sebastian wanted to have fun. That's how it got started, and she kept telling herself to let her feelings out of it. They'd only make it complicated.

She looked down at her cup, thought that maybe it could help, and then started drinking. She tilted her head back, taking each gulp one after another. She was almost done in the matter of seconds when a hand suddenly came up and stopped her.

Her cup was wrenched from her hand, and when she blindly reached for it, a strong hand wrapped around her wrist. Electricity, or something like it, shot down her wrist and she jerked back at the unexpected sensation.

"You keep drinking like that, and you'll wake up in some loser's bed with no recollection of the activities you joined in on. Now is that what you want?"

She opened her eyes to find a pair of golden ones staring back at her. The alcohol hit her pretty hard finally, and it took a moment for her to focus on the figure in front of her.

His eyes looked like they were sparkling with the light in the room, and he looked her over once, making her body physically react. "Of course, if that's what you want, I know an empty room upstairs."

Clary shook her head, trying to clear the alcohol but only making the effect worse. She gripped the wall next to her, wishing she wouldn't have chugged that third drink. "You're that Jace kid, right?" she mumbled.

He smirked when she said her name and nodded his confirmation. Her eyes drifted down her cup on the counter. "Noooo." He slid himself between her cup on the counter and Clary herself. "I think you need a break for a bit, okay?"

"I don't need a break."

He nodded. "Yes you do. You're short, tiny, and you're tolerance is probably even smaller than you think. All girls think they can bite off more than they can chew."

Clary crossed her arms over her chest and staggered in the process. His arm shot out and caught her elbow to keep her steady. "I don't need your help," she growled as she once again yanked herself out of his grasp.

"I'm just trying to keep you from being stupid."

"Who are you? My father?"

"Well, you know my name so that's a stupid question." He leaned down slightly, his eyes searching hers. She found herself caught in his golden gaze and his cologne seemed to intoxicate her. "But sadly, I don't know yours. Care to share?"

"I do, actually."

She stormed past him, forgetting her alcohol and not even caring. Her small frame was able to maneuver through the crowd easily enough. Even with Isabelle's persistence to put her in heels, Clary didn't trip or fall and slid out the back door until she stepped on the wooden back porch.

The night air hit her quickly and she welcomed it with open arms. There was something about early mornings that Clary found amazing. It was the most beautiful time of the day when the full moon would be overhead the hour after midnight, illuminating the lake in colors and casting dangerous and creative shadows across the land.

A hand grabbed her ass suddenly, another snaking around her hip. She was yanked backwards against her will, yelping in the process until her back became flush against another body.

"Hello, beautiful," a raspy voice whispered in her ear. "What are you doing by yourself?"

She swallowed, hoping to Jesus this was a just a nightmare. She hoped this whole night was a nightmare because she was completely over it. Going back to campus was the only appealing thing right now, but no matter how much she closed her eyes and wished to wake up, the guy's hands stayed on her, tight and possessive.

She squirmed in his hold, looking around but knowing none of these people would help her. Everywhere she looked were couples in their own world, and the few groups that were out here were drunk out of their mind. Girls were stumbling and guys were stumbling right after them.

"Come on now, sweetheart," he whispered. His hand came up, tucking a stray red curl behind her ear. She whimpered. "Don't be scared, darling. I'm not going to hurt you."

"Then let me go," she said in a soft, scared, quiet voice.

Clary was suddenly released. A flash of gold was in front of her, pulling her out of the man's grasp before Jace grabbed the guy's collar. She turned in time to see Jace lift the guy in the air, slamming him against the wall with a thud.

"She's with someone," Jace growled at the scared, dark haired drunk. "So back off before I beat your ass, got it?"

The guy nodded quickly, his hands coming up in surrender. "Yeah man, I was just looking for some fun, bro. Relax."

Jace dropped the guy's shirt, but kept one hand on his chest to keep him there. "You can have fun all you want, but make sure you pick a girl that wants the same fucking thing."

