This is a filler story that I have invented. It's got some Family Guy like moments. Good news everyone, I got a job. Bad news I won't be able to do as much writing as I'd like to do, but then again it's a part time job, and seasonal as well. Oh well...This fic is brought to you by a twenty-two year old Christian I do not own any of these people this story ever mentions.

Ch. 1 Nappa is Trolling!

"Okay, okay! He's gonna be so mad!" Trules laughed and having a hard time breathing. They just entered into the cave after pulling a prank on King Dedede. It had been so long since they had any fun and pulling pranks together. They haven't done that since they were children.

"I know! But it's not the best one that's ever been by a saiyan on Popstar." Bardock said calming down.

"What? Who?"

"You are not going to believe it but, it was Nappa."


Cue cutaway:

King Dedede was having a huge feast when the doors crashed opened to reveal Nappa. He was freaking out.

"Troll in the dungeon! Troll in the dungeon! Thought you aught to know." He then fell to the floor passed out.

"Guards! Take care of that troll!" Dedede shouted as he ran for the hills.

The guards then found their way to the dungeon and found the funniest thing they have even seen...The troll face picture painted on the wall.

When it was shown to Dedede he could hear the Trolling song playing in his head.

"NAPPA!" He shouted as Nappa was laughing about his prank.

End cutaway:

"It would've been funnier if he said Trololololololololololo in the dungeon!" Trules laughed as he and his brother laughed at the story.

"If I had then Dedede would've figured it out." Nappa said walking in on the conversation.

"Okay, but it still would've been funny."

"BARDOCK! TURLES!" they heard Dedede shouting in the distance. And everyone laughed.

It's short I know. But it made you laugh though didn't it? I was inspired to do that when I watched Harry Potter done by ponies. It was so funny, it was Derpy that said "Trololololololo in the dungon! Trololololololololo in the dungeon! thought you aught to know." I laughed at that, and the best part was they had the "Troll face" on the troll. I had a kick writing this hope you enjoyed it. Please review, and God bless you.