Clary didn't know what to say or do at that point, so she turned and made her way towards the back railing. It overlooked the dock, the lake, the forest opening to the water, and she leaned against it as the wind blew her hair back and forth. Her heart was still racing from what just happened when Jace came up next to her.

"You are with someone, right? You didn't come by yourself?"

Clary's heart had stopped racing with adrenaline and she took a deep breath to calm it completely. "I don't honestly know. It's complicated. We're not dating if that's what you're asking, but we might someday."

"That's a bit forward of you," he said with a smirk. "We only just met, love. I need more time."

"I wasn't talking about you, jackass."

Jace laughed and smiled. She was shocked to see how he looked at the ground when he did it, like he was shy but she knew he wasn't. It lit up his whole face though, making him seem brighter in the moonlight and she felt the urge to paint him. He was actually gorgeous, which is exactly why Maia told her to stay away.

Clary turned her gaze instantly, thinking back to what Maia had said. Jace seemed to notice her sudden change, tilting his head a bit and glancing back towards the house. "Well, are you going to be okay out here? I don't want to have to protect your ass if some other jerkoff should be doing it."

She jerked back by his choice of words, and suddenly an anger she hadn't felt in a while took over. "No one asked you to protect me. I don't need protection, so you can just go." She pointed towards the house. "Get."

Jace twisted to face her. His face wasn't angry, shocked, annoyed. It was just… a blank mask of no emotion. "You don't need protection, but you didn't look to comfortable or confident with that dick having his hands on you. And I'm not sorry to say you aren't capable of taking care of yourself either. It's the truth, and it's only been proven in the past five minutes. You're chugging alcohol you can't handle and guys are grabbing you like a piece of meat. Did you forget that already?"

Anger coursed through Clary, even though she knew he was right. She wasn't exactly handling the situation very well or very smart, but she didn't need this jackass to say it to her face. She knew it, just repressed it. She side stepped in order to slap him, but her stupid heels caught in between the hardboards. The combination of a broken heel and a drunken haze caused Clary to plummet to the floor.

Her body never made contact though. The strong arms that belonged to the same gorgeous, lean, smooth body wrapped around her waist, pulling her up until her back slammed to his front. His arms snaked around her in a warm embrace, holding her tighter even though she was as steady, yet unsteady as could be at the moment.

It was the same embrace that the other guy had tried, but this was different. Clary wasn't a fan of Jace, at least not his attitude, but she didn't try to pull away from him like the other guy. Maybe it was the alcohol that was kicking in overdrive, the time, or the fact that she was sick of being alone all night that made her sink into him, leaning her head back on his shoulder. His heat was pouring through his clothes and into hers, sinking into her skin and igniting it in a low burn. She shivered, but not from the cold. From the heat.

He chuckled behind her but didn't loosen his hold either. In fact, he tightened his own grip, and Clary willed him not to let go. His arms were wrapped around her stomach, his thumbs rubbing circles on her sides where her top had rose up along her hip. Her hands came up, covering his exposed arms and she touched his hands lightly. She wasn't really sure what she was doing, but she was doing it regardless.

"You might want to be more careful. I could get the wrong idea from a situation like this since your already talking to someone," Jace whispered. His voice was just by her ear, his breath brushing her hair across her face.

"I'm blaming the alcohol," she said in a confident voice. Surprisingly, her inner feelings didn't get portrayed like she thought they would.

"That hurts my ego." He nuzzled his nose in the crook between her neck and her bare shoulder. His lips lightly brushed over her skin, and she cursed her body's reaction when she shivered at the feeling. She practically felt him smile into her skin. "But you're body's reaction makes me feel a bit better if I'm being honest."

She suppressed the shiver this time, but she closed her eyes at the sensation. "Don't be so conceded."

He chuckled, tightening his hold on her. "Why not? You practically faked your fall so I would catch you."

She rolled her eyes. "It's the shoes."

"You sure do like to blame anything but yourself."

"It's true. Heels and I don't get along."

"You don't like heels?" he asked.

She shook her head, finding it harder and harder to find the words to speak. "I'm flats kind of girl."

"Well, the heels aren't disappointing anyone. Neither are the clothes. You're ass looks amazing." He placed a light kiss at her shoulder. Goosebumps erupted across her skin even though she tried her best to stop them. "Believe me."

She glanced up, trying her best to escape the haze of Jace's embrace, to see Sebastian standing there in the doorway she recently walked through.

"Seb!" she exclaimed, more out of surprise than excitement, and she stepped – more like jumped – out of Jace's hold. He dropped his arms, and Clary stepped a good three feet from him to make the distance noticeable. Well, she stumbled away. "I couldn't find you earlier."

"Uh huh," Sebastian mumbled. His eyes weren't on her though. They were on Jace with an angry fire that she'd seen plenty of times. "And Jace just decided he could step in?"

"So, you're the Clary that I've heard about from Isabelle?" Jace asked. He seemed calm considering he was getting the death stare from a pretty massive man. Jace's eyes were just on Clary with no concern, a smirk plastered to his face. "Her description didn't disappoint, although she failed to mention your personality in the car earlier. That needed a warning."

"Wha – what?" she stuttered.

Jace's smirk only grew. "I was curious about you in the car because I heard you and this jackass," he regarded Sebastian with a head nod, "were some kind of unofficial item. Honestly," he looked Sebastian up and down, "you can do better, Clary. Much better."

That was all it took for Sebastian to lunge at Jace full force. Their bodies collided but surprisingly, Jace wasn't even fazed. Clary watched in a haze as Jace was able to twist just as Sebastian grabbed him, gripped Sebastian behind his back, and threw him to the ground with little to no effort.

"I'd stay down there if I were you," Jace sneered.

"The hell with that!" Sebastian all but screamed as he kicked out with one leg, trying to catch him off guard.

Jace wasn't effected in the least. Sebastian's kick was caught in Jace's hands just before the foot connected with his stomach. He just held Sebastian with a smirk on his face. "Good try, but no."

This time, Sebastian's other kick actually landed somewhere, right into Jace's mid-section. He stumbled backwards as he released the darker boy. Sebastian was able to get to his unsteady feet before Jace could retaliate. His anger was heightened and Clary cowered back against the railing, hoping to Jesus this didn't turn out to be some kind of testosterone warfare with her in the middle.

Jace rubbed his midsection slowly. "That was rude, Verlac."

"Fuck you, Wayland! Stay the hell away from Clary, got it?"

Jace looked at her, and a heat flooded over her with the intensity of his gaze. "I don't know. She's pretty damn hot." Was that a compliment or a jab at Sebastian? Her mouth opened slightly but nothing came out because of her genuine confusion. Of course, he also ruined it with his mouth to. "The sad thing is she's probably not the type to put out, so I couldn't really be interested. But, then again, I like a challenge, so maybe I will. What is your drunk ass going to do about it?"

There was a growl coming from Seb's throat, and before Clary could comprehend what just happened, Seb lunged for Jace, the anger emitting off of him in waves.

Third time was definitely the charm. Jace reared his hand back and in one quick, swift movement, his hit Sebastian right in the face. Clary wasn't sure of the details, but she – along with thirty other people who had gathered around – watched in awe as Sebastian hit the floor with a thud and stayed there. He didn't moan, groan, or even show any signs of pain other than the blood from his nose. He just lied there on his back with his eyes closed.

Jace smiled, naturally, and rubbed his left hand softly. He stepped up to Sebastian, put his boot on his face, and tilted his head. With a whistle, he glanced up at Clary. "You might want to tell him to put some ice on that if he ever wakes up," he told her. She looked up at him with wide eyes as he winked at her and walked back into the house, leaving her with an unconscious Sebastian and a crowd of adoring fans.

Jace - 1

Sebastian - 0

Let the games begin! Stay tuned for more